September 23, 2023

Winmoney color prediction App to make money online.

Hi, Winmoney – Earn money by color prediction – Hello online money makers, Now a days there are many ways for earning money online some earn money by playing games like rummy, casino etc. Some are working online as content creators to make money using ads on blog and YouTube platform. Today I will show you one unique way to earn money, It is by predicting colors and numbers.

Winmoney color prediction App to make money online.

Latest Update – Winmoney not giving withdrawals seems to be scam so I no more recommend Winmoney, Instead join other games who pays Instantly within 30 minutes of apply Recommended Daman Games and Fiewin are best colour prediction app which are trusted and reliable.

How to make money with Winmoney color Prediction App?

If you are looking for easy and quick way to earn money online in India where you can earn huge money in less time. Then Fiemalls color prediction game is perfect for you The prediction is also very less risky as you just need to bet between Red or green so probability of your winning will be 50% no any betting system gives you this much probability. Similarly in fiegame if you predict number between 1-9 and if you win you will earn 10X cash. for example if you select 5 number and invest 500 rupees and if it comes in results then you will get 5000 rupees.

Important – delays payments to 4-5 days and sometimes it gets cancelled and money get credited back to account then again i have to apply withdrawal. So facing issues for withdrawal with winmoney so I recommend to join Daman games or Fiewin they pays within half hour of request.

How to Join & earn money on Winmoney game?

Step 1 – Register on Winmoney by filling up simple details as shown below. Now I Dont recommend Winmoney because they are not paying So Join Fiewin and Daman Games who pays time to time.

winmoney color prediction game
winmoney color prediction game

Step 2 – Login using your credentials

winmoney number prediction game
winmoney number prediction game

Step 3 – Recharge using UPI

Step 4 – Start predicting color and making money online.

Download Winmoney Apk.

To download app you need to register then after login you will get app download link on homepage.

Winmoney Referral system – Earn money by referring friends to play.

When your friends play, you will receive a 30% commission. Therefore, the more friends you invite, the higher your commission. There is a fixed income every day, the commission is permanent, but the reward is only once. When your referrals make money, they will invite their friends to join them, and then you can get a 20% commission.

In this way, your team can spread faster. Therefore, I hope everyone can use our platform to make money, When your friends make money, your friends will refer their friends to join them, and then you can get a 20% commission. In this way, your team can grow faster . Therefore, I hope everyone should use our platform to make money.

Level 1 commission: Friends who join through your own link belong to your level, when they trade, you will get 30% commission.
Tier 2 commission: Friends who join through your friend link belong to your secondary commission. When they trade, you can get 20% commission.
Level 3 commission: Friends who join through friends of friends belong to your level 3. When they trade, you get 10% commission.Promotional rewards: 10% bonus amount for the first recharge after the first-level lower level joins. If your friend joins through your invitation and recharges 1000 for the first time, you will get 200

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  1. while withdrawal u can’t do it it’s shows password error even your password is right and if u reset password still can’t log in its a cheating fraudulent game

  2. Last 1 month Daily i withdrawal my amount but
    Nothing withdrawal my amount.
    Not reply anyone this complaint.
    She say Lifetime commission but not withdrawal your commission. 😡😔

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