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Daman Games – Best Casino App to earn money online 10000 Per Day

Daman games is casino game where you can earn money by playing skill based games. It has many games includes win go games, slots, casino and sports games where you can win passive income by using your skills. It is trusted online casino game as it is live in industry from 9 years and 1,20,000 users play on this app. So this is on time paying online casino game. Daman Club has legit & best Colour prediction games along with other casino games like Andar Bahar.

Daman Games - Trusted online earning App
Daman Games – Trusted online earning App
Daman games earn money
Daman games earn money

New Update – and no more working, daman now moved to new domain name

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Daman Games – Best Casino game to earn money online.

While there are Best online casino games that offer the chance to win real cash, it is important to keep in mind that gambling involves risk, and there is no guarantee that you will win. Additionally, online gambling laws and regulations vary by country and jurisdiction, so it is important to check local laws before participating in any online gambling activities.

That being said, there are many online casinos that offer a wide range of games, such as slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. Some popular online casinos that offer real cash games include:

  1. Daman Games
  2. Fiewin App
  3. Royal Panda Casino
  4. Betway Casino
  5. 888 Casino
  6. Vegas Slots Win
  7. Casumo Casino
  8. Hobi Games
  9. Dragon Tiger Casino Game
  10. Spin to win Casino app
  11. Andar Bahar Casino
  12. Mansion Casino
  13. Baccarat Casino Game

It is important to note that each online casino has its own terms and conditions, including wagering requirements and withdrawal limits, so it is essential to read the terms carefully before playing. Also , always bet responsibly and within your Capability.

In which country Daman games works – Daman game can be played worldwide, In India you can receive money directly in bank account and rest of the world you need to use USDT payment method i.e. Cryptocurrency to receive money.

How Daman games works?

Step 1 – you can choose to play 1 minute, 3, 5 or 10 minutes game. more time game you select more time you will get to think but more patience required.
Step 2 – choose your lucky number or color.
Step 3 – choose betting amount & confirm.
Step 4 – If your chosen color or number comes in result you will earn bonus 1.92X for color & 9X for number.

Which games Daman app has?

Daman Games Online Cash earning game.
Daman Games Online Cash earning game.
  1. Guessing Game includes color & number game, Lotre, High-low and odd-even prediction.
  2. Fishing Game – Fun game to play and earn money.
  3. Slots – TB, JDB game, CQ9 game, PG, AG, Jili and TB slots games available to play.
  4. Casino – In casino you can play Baccarat, Dragon tiger, Roullette, Sic Bo etc you can play on EVO and AG servers.
  5. Sports – Different sports games available to play and earn money online like 9 wickets, CMO, SABA, IM & AG
  6. Mini Games– Now Daman Club has some more games like Aviator, Dice, Goal, Mines, HiLo, Keno, Plinko etc.
  7. PVC Casino games online – V8 Poker and 365 poker online play available.

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1- Daman color prediction game / High-Low, Odd-Even, Lotre.

Daman Club has colour prediction and Number prediction game where you can earn money by guessing which color will be next out of 2 colors and also numbers out of 10. Your earnings will double for right color prediction and 9X for right number prediction. I will recommend to bet on colors as winning probability is high with color prediction. Also it has high-Low and Odd even prediction game to play.

2- Fishing Game to make money.

Daman Club App provides you option to play fishing game, which is fun to play and easy to earn game. You will get 11 fishing games to play you can try one by one and stick to the one who gives you higher revenue.

Daman fishing game earning
Daman Club fishing game earning

3- Daman slots game for real cash earning.

They are very versatile in terms of number of game types. You will get many games option on daman Club to play and earn money. In slot games there are 6 server / Games available to play. You can try all slot games and stick to one which gives you higher income.

Online real cash slots game
Online real cash slots game

4- Daman – Best casino game to earn money online.

Along with color prediction and slot games daman games also provide you option to play online casino games for real cash. Where you can apply your casino skills to win and earn huge cash. They provide you 2 servers DG casino and AG casino to play. You can select any server to play casino game online and earn real money.

I generally prefer DG casino and it works fine. Casino includes Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette and Sic Bo I prefer playing Baccarat as its easy to understand and I make lots of money playing baccarat online casino game. You can also try Hobi Games another online casino game to make real money. Daman gives one of the best Baccarat cash game experience.

