September 26, 2023

8 Best spin wheel to win apps in India that pays.

spin wheel to win – You have a smartphone, tablet, or any android gadget but looking for a way to earn some money. Then you are at the right place, there are a number of ways to make money with your android device. In this article, we are going to focus on spin wheel to earn apps in India. These apps will enable you to earn money during your free time. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional, a student, or busy in any form of work. You can use those apps anytime, at any place with your android device. Therefore, let me take you through the best spin to earn apps in India.

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Best Spin wheel to win real cash apps in India.

1- Spin and win app

This is another excellent app to earn via the spin wheel method. You will access one chance to spin and win on daily basis. What you need to do is visit the daily reward section then “Bonus” to have your spin. Apart from spin, users can also access quiz games on sports, movies, and technology. In this app, you will also get a daily reward of 5k points. In spin to earn, you will get an approximate of 50 to 100 rupees payable on your Paytm account.

2- Gamezop/Skillclash earning app

Gamezop/Skillclash earning app
Gamezop/Skillclash earning app

Gamezop is another wonderful application for spin to earn. In this app, the most common way to earn money is through the spin wheel method. Besides spinning, you can also earn money through playing games. The app has up to 200 game options. You can also earn by referral programme available, you’ll get an approximate of 15 rupees per referral. Once you’ve earned, you will receive your money on your Paytm account. Gamezop will also allow you to host your own tournament and receive a 10% commission. You can also earn 5 rupees per refer.

Join gamezop/Skillcash

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3- Mobile premium league

This a great application for spin and win, and playing games. MPL is app will give you a platform to play fantasy matches ranging from baseball, football, and cricket. One time brand ambassador of this platform was Virat Kohli, thanks for his influence. You can invite new members once you’ve created your own account. You will earn a referral bonus of 75 rupees per individual. The money earned is payable in Paytm.

4- Big cash application

8 Best spin wheel to win apps in India that pays.
8 Best spin wheel to win apps in India that pays.

This is also an alternative when you’re looking for spin to win app. The app has a number of ways you can earn, including different games available. You can play those games and get Paytm cash when you win. Apart from playing games and spinning, you can also earn via the referral bonus.

You will receive about 30 rupees per every reffer. Big cash app will give you a maximum of three chances of spin and win. You may win or not win, it just depend with your luck. If you’ve completed your spin of the day but didn’t win, you can still come the following day and try another luck. If spin and win won’t favour you, then you can also try playing a number of games.

Join Big cash & make money

5- Win go quiz app

This is another fantastic app for spin wheel. Apart from spinning, as the name suggests, this app will allow you to earn in quizzes and playing games. You can participate in simple games like, space shooter, 8 ball billiards, Archery king and more. In quiz games, you can participate in Bollywood, Cricket quiz, and 60s challenge. In spin wheel, you can receive up to 100 rupees. You can also boost your income in their referral program.

Install and earn money with Win go quiz app

6- Betway app

If you are familiar with sports gambling, then you know about betting platforms like betway. You can download the betway app and enjoy a number of services. You can bet on sports like basketball, cricket, baseball, football, and more. Besides sports betting, this platform also allow you to play the spin wheel and win.

You can participate on the spin to earn everyday unlimited. To participate smoothly, you will have to create an account and make an effort to deposit some cash. One good thing about this gambling platform, you won’t need to break your bank in order to participate. With that little amount, you’ll be able to participate in their programs.

Download betway android earning app India

7- Winzo app

You can also get cash on your Paytm from this app spin to win. This platform become popular when individuals begun playing games as they win. The app has a number of great games, including fruit samurai, free fire, bubble shooter, carrom, and many others. With this app, you can also earn real money in spin wheel then withdraw instantly and easily. In the spin wheel, you can earn about 15 to 20 rupees.

Show gaming skills & earn money with Winzo app

8- Dhani app

Looking for a spin to win platform, Dhani app can also solve your needs. In Dhani app you’ll manage your Bill payment, booking, demat, stock trading, and more. The reason why I have included this app in our list, the app comes with the spin wheel to earn feature. In the spin to earn, you can expect Paytm cash of about 6 rupees per spin.

Join dhani & spin to win.

Galo earning app – Games khelo paise jeeto

This app deserves to open our list of best spin to earn apps in India. I have made first because I think it is one of the most legit apps. The app will allow you to participate in spin wheel then pay you in your Paytm account. Apart from spinning wheel, you can also participate in a number of games. You will be able to complete some digital tasks then earn. You can refer your friends then earn up to 240 Indian rupees.

Moreover, you can watch ads and earn some bonuses. You can also play games to earn, and open a treasure to get your rewards. You can see for yourself that Galo has a number of ways to earn. However, I will recommend you to use the spin wheel to win method of earning. Once you have earned your money, you will receive your payment in your Paytm account instantly.

Download Galo earning App – Games khelo paise Jito.

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Final word

Those are the best spin wheel to win apps in India. The list may subject to change when better apps come up or some apps may also improve. But for now, those are the best. Let me wish you all the best in your spin to earn game.

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