September 23, 2023

Ultimate Guide to Best Games That Pay Real Money

Best Games That Pay Real Money
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With the increasing demand for the best games that pay real money, game apps have gained immense popularity for entertainment and earning potential. It’s fascinating to discover that playing games on your smartphone or computer can now result in cash deposits directly to your bank account or PayPal. 

If you’re curious about exploring the world of game apps that pay real money, continue reading to learn more about these exciting opportunities. Get to know some of the best games that pay real money by playing anywhere.

Best Games That Pay Real Money

Bingo Cash: Best Overall Game

Best Games That Pay Real Money

If you’re a fan of Bingo and believe you have what it takes to best games that pay real money, then Bingo Cash from Papaya Gaming is a game you’ll thoroughly enjoy. You can download this app and get a wide range of Bingo variations, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

What sets Bingo Cash apart is its matchmaking system, which pairs you with players of similar skill levels. In this game, securing the top spot is unnecessary; even being among the top three finishers is considered a win. 

Bingo Cash, a top game app among the best games that pay real money, lets you earn real money by participating in cash tournaments. With a 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 82.6K ratings on the Apple App Store, Bingo Cash has received recognition for its enjoyable gameplay and rewarding experience. 

Bubble Cash: Best Overall Arcade Game for Real Money

Bubble Cash is an exciting arcade shooter game for iPhone, iPad, and Samsung devices. It allows players to practice for free and, if they excel, continue playing without cost. 

However, less experienced players can deposit cash to extend their gameplay. For those seeking an extra thrill, live rounds allow players to stake money and win more with a 50/50 stake. Papaya, the company behind Bubble Cash, is renowned for providing enjoyable games and ensuring fast payouts. 

If you like shooter games, try Bubble Cash is highly recommended. It not only offers engaging gameplay but also provides a chance to earn real money. So, immerse yourself in this thrilling arcade experience and see if you have what it takes to triumph in Bubble Cash.


Mistplay enhances your gaming experience by allowing you to earn rewards for spending time playing mobile games you already enjoy. By accumulating points based on your gaming habits over a month, you can redeem them for various perks and prizes. 

Mistplay operates in the background while you use other apps, tracking your earnings and points. Mistplay, however, is only available for Android users through the Play Store. Your earnings with Mistplay are capped at $50, which can be used towards perks like gift cards or credits for purchasing Steam games. 

Mistplay requires all users to be 13 years and above to have an account. If you want to discover the best games that pay real money, Mistplay can be a great platform to explore and earn rewards.

Dominoes Gold: Best Dominoes Game for Real Cash

With Dominoes Gold, you can learn the game in minutes and easily pick it up whenever you have spare time. The best part is that you can win real cash quickly. Whether you choose to play alone or compete against other players online, Dominoes Gold offers a thrilling real-time Dominoes experience. 

The aim is to attain the highest score before the time limit expires, offering you an opportunity to win substantial cash rewards. Although you cannot win cash for free, you can engage in cash tournaments where you can deposit more money, starting from $1000, to compete for even bigger prizes. 

With its addictive gameplay and potential for significant winnings, Dominoes Gold is a top choice for those seeking the best games that pay real money.

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Best Games That Pay Real Money
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Swagbucks is a platform that rewards users for activities like playing games, searching the web, watching videos, taking polls, and using coupons. It offers a range of earning opportunities beyond just playing games. By reaching specific levels and completing milestones within 14 days, you can earn between $1 and $45 per game. 

The available game offers are regularly updated with new options. One of the benefits of using Swagbucks is its low payout thresholds. You can redeem your pay for Amazon gift cards starting at $1 or request PayPal cash or gift cards from other brands once you reach $5. 

This makes it easy to access and enjoy the rewards you’ve earned. With Swagbucks, you can engage in various activities and accumulate rewards. Whether you prefer playing games, searching the web, or participating in other tasks, Swagbucks is among the best games that pay real money.

InboxDollars: Runner-up for Surveys

InboxDollars is a popular Android and iOS app that offers a variety of enjoyable games, including Word Wipe, Monkey Bubble Shooter, Mahjongg Dimensions, Candy Jam, and more. 

You can earn scratch cards simply by playing these games, which can be scratched to reveal real money prizes. With about four minutes of gameplay, you can earn a scratch card and win extra cash. You have the choice to scratch the card immediately or continue playing for a chance to earn a higher-value scratch card later. 

While the highest prize of $100 is rare, InboxDollars provides a convenient way to earn additional cash by playing games. 

Solitaire Cube: Best Solitaire Game That Pay Real Money

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Solitaire Cube offers a thrilling and fast-paced gaming experience, where each hand takes just a few minutes to complete. Challenge yourself against individual players or participate in multiplayer tournaments for an added competitive edge. 

To enter a tournament, there’s a minimum buy-in of $1, although higher payouts require larger investments. As you showcase your skills, you can win exciting cash prizes or redeem your winnings for merchandise. Your earnings will be conveniently sent to your Apple Pay or PayPal account. 

Solitaire Cube also offers daily gifts, bonuses, trophies, and rewards for frequent players, adding excitement to the gameplay. It’s one of the best games that pay real money, combining entertainment and earning opportunities in a single package.


If you are a gamer, playing the best games that pay real money is just one of the avenues you can earn some small cash. This is because you can earn from doing what you enjoy, so it never feels like a job. 

However, playing games that pay real money cannot be a career; it’s only a way to enjoy yourself and earn a little cash. However, there are careers related to games you can venture into if you need to learn on the professional side of gaming.


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