November 28, 2023

Yoswin color prediction game to win real money.

Yoswin is online earning app, where you can play Parity – Color prediction game and Flight crash game. You can use your prediction skills to win and make money online by guessing colors. If you are not risk takers and still wants to make money then you can promote this app to your friends and earn commission when your friends plays.

How to join Yoswin to make money online?

1- Click on This link & fill the form on register page.
2- Fill your mobile number & Password & click register.

Yoswin register

3- By using above link you will get free 150 rs bonus which you can use to play games and earn real cash.

How Yoswin color prediction game works?

In color prediction game you need to predict which will be the next color out of 2 red or green and if your predicted color comes as a result you will get double(2X) earnings for example if you invest 1000 rupees on red color and in result if red comes then you will get 2000 rupees. Similarly number prediction will give you 9X earnings but the risk is higher, as with color prediction winning chances are 50:50 but with number prediction winning chances are 10% only but rewards are higher. for example if you invest 1000 on number 6 and if it comes in result then you will earn 9000 rupees.

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How to play color prediction game on Yoswin?

1-Click on Play & select Parity.
2-Select bet amount & guess your color.
3-If that color comes in result you will win and if not you will loose. If you win you will get double of your investment.

Yoswin parity game

There are 2 variants of game available in color prediction Fast & Prediction. With fast the results are declared every 30 seconds and with prediction results are declared every 90 seconds that is only difference in these variants.

Play Rules

Fast – It is round of 30 seconds, 27S to place order, 3 secs to announce the result, 24 hours non-stop, a total of 2880 rounds a day.

Input 200 rupees in a round
Join Green: If the result is 1,3,7,9, you will get 390 RS, if the result is 5, you will get 2855 RS.
Join Red: If the result is 2,4,6,8, you will get 390 RS, if the result is 0, you will get 285 RS.
Join Violet: If the result is 0,5, you will get 855 RS.
Chose Number :If result is the number you chose ,you will earn 1710 RS .

Prediction – It is round of 90 seconds, 80 seconds to place an order, 10 seconds to announce the result, 24 hours running game.

Input 200 rupees in a round.
Join Green: If result is 1,3,7,9, you will get 390 RS, if the result is 5, you will get 285 RS.
Join Red: If result is 2,4,6,8, you will get 390 RS, if the result is 0, you will get 285 RS.
Join Violet: If the result is 0,5, you will get 855 RS.
Chose Number: If the result is the number of your choice, you will get 1710 RS.

How to Play Crash earning game on Yoswin?

This game has very high earning potential depends on your luck as multiplication can go upto 100X.

How to play crash game ? at First, choose order amount. Click “START” to place your order and watch the multiplier rise 1.00x upwards! You can click “STOP” at any time in order to multiply your earnings with the shown multiplier. But be careful: The game can end at any time, and if you dont stop before crash , you get nothing! bg68.e67d2ad0 Yoswin color prediction game to win real money.

How earnings calculated ? If your order amount is 200, the escape multiple is 10.0x, after deducting 6 rupees service fee, your contract amount is 194 rupees:10.0X: You will get (194 * 10) 1940 rupees. How high can the multiplier go ? = Up to 100 timesbg69.4a9aa247 Yoswin color prediction game to win real money.

What is auto stop on Yoswin ?If you choose auto stop option, when the multiple reaches your selected multiple, it will auto stop and you will get rewards of your set value. In this case risk will be lower.

bg70.8967e9bf Yoswin color prediction game to win real money.

Note – This App involves financial risk, So invest wisely & take risk on your responsibility.

How to Recharge your wallet on Yoswin?

Go to Recharge > Select amount to deposit > Select UPI app > Pay from your prefered UPI application.

How to Withdraw earnings on Yoswin color prediction game?

Go to My option on right end side > Go to withdrawal > Add your bank details where you want to withdraw money > Then select amount to withdraw > Done.

Color prediction game to earn money without investment.

Yes, It is possible to play without investing from your bank deposit. Once you join using link provided by me at top you will get 151RS bonus which you can use to play game and earn with it.

Yoswin refer & Earn promotion scheme.

This is another program from Yoswin where you will earn money by referring your friends, family and audience if you are a freelancer. If you don’t want to invest your deposited money you can earn free money by referring friends. Yoswin refer system works until Level 4 having different commission rates as shown in below picture.

refer and earn promotion scheme color prediction games.

for every referral you will get 1rs to upto 99 rupees for signup only. After that you will again earn when your friend play the game.

There is also one crore agent growth plan available where you will earn money after completing promotion task as shown in below images. As shown at start for 1st invite you will get 10 rupees and then going upward there are lots of rewards. If you refer 50000 people you will earn 5 lac rewards immediately, but the referrers should be effective means he should atleast recharge wallet once.

crore agent growth plan

Earn money by refering people to play games
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Expert Tips to win on color prediction app.

  1. view record and continuous. If the same color result appears in a row, choosing the opposite result has a higher chance of winning.

For example, green appears three times in a row, the next result is likely to be red. It is recommended to choose red.

best color prediction app
yoswin color prediction game

2.Yoswin also provides you with expert to give prediction tips which is accurate upto 70%.

expert prediction for winning color game

3- Tripple betting concept.

As long as you keep double betting, you will eventually win back all the lost money.

For example, Make three rounds of betting, investing 10, 30, and 90 respectively. The first two rounds follow the prediction to lose, and the third round follows the prediction to win. 

  Round 1:consider you input 10 & lose.

How to win on Yoswin

Round 2:input 30 lose – Consider you lost second time too.

Top color prediction app to earn money online

Round 3: input 90 win – Now if you win 3rd time you will recover your loss with 20RS profit.

Tripple investment plan in color prediction

4. Yoswin color prediction experts team.

Yoswin team has dedicated experts team having good experience in blockchain investment. So they will provide you their prediction which you can prefer to win if you are not expert in color prediction and still wants to win.

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5. Yoswin platform is completely fair.Their result come from the last digit of the composite index of Coinbase Top 10 digital currencies.

Coinbase based cash games

6. Prediction opening time of Yoswin.

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Thanks for reading our detailed article, Play responsibly.

Join Yoswin & get 150RS free


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