DG casino & AG casino cash games
DG casino & AG casino cash games

5- Sports games to earn cash.

The app has Sabah sport, AG sport, IM sport, CMD sport games inside it. I didn’t played sports games yet so cant tell further details. You can check them and let me know reviews in comment section. These games works on real time event so there is no scamming involved.

Daman sports game
Daman club sports game

6- Aviator game to earn real money on Daman Games.

Daman Aviator Game to earn real money
Daman Aviator Game to earn real money

Yes, Daman games has launched some new earning games like Aviator, Dice, Mines, Keno, Plinko, Goal, HiLo etc. Out of which Aviator is one of the popular game in casino industry. Many people are making huge earnings by playing aviator game on daman Club apk. You just need to have patience and good prediction skill to win on Daman Aviator game online.

Aviator Cash game is very easy to play. Let me explain.

Step 1 – You need to select Bet amount first before Aeroplan flies. Once it starts flying you cant bet.

Step 2 – Now consider you bet 200 Rs and Aeroplan fled till 27X and you stop your multiplier 20X you will earn 4000 RS and In case it flew away before you stop multiplier you will loose.

Screenshot 2023 03 19 200749 Daman Games - Best Casino App to earn money online 10000 Per Day
Aviator game bet online
Aviator real cash earning game
Aviator real cash earning game

7- PVC Casino Games online to earn real money.

V8 Poker – V8 card game.

You can play below cash games under V8 Poker server

  • Three cards
  • Baccarat cash game
  • Red-Black War
  • Hundred Sic-Bo
  • Fishing Wars
  • Tai Xiu online earning game
  • Texas Holdem Poker
  • Thirteen Cards
  • Killer 13
  • Black Jack poker game
  • Bull-Bull real cash game
  • Fish Shrimp Crab Money making game
  • Fan-Tan casino Game
  • Three Toy online game
  • Six cards online casino game
  • See cards Bill
  • Four cards bull
  • Cai Shen Dao
  • Fight the Landlord
  • Hundreds people of bull

365 – Card365

You can play below online real cash games under card365 server.

  • 3 Patti Classic
  • Rummy
  • Three Pictures
  • Andar Bahar
  • 3 Cards
  • Jhandi Munda
  • 13 Cards
  • Casino OX
  • 365 Poker
  • Battle Blackjack
  • Texas Poker
  • Run fast poker game
  • 2 player fight landlord cash game
  • 8 Cards
  • Special 3 pictures
  • casino 3 pictures
  • Thai Hi-Lo
  • Star Ox
  • Rapid 3 Pictures
  • 2 Plyr Mahjong
  • Thai fish prawn crab
  • Bursting 3 pictures
  • Vietnam Thai Xiu
  • Guangdong Mahjong
  • Mahjong Titan
  • Bursting Ox
  • Buesting Baccarat
  • Red Mahjong
  • Vietnam Fish Prawn Crab

How much I need to Invest to make money on Daman App?

You can start by deposit of as low as 100 rupees and start playing. More you invest more you will earn but involves more risk if you wont play properly. I recommend to invest 100 at first and learn game by small amount betting and once you feel you are now good to go then you can increase betting amount and earn more money.

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How to register Daman Games Account?

1- Open Daman Registration form –  Register Daman Account.
2- Fill required Details like your mobile number & Use strong password. Keep invite code as it is I3S5X246234.

How to register daman games account and make money
How to register daman games account and make money

3- Verify using OTP received on your mobile number. Your successfully registered Now go to Center option on left bottom corner to Login using your mobile number and password.

That’s all start playing online casino and color prediction games and make money Daman Club App.

How to Deposit money or recharge on Daman earning App?

Step – 1 – Join using this link – Register Daman Account, Then Daman Login to account from Daman Login page
Step 2 – Click on recharge> select Amount, click recharge > then select Local UPI > Copy UPI code > Pay using your UPI app > Type 12 digit UTR – transaction ID and submit your account will be loaded.

Daman Games - How to recharge wallet or Deposit money to play?
Daman Earning app – How to recharge wallet or Deposit money to play?

How to withdraw Money on Daman games?

