Fastwin App – Earn money online by playing Games.

Hello are you looking for extra Income online, Are you skilled prediction guy. Then you are at right place fastwin app will let you earn money by playing games online. There are different types of Games available like Fast Parity, Parity, Sapre, Andar Bahar, Minesweeper, JetX, Ludo and Dice they keep adding different earning games to the app. You can withdraw your earnings directly to your UPI account which makes transaction faster you will get money in your account in Single click In this post we will teach you How to create Fastwin account, How to recharge, How to make money, Refer and earn, How to withdraw money How to Play games and make money? so lets start.

Fastwin App - Earn money online by playing Games.
Fastwin App – Earn money online by playing Games.

Fastwin App review – Earn money online App.

Fastwin is app where you can play different kind of games like color prediction, Andar bahar etc. In color prediction you need to guess next appearing colour and bet amount on it and if that color appears your earnings will be multiplied by 2X. Similarly Andar Bahar is card Game first Master card is shown you need to bet on either Andar side or Bahar side and you can also bet on Tie. If Card appears on your betted side you will get 2X of your investment. If you bet on Tie and Tie happens then you will get 8X of your investment but Tie happens rarely so don’t take risk.

How to Create Fastwin Account?

Its very easy to create Fastwin Account, Just follow easy steps below.

  1. Tap on this Link – Download App
  2. Tap on register > Insert mobile number
  3. Insert Invite code – 1748567962
  4. Choose Your password
  5. Get OTP and Type in relevant field.
  6. Now you can Login to your account and start playing games.

Fastwin – How to recharge?

Below are the simple steps to recharge Fastwin App wallet.

Step 1– Click on Recharge and select amount.

image 9 Fastwin App - Earn money online by playing Games.
How to Recharge Fastwin app wallet

Step 2– Select preferred Payment option from available options like PhonePe, Gpay and PayTM.

Fiewin Alternative App
Fiewin Alternative App

Step 3 – Now copy given UPI ID, Go to Payment App and Pay to given UPI ID then take screenshot of transaction. UTR should be visible. Then Upload screenshot on fastwin wait for few seconds and your recharge will be done.

Online earning apps recharge tutorial

Fastwin App Alternative – Fiewin App – Best trusted earning app I Earn 2000 RS daily.

How to do Withdrawal on Fastwin App?

Its simple process to withdraw earnings on Fastwin as below.

1- Login To your account and click on Withdraw option as shown in below Image. withdrawal process withdrawal process

2- Then dd your UPI Account, Type Name and UPI ID as shown in below Picture.

UPI withdrawal online earning app
UPI withdrawal online earning app

3- Now type amount to be withdrawnt and click on withdraw button you will get your money in UPI account Instantly.

Fastwin Withdrawal
Fastwin Withdrawal

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How to earn money on Fastwin Apk?

1. Daily Rewards – Registered customers of FastWin app get the chance to open lucky draw and get prizes each day. On each 7th day, customers get the golden threat to open the Treasure Box that could come up with coins up to a thousand Rupees.

To open get the reward, click on on Check In button at the house display display screen. And then Click on Check in button. Money you get in this draw is deposited in your account and may be withdrawal in economic institution debts.

2. Task Reward– FastWin App also offer venture rewards to it’s users for finishing precise reward such that First Recharge, Learn to Recharge, First Invitation, Orders.

To get those project reward click on on the Task Reward button on the Dashboard.

3. Invitation Commission – This is one of the most preferred and clean approach to earn good-looking amount of cash in FieWin without any threat and hardwork. You need to just Invite different human beings to play FastWin together with your hyperlink and if your invitees play FastWin games, some percentage of cash is credited on your account.

You can use amazing strategies to boom the wide type of invitees. Many human beings are earning more than lakh of rupees every day. You can see the evidence under.

4. Agent Million Cash Growth Plan – This method of being worthwhile is associated with effective customers. First of all allow us to talk, what’s powerful user. So effective character is the invitee who makes the recharge of more than 100 rupees.

5. Play Games and Make money – There are different kind of games available to play and make money. Just learn by small bets and once you be confident then you can invest more and earn more. Fastwin app is quick way to make money online.

FastWin Games Types – Play Games Make real money.

There are variety of fun games available to play on Fiewin my favorite’s are Andar Bahar and Colour prediction game. Below are Types of Games you Can play on Fastwin app.

