PlusRS – Easy and Quick way to Earn money online in India.

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If you are looking for easy and quick way to earn money online in India where you can earn huge money in less time. The betting is also very less risky as you just need to bet between Red or green so probability of your winning will be 50% no any betting system gives you this much probability. If you can take more risk then additionally you can bet on numbers where your money multiplication is higher but more risk as compared to colors. How much you can earn with this quicker way to earn money by betting on colors will tell it in this post so keep connected.

Puss Club - Easy and Quick way to Earn money online.
PlusRS- Easy and Quick way to Earn money online in India

Puss Club – Quick way to make money with low risk and investment.

So in Plusrs you have shopping option also and there is another option available named WinGo where you can join it using your facebook or Gmail account or using your mobile number. Once you sign up you can start trading/ betting by adding Min. 100 rupees to your Puss Wingo account then start betting on colors or numbers with min 10 rupees investment.

Puss club – WinGo color/number game Earning scheme.

Red or Green = 2X; Violet =4X; Number = 7X;

Example – consider you are investing 50 rupees on Red color (the result will be red/green)if result is red you win then your investment will double means 100 rupees and if the color comes green then you will loose 50.

Consider you bet 50 rupees on number 4 and you win then you will earn 7X money means 350 rupees. and if you bet on Violet color which comes sometimes along with red or green then you will make 4X money means 200 rupee for 50 rupee investment.

You can see below game details, You can either bet on color or Number even you can bet on color and number on both just you need to create different orders for color and number. Note – There is no specific time to play Wingo game in puss club its open 24*7 and results will be declared after every 2.5 minutes.

Puss club make money fast
Plusrs make money fast
fastest way to make money
fastest way to make money

Join Plusrs togi Wingo Now.

How to Recharge Puss club wallet?

You can choose from multiple payment options to add money to your Puss club wallet min amount to add is 100 rupees only.

You can add money using Credit or debit card as well as using UPI apps like phonepe and Google Pay.

How to withdraw money on Puss Club?

You can withdraw money on week days MON – FRI between 10AM to 5PM. The money will be credited directly to your indian bank account.

Just Go to MY>My bank>Add bank card & submit >My wallet & click on withdrawal done the money will get credited to your account in 1 or 2 days. Min amount to withdraw at a time is 31/- and maximum amount is 50,000/- charges for withdrawal are 30 rupees foe below 1500 rupees withdraw and 2% for above 1500 withdrawal.

My success story with Puss Club color/number game.

When i started trading using Puss club Wingo first i added 100 rupees and lost it same day. Firsti thought its fu***** game need to stop playing but then again i added 200 INR and played this time i invested wisely and waited for proper sequence and color trend to form then i started winning and on that day i earned 5000 INR using 200 rupees investment.

Then i started to play the game regularly for 1-2 hour’s after my regular job and i earn 1000 – 1500 profit daily and i am earning more than my job by working daily 1-2 hours. I suggest to play on colors only there are more winning chances as compared to Number.

Note – If you won’t play smartly and safely then there are chances of losses.

Join PlusRS Wingo Now.

How to make money on Puss club without investment?

YES! you can make money without investment as well just join puss club then invite your friends to join using your referral link.

You will earn 100 rupees per friend + 0.60% of his lifetime transactions. So it is very good way to make money using puss club online color betting game. I have earned more than 25000/- using referral system. To get your referral link go to My task > Get task. Then again go to My promotion and click on Invite friends option there you will get your referral link. You can also apply your refferral earnings to your main balance and spend it on trading to multiply your earnings.

Puss club referral system make money fast india online
PlusRS trading referral system make money fast india online

Puss Club color betting/trading Payment proof

here are my payment proofs of earning with puss club togi online color game.

Puss club wingo payment proof
Color trading wingo payment proof
Pussclub trading payment picture
Trusted color trading payment picture
PussClub color/number trading payment proof
PlusRS color game color/number trading payment proof

Most trusted color and number trading app with payproof attached.

Join Puss-Club Wingo Now.

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