Its very easy to do withdrawal on Daman games casino platform, You just need to add a bank account and you are ready to get payments directly in your bank on same day. You can withdraw your money anytime and any day. You can withdraw your winnings 3 times a day. Minimum withdrawal amount is 110 rupees and Max amount you can withdraw is 10,000,000.00. You can add only one bank account but if you want to add more you need to contact your teacher. You can add max 2 bank accounts that way.

Daman games payment methods.

Daman games casino offers various payment withdrawal options major one is Bank Transfer and other available option is USDT.

How to withdraw Daman games earnings to Bank account?

To withdraw Daman earning app money to bank account you need to follow below steps.

  • Login to Daman Games using your mobile number and password.
  • Then go to wallet tab.
  • Click on Withdraw Tab
  • Select Bank Card and click on Add bank Account.
  • Fill your bank details and click on save.
  • Then Enter Withdrawal amount and click on withdraw.
  • You need to type password again. That’s all you will get money in your bank account same day, Mostly within an hour. For better understanding refer below images.
Daman games bank withdrawal
how to withdraw money on daman games casino app
daman online earning app withdrawal to bank account

How to withdraw Daman games earnings to USDT account?

Best thing about Casino app is they have given option to withdraw your earnings to USDT account. But you cant do it yourself like bank account. You need to contact customer care or your Teacher to add USDT account for Withdrawal

What is USDT withdrawal in Casino Apps?

USDT is Stable coin you can call it Cryptocurrency too but it is safe currency and its not like Bitcoin which is volatile. USDT is USD tether coin which stable as it is connected to dollar prices. So in case of USDT you will receive money as USDT stable coins, which you can withdraw to your bank account any time.

The value of USDT is supposed to be equivalent to one US Dollar, and Tether Limited, the company behind USDT, claims to hold reserves of US Dollars in a bank account to back the issuance of USDT. This is often referred to as a 1:1 peg, meaning that for every USDT in circulation, there should be an equivalent amount of US Dollars held in reserve.

How to add USDT account in Daman games for Withdrawal?

To add USDT account for withdrawal you need to contact customer support or your teacher, In my case my teacher is Teacher Jennifer who helped me to add USDT account. You can contact her on WhatsApp to request +917756993851 . To add USDT account follow below steps.

1- Create USDT account – You need to register at any cryptocurrency exchange platform Like Binance, Binance is safe and best app to create USDT account. Just download Binance App and register. You need to verify using your pan and Adhar card Authentication.

2- Generate Deposit Address (TRC20) – Next You need to generate Deposit wallet to receive USDT to your account. Follow below steps to create USDT wallet.

  • Go to Wallet section on Binance.
  • Select Deposit Option.
  • Then choose USDT
  • Select TRON (TRC20) Network – Important step.
  • Take screenshot of what you see and copy your wallet address too. You can refer below image for better understanding.
How to add USDT account in Daman Games casino app
How to add USDT account in Daman Games casino app

3- Contact customer care or your Teacher – Send Screenshot and Wallet address you copied to your Teacher. Then your teacher will contact technical team and add your USDT account to daman Games online earning app. I did not get timely response from customer care so instead i contacted my Teacher Jenifer who helped me to add USDT account for withdrawal of my Daman earnings.

How to Withdraw money to USDT wallet or Binance?

How to Withdraw money to USDT wallet or Binance?

Once Daman has added your Wallet Address in USDT section you are free to withdraw money using it. for that follow below steps.

Go to Wallets > Withdrawal > Click on USDT account > Select amount in INR or in your local currency it will automatically calculate USDT value, Then Click on Withdraw and enter password. Done! you will receive USDT to your account shortly.

You can withdraw minimum 907INR to upto 1 crore rupees using USDT.

Daman games USDT payment proof.

Daman games USDT withdrawal
USDT Money Withdrawal
Daman games payment proof in USDT
Daman games USDT payments

How to Play games on Daman and Earn money?

After registering on Daman club contact Jennifer she will help you on any query, She will provide you with teacher who will teach you how to play on Daman and also will provide expert prediction so you can increase your winning chances.
Contact Jennifer only on WhatsApp – +91 7756993851 from this number. Join on telegram if you want become agent and earn money by referring Daman Games telegram ID You need to tell her user ID then only she will help for that you need to register using given register link – Register on Daman here.

Important note – Any type of casino and gambling games and apps involves risk, sometime you may win or you may loose, so play responsibly. some times you may get addicted to such online casino games, so always make sure you take required gap and rest and do not get addicted play just for fun considering risk assessment.

