TATA Mall colour prediction App to make money online.

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Welcome to BloggerGuest, Here we are to review Tata Mall color prediction game which will let you make money easily if you have good guessing power and Smartness. You can earn 2000 rupees daily by spending 2 hours on app. You just need to predict one color out of 2 to double your investment.

If you can take higher risk you can invest on numbers as well when you predict any number between 0 to 9 and if that number comes in results your investment will become 10X. For example if you bet 200 rupees on 3 and if 3 comes in results after 2.5 minutes time. then you will get 2000 rupees winnings.

Important Note – This is not a product/service of Tata group of companies. The app just uses Tata as name, So this post is not to misguide you

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TATA Mall colour prediction App to make money online.

What is colour prediction game to earn money?

If you are looking for easy and quick way to earn money online in India where you can earn huge money in less time. Then color prediction game is perfect for you The prediction is also very less risky as you just need to bet between Red or green so probability of your winning will be 50% no any betting system gives you this much probability.

If you can take more risk then additionally you can bet on numbers where your money multiplication is higher but more risk as compared to colors. How much you can earn with this quicker way to earn money by betting on colors will tell it in this post so keep connected. So lets know more about Vclub colour prediction game.

Register Link:👉 Join Tata Mall Now

Tata Mall How to Join and Make money?

You can join Tata mall by clicking on above link > Then Fill your details and register. > then Login using Your credentials and start playing and making money.

image 15 TATA Mall colour prediction App to make money online.
TATA Mall color prediction App to make money online.

How to play Tata Mall colour prediction game?

Red or Green = 2X; Violet =4X; Number = 10X;

How to play colour prediction game and win real cash
How to play colour prediction game and win real cash

Example – consider you are investing 50 rupees on Red color (the result will be red/green)if result is red you win then your investment will double means 100 rupees and if the color comes green then you will loose 50.

Consider you bet 50 rupees on number 4 and you win then you will earn 7X money means 350 rupees. and if you bet on Violet color which comes sometimes along with red or green then you will make 4X money means 200 rupee for 50 rupee investment.

You can see below game details, You can either bet on color or Number even you can bet on color and number on both just you need to create different orders for color and number. 

Tata mall Promotion – Earn money by referring friends.

Tata mall has very beneficial referral system where you can earn money by referring your friends and helping them to earn money online. For your direct referrals you will get 30% commission, & when your friends refer their friend you will make additional 20% commission and for 3rd level referral you can earn 10% additional bonus. So you will earn money in multiple levels. So promotion is great opportunity to make added income.

tata mall online color prediction website
tata mall online color prediction website

So Join Tata Mall Now & start earning money online.

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  2. I am unable to login to my account. I cannot find any customer care number or email address for tata mall colour prediction game. Can someone help me out please. My money got stuck in the account.

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