Fastwin earning app apk
Fastwin earning app apk
  • fast parity quick Color prediction game
  • Parity slow color prediction game
  • Sapre – Same like parity
  • Dice – Earn money guessing next.
  • Andar Bahar – Bet on either side Andar or Bahar. This is my favourite game on Fastwin App.
  • Wheelocity – Spin wheel to earn money.
  • Jet earning game – Crash game.
  • MineSweeper – Dont tap on mine and you will win real cash.
  • Ludo – Upcoming Game to show skills and EDarn money online.

1- Fast Parity, parity and Sapre – Colour prediction Games

These 3 are colour prediction games where you can predict next appearing colour(Red or Green) and if it appears in actual results your earnings will be doubled(2X). Similarly Violet color appears rarely along with red and green so if you bet on Violet and you win then you will earn 4X. For prediction of right number you will earn 9X of bet amount. For example if You bet 500RS on Red colour and 300RS on Violet colour and 200RS on number 0. and If in results Red, Violet and 0 number appears you will earn 1000RS for colour prediction, 1200RS for Violet colour prediction and 1800RS for number prediction.

Fast Parity, parity and Sapre - Colour prediction Games
Color prediction earn money

2- Andar Bahar real money Game.

Fastwin apps Andar Bahar game is also very easy to play and fun game. There will be 2 sides Andar and Bahar and also one extra option Tie. First one master card will appear at center you need to predict this card will appear on Andar side or Bahar side or None of the side which happens very rarely. If you bet 1000RS on Andar side and if card appears on that side you will earn 2000. If you bet 1000 on Tie(risky bet) and If Tie happens you will earn 8X means 8000RS.

Fastwin Andar Bahar real money Game. Andar Bahar real money Game.

3- Minesweeper – Real money game.

Minesweeper is any other amusing to play game on Fastwin App, I propose to play those games as amusing if you guess higher amounts in excitement you may unfastened. So play responsibly. In minesweeper as shown in below photograph There could be 1 mine out of 16 blocks, You just want to faucet on options where money hidden, If you click on on mine you’ll loose. I recommend even you earn small profit stop sport and don’t go for subsequent block.

Minesweeper earning game
Minesweeper earning game

4- Dice – Real money making game on Fastwin App.

Dice is every other crazy game to play and earn you want to alter the given selector predicting next end result fee. If outcomes are below your set price your investment will multiply in any other case you may free. Lower the cost of selector better the threat but higher the rewards.

Dice - Real money game
Dice – Real money game

5- Fastwin Wheelocity Game to Make money Game.

This is another spin to win earn money game, You have to predict where pointer of spin board will stop. Green is rarest appearing result having high value rewards if you bet 500 on green you will make 50X means 25000RS. If you bet 500 on Gray you will make 2X which will be 1000RS, for Red if you bet 500 you will earn 1500RS for Blue colour rewards are 5X means for 500 bet you will earn 2500RS.

Interesting Earning game - Wheelocity on fastwin app
Interesting Earning game – Wheelocity on fastwin app

Fastwin app apk download.

Fastwin has android app to download, You can download the app using link in table. You need to put invitation code to get bonus. You can also play games on fastwin app using google chrome browser, Currently I am playing on browser and its working perfectly so you can go for browser too as well as Fastwin App apk download link is also given below.

fastwin invitation code1748567962
FastWin app APK Download LinkDownload App
Register BonusRs.20
Minimum Withdrawal LimitRs.230
Refer and Earn fastwin appRs.250
FastWin available Payment methodsUPI / Bank
Fastwin app apk download

Fastwin Refer and Earn money.

Fastwin refer and earn money
Fastwin refer and earn money

Fastwin has Promotion Tab under Invite option its way to earn money on fastwin without investment. Its called Refer and Earn money scheme. Just copy your refer link and share with family and friends whenever your friends or family download fastwin apk and plays Cash game you will make real money commission. There Promotion system works upto 3 levels as shown in Picture above. You will earn money in terms of commission whenever your referred user plays the game. for first Level referrals you will earn 40% commission, on 2nd level referrals you will earn 20% commission money and for3rd level of referral commission rates are 20 %. So this is free way to earn money on Fastwin app.

Not only %ge of referral commission, There are more referral rewards. whenever New referral registers under your Invite link, using your invite code and completes his first recharge you will earn 150 RS bonus and after 3rd recharge you will get 100 RS Bonus. SO for every referral you will earn 250RS bonus as well as lifetime commissions.


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