Daman Games payment proof.

Withdraw proof of Daman games cash app
Withdraw proof of Daman games cash app

Daman Games recent Withdrawal proof.

Daman Games - Latest payment proof
Daman Games – Latest payment proof

Daman games withdrawal proof 2023 – You can see in below image that I have earned around 100000 Indian rupees in 8 Days

daman withdraw prood 2023
Daman Withdrawal proof 2023

That’s all to start, you can now enjoy playing the game but play responsibly. Don’t miss to withdraw money daily as if you keep in your account you will bet more and can loose earned money. So keep control on your gameplay.

Note – I am here to provide you just details as its sponsored post, this game involves Financial risk so play responsibly. You may win or You may not. Winning or loosing money will be your responsibility.

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Only Earning App with no withdrawal fees.

Daman Club is only color prediction & casino app where you will not get charged for withdraw of your money. So you will get 100% withdrawal amount in your bank account. Other color prediction apps charge 3%-5% fees for withdrawal. With Daman there is no withdraw fee that is best thing about this earning app.

Daman Games - Cash game with no withdrawal fees - 0%
Daman Games – Cash game with no withdrawal fees – 0%

Earn money without Investment – Daman Promotion.

Daman games has referral scheme in which you can invite your friends to play game and earn commissions. I earned 1 lakh rupees in one month using referral system of Daman earning app, Just go to Invite section and copy your link and share with friends and family. Damans referral system goes upto 4 Level so you will earn commission from all 4 levels. Promotion is very powerful tool to make money risk free & without investment.

Daman Refer and Earn daily 15000
Daman Club Refer and Earn daily 15000
Daman Games - refer & Earn money promotion Scheme
Daman Games – refer & Earn money promotion Scheme

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Daman Promote Mission for free bonus.

Along with referral commission you can also make extra money by completing tasks. You will find them on Center > promote mission. There you can claim your task earnings. I have completed task till level 9 so till now I have earned 24000 rupees. for example when you refer 200 users to play daman earning games you will get task reward of 10,555 INR. My next mission is to complete 500 invites then I will receive 25,555 INR Task reward. Also will earn commission when user plays the Daman Club game.

Daman promote mission to get free bonus
Daman promote mission to get free bonus

Download Daman Games APP for Android.

Daman games android app is also available, Once you register click on download Icon available at top right corner which will download Daman Club Apk and you can play games and earn money online. As shown in below image click on Download Icon after login to daman games.

Daman games apk download
daman casino game apk download link

Download Daman games apk click here.

How much money you can make on Daman Games?

There is no limit on how much you can earn on Daman earning app it all depends on efforts and smartness you put while playing game and referring friends to play. I earn daily avg. 3000 INR by playing Baccarat game and avg 6000 INR by Referring friends to play game. Means my total earnings with Daman games are 9000 per day and also by completing contests I earn additional rewards like I got 10 Grams of gold in gold contest for referring 200 people to Daman so there is no limit on earnings you just need to do your best in referring friends.

Is Daman Games real or fake?

I am playing games on Daman Club from last 1 year and getting paid on time. So I can confidently say that it is legit and real game. I have attached my withdrawal proofs in this posts which proves daman Club is trusted and real game not fake. Even you get money in account within 2-3 hours of request. That’s the beauty of this app which proves it real cash game to play online.

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I won 100K worth of Gold on Daman Games.

On daman club earning app, I started referring people on my website. I earned upto 20K as promotion task reward till now. I am earning daily 5000 to upto 30,000/-Indian rupees as commission. In last quarter I won 2 Daman contests on daman. The contest name is Daman Gold rewards, The 1st prize is 10 Lakh INR means. 12,143.95 United States Dollar. In September month I won 5th prize i.e. 50000 INR(607$) worth of gold and in November I won 4th prize which is 100000INR (1214$) worth of gold.

Daman games earn money online

Best Way to earn Money on Daman Games?

Do you know you can earn money on without Investment as well. and thats very easy and most effective way to Earn money on Daman App without deposits or investment. For that you need to actively work on Promotion of app You just need to Follow below steps to Earn money on daman games without Investment by refer and Earn method.

