December 3, 2023

Teen patti club apk to make money

Dear gamer, in this article we will talk about Teen Patti Club Apk Play games and how to earn money. You can simply earn money by referring your friends and family.

Teen Patti Club is 100% safe, most stable, your friends can earn unlimited money through referral and earning program. You get a lot of games to play online. Earn money and withdraw directly to your connected bank account.

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Teen Patti Club apk

If you have no knowledge of rummy or teen patti, you can also play dragon vs tiger games where you can earn money without you knowing. You can follow the following steps to win.

Teen Patti Club apk
Teen Patti Club

In Teen Patti Club app you can play and earn daily as well as many games like Rummy, Teen Patti, Ludo, Teen Patti 20-20, Andar Bahar.

How to Download Teen Patti Club Apk

  • First of all, download Teen Patti Club Apk from the given link. I recommend Daman Games app – Its real and trusted app
  • Open it and login with guest option.
  • Open control panel andyou will find the guest option in the right corner.
  • Click the connected option.
  • Enter the phone number and choose a password.
Binding Phone number
Binding Phone number
  • Confirm OTP and you’re done
  • Your registration is complete and you have received a bonus of Rs. 41.
  • Use this amount now to play rummy, teen patti, blackjack or win cash

Teen Patti Club Weekly Bonus

Teen Patti Friends Club additionally receives a weekly bonus that has the potential to make you wealthy because, as part of the club bonus, you are eligible to receive an additional bonus of Rs. 500 per week if you refer friends who earn between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 3000 per week. And as you earn more money by providing more weekly referrals, you also get more weekly bonuses. Below you can see a list of those who have a chance to receive an additional bonus of up to two thousand rupees in the form of a weekly bonus.

  • 1000 – 3000 = 500
  • 3001 – 5000 = 1000
  • 5001 – 8000 = 3000
  • 8001 – 10000 = 6000
  • 10001 – 15000 = 10000
  • 15001 – 20000 = 15000
  • 20001 – 30000 = 20000
  • 30001 – 50000 = 30000
  • 50001 – 80000 = 60000
  • 80001 – 100000 = 100000
  • 100001 – 999999999 = 200000

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Basic Rules for Playing Teen Patti Club Rummy

Basic Rules
Basic Rules

The game uses 2 decks of cards. Arrange 13 cards of 3 or more in a row.


  • In the above case, all tens are jokers and can be used like any other card.
  • Pure sequence (no wildcards)
  • Subsequence
  • Offers
  • Invalid entry/sequence

how to group

  • Touch the cards you want to group.
  • Press the group button!
  • View them together

how to throw

  • Simply Tap on the cards that you want to discard
  • Press the delete button!
  • The card is reset!

how to get out

  • Click on the card you want to discard to end the game!
  • Press the “Done” button!
  • Game over! Now you’ve won!

how to declare

  • Make sure all possible rows/clusters are grouped together!
  • Make sure the cardholders in the group are marked in green.
  • The card is reset!

Weekly bonus for teen patti club

Hello dear players! Good news! Today is Monday and that is the time of the week when you can collect weekly extra bonuses exclusively for our agents who refer and continue to refer players to our game application. You have one week to collect your weekly extra bonuses! Note that it expires in a week, so be sure to grab it before the week is up! You can withdraw your tokens at any time of the day!

What do you expect from players who want to become our agent in order to receive additional weekly bonuses? To learn more about our great deals, visit our weekly bonus page in the Invite and Earn section! If you have further questions, you can contact our online customer service.

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List of games at Teen Patti Club

Available games
Available games
  1. Andar Bahar
  2. Car Roulette
  3. Best OF Five
  4. TEEN PATTI 20-20
  5. Dragon VS tiger
  6. 7Up Down
  7. Roulette
  8. Zoo Roulette
  9. Baccarat
  10. skill game
  11. Ludo
  12. 10Cards
  13. Variation
  14. Poker
  15. RUMMY
  16. Teen Patti
  17. Blackjack

How to Refer and earn on Teen Patti Club?

Refer and Earn
Refer and Earn
  1. launch application and click on Invite and Earn
  2. Share your referral link with your friends.
  3. Ask your friends to download Teen Patti Club APK.
  4. Your friends will receive a bonus of 41 rupees.
  5. You also receive a commission of 30%.

Benefits of Teen Patti VIP Club

When you become a VIP member, you need to install or buy a VIP program, you will get more bonuses,

  • Daily bonus
  • weekly bonus
  • monthly premium
  • level bonus

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Teen Patti Club Apk How To Add Money

Add money
Add money
  1. Open the Teen Patti Club app and click Add Money.
  2. Select the amount you want to add. You will get additional bonus on your first deposit.
  3. Pay using one of the available methods.
  4. The amount will automatically appear in your Teen Patti Club wallet.

How to Withdraw Teen Patti Club Apk?

Withdraw money
Withdraw money
  • Get access to withdrawal option in Teen Patti Club Apk.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 1000 rupees.
  • Add UPI or bank account details.
  • Choose your ” Amount” and Hit on the “Withdraw” option.
  • Instantly you will receive money in your connected bank account.


This game involves financial risk. Play at your own risk because you may be addicted to this game. If you are under 18 years old and have not play this game, suggest you to stay away from this game.

Teen Patti Club Apk (FAQs):

What is the maximum payout in Teen Patti Club Apk?

There is no maximum withdrawal limit.

What is the minimum payout in Teen Patti Club Apk?

100 rupees

How many games are in Teen Patti Club Apk?

More than 20 games available

What is the withdrawal fee at Teen Patti Club?

A 0% withdrawal fee applies to every withdrawal on this app.

What is the Teen Patti Club Sign Up Bonus?

Registration Bonus Rs 41

Is Teen Patti Club Apk a paid app?

No, it’s completely free

How much is the minimum addon for Teen Patti Club Apk?

You can add at least 100 rupees.


The Teen Patti Club App Game has a referral code that you can share with your friends to earn money from your referrals. You can make money by playing various games.

If you have any ideas about downloading Teen Patti Club Apk feel free to write about it in the comment box below. keep visiting our website:

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