  1. Login to your account
  2. Go to Promotion Option
  3. Copy Link
  4. Share it with your friends and Train your friends to share it with theirs as Daman app provides 3 Levels of referral commission.
Payment proof of Daman Games apk
Payment proof of Daman Games apk
Daman casino app withdrawal proof
Daman casino app withdrawal proof

How to refer Daman games to Earn referral Income?

  • Send invite link to friends and Family.
  • Share about Daman Games on Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Create YouTube channel and start promotion of Daman earning app.
  • Create a Blog and start writing article about Daman games.
  • write guest posts about it on other websites.
  • Use services like Quora, Reddit to spread word along with your referral Link.
Refer and earn money online
Refer and earn money online

How much Money I earn on Daman Games?

I don’t play Daman games regularly, But I earn money daily because I am referring daman apk to my Blog viewers and Youtube audience. My earnings are started from 3000 rupees per day, I kept referring more people and trained them to refer their friends. After 3 Months I started earning 10000 RS per day and 5th month I earned averagely 20K per Day and from last 15 Days I am earning 40K to 64000 per day.

I know you wont believe these statistics but its totally truth you can see my referral earnings and Total withdrawal transaction screenshots below. I have earned 30 Lakh + on daman Games till now which made my life easier and fulfilled some of my dreams.

Daman games promotion - refer & Earn
Daman games promotion – refer & Earn

Daman games apk download – Official daman app on PlayStore.

There is app called Daman game on Google Playstore for android, But its not official App. Its created by someone by using app as browser to generate referrals and nothing else. They call it Official Daman games app but it is not. to download official app you need to go Home > at top right corner click on app download icon and done. The app will get downloaded.

But I recommend using daman casino game on Chrome browser Instead of any App it works best.

Is Daman games safe?

Daman games is working in casino industry from decades so you can trust them, i get my money in bank account same day i withdraw. so daman is trustworthy and legitimate online casino game and app. Payment proofs already attached.

Got Meghalaya Trip from daman games for referring friends.

Daman games casino site has sponsored my trip to Meghalaya as they got good amount of invites from my blog. They given me 40000 Indian rupees which covered my all expenses in Meghalaya. You can also become daman games agent and refer your friends to make money online playing casino games like baccarat, dragon tiger and color prediction.

FAQ’s of Daman Games.

How to earn in Daman?

To earn money in Daman you need to register first, Then play different games like TRX harsh which is colour prediction game, Fishing game, Live Sports prediction Then casino games like Baccarat , Andar bahar, Sic-Bo, Dragon tiger you can show your skills and multiply your investments.

How to earn in Daman without Investment?

You can earn without investment too, for that you need to work on Promotion scheme which is nothing but refer and earn module. This is powerful tool to earn money free without investment. Daman refer scheme works upto 3 levels, You just need to refer your friends to play online games and ask your friend to refer his friends, This way you will earn commissions when your friends and friend’s friend plays game. I earn 8K per day using referral scheme.

Is Daman games safe?

Best colour prediction game to earn money online.

Yes Daman games is safe and timely paying, I have added payment proofs in this post too. If you get problems in recharge wallet you can contact Jennifer for help on this whatsapp number – +917041654491. She will help you to fix all the issues on Daman. SO its real and legitimate earning app.

What is Daman Game?

Daman Games is online gaming platform which hosts color prediction games, Casino games like Andar Bahar, Baccarat, Slots, Dragon tiger etc. You can deposit some cash using UPI payments or USSD method. Once recharge is done you can play different games and earn real cash online. You can also earn free money by inviting your friends to daman. I earn daily 10,000 RS in average using Daman Promotion.

How to Download Daman Games Casino App?

Daman games apk downlaod

Once you have completed registration, Go to center Then login to daman Account. You will find Daman apk download Link on top right corner as shown in picture below. This app is supported by all android devices.

What is Daman gift code?

Daman games gift code

When you become agent of Daman, Then your teacher will provide you free gift cards contains cash rewards, Amount depends on your promotion record. When you login to Daman & go to Center option there you will find Gift Code option click on it Then paste your code there and receive cash rewards.

Important note – Any type of casino and gambling games and apps involves risk, sometime you may win or you may loose, so play responsibly. some times you may get addicted to such online casino games, so always make sure you take required gap and rest and do not get addicted play just for fun considering risk assessment.


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