7 Shark Tank India Judges – Biography and Net Worth.

Shark Tank India Judges their Names, Biography and Net Worth.- India’s successful entrepreneur and the judges of Shark Tank show. The origin of Shark Tank show is an America, and it is reality TV series / show and The Indian shark tank show is also having the same contain and theme. The Indian shark tank is started in the month of December 2021 and the first show was on 20th of December with the five judges.

 Shark Tank Judges their Names, Biography and Net Worth.
Shark Tank Judges their Names, Biography and Net Worth.

The shark tank show is brought by Sony Entertainment Television and can be watch on sony live and MX player. In the first series the show will be having total thirty episodes with seven judges. According to Sony there were total around 62K application and out of that around 198 companies got a chance to represent on the show, in front of the shark’s.

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The show is available and can be stream any time on sony live app and can be watch live Monday through Friday at 9 p.m. and repeat telecast at 11:30 p.m. The show hosted by Mr. Ranvijay Singh in the language of Hindi and it is produced by Studio NEXT, presented by education platform up Grad, and powered by brand Flipkart. In this blog we will describing about the Shark Tank Judges their Names, Biography and Net Worth. For the Shark Tank India, there are seven judges as below listed,

Shark Tank India Judges – Biography and Net Worth.

  1. Aman Gupta
  2. Anupam Mittal
  3. Ashneer Grover
  4. Ghazal Alagh
  5. Namita Thapar
  6. Vineeta Singh
  7. Peyush Bansal

Basically, each one possesses the individual specialty and each on has developed made brand. Some of
them having specialty of Technology, brand making, Marketing, Pharmaceutical connection, and
So, let’s go to learn more about the shark tank judges with their biography and net worth.

1- Aman GUPTA: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Mr. Aman GUPTA is Co-founder and CMO of the company called boat. As we all know that the specialty of boat brand is now headphones, but the first product of boat was apple charger and cables. Mr. Aman has made this brand popular and now it is best and popular on amazon and flipkart.

Mr. Aman has done MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. At the start phase he was associated
with the company called Herman as an sales manager for India and later he started company boat in
the year of 2016 with the product portfolio of Headphones, chargers, earbuds, Speakers, charging
cables and pods.

The unique selling point of boat is bass in the headphones, earbuds, and Speakers. In the year of 2018 the company sales were at 27 million and they were selling around 10,000 units per day. Now apart from shark tank show he has invested in many companies like WickedGud, Anveshan and 10club. The Boat company has a net worth of around seven hundred and four crores.

2- Anupam Mittal – Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Mr. Anupam Mittal is the founder and CEO, Shaadi.com (previously known by
Sagai.com), Makaan.com, Mauj Mobile application, and People Pictures. Mr. Anupam MITTAL is one of
the most active angel investors in India.
Mr. Anupam has done graduation from Boston University with an MBA in Operations and Strategic
Management. At start phase he was associated with the company of MicroStrategy as an product
manager for around four year.

He is an founder of Sagai.com now it is shadi.com, Makan.com, Mauj application.
Apart from the role of judge of an shark tank show, he is an investor of many startups and well know
companies like Ola , Burncal, yojak, ElectricPe, CashBook, Lyst and many more.
His net worth from Shadi.com is around $25 million and from other sources is unknown.

3- Ashneer Grover: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Mr. Ashneer is a Managing director and co-founder of BharatPe, an application that
allows Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for free of cost or we can say online payment company for
small to large company or person. Mr. Ashneer was an student of IIT Delhi and IIM Ahmedabad.
Mr. Ashneer is an Indian businessman and founder of the online payment company called BharatPe,
founded in the year of 2018.

Mr. Ashneer has done good tenure with company and called bank Kotak as an Kotak as an Vice
president for the period of seven year and then he moved to next company called American express as
an CFO. Later, in the year of 2015 he left the corporate job and enter in the startup. He was an
After the startup Bharatpe his primary role of founder and in next startup he is CFO of Grofers (blink
It). He has invested more than fifty-five companies / startups like Fintech, Healthtech, Auto Tech,
Rupifi, Yap, BIRA, Nazara, IndiaGold, Meddo, and many more.

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4- Ghazal Alagh: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Miss Ghazal ALAGH is Co-Founder and CIO of Mamaearth. Mamaearth was founded by
Mr. Varun and Miss.Ghazal Alagh in the year of 2016. The main target of mamaearth is to provide
toxin-free, skincare and haircare products.
Miss Ghazal graduated from Punjab University with the BCA in the year of 2010 and then completed
some of the intensive summer courses.

Apart from judge of Shark tank show she has invested in many companies like Uvi Health and many
The mamaearth net worth is approx. 115 million rupees and the estimated net worth of Miss Ghajal is
around $ 15 million.

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5- Namita Thapar: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Miss Namita Thapar is chief executive officer (CEO) of a global pharmaceutical
company which based in Pune, Maharashtra called Emcure Pharma. Miss Namita was a student of
Fuqua School of Business.
At the start phase of career, she was an associated with the company called Guidant Corporation, USA
for more than six years and later moved to Emcure pharma as an CFO.
Currently, the net worth of miss Namita’s is around Rs 600 million rupees (at the yaer of 2021).

6- Vineeta Singh: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Miss Vineeta Singh is the CEO and co-founder of SUGAR Cosmetics (beauty brand), Miss
Vineeta was an student of IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad.
Apart from the judge of shark stank Miss Vineeta has invested in many companies or startup like Fab
Bag, Quetzal Verify Pvt Ltd and many more.
Miss Vineeta’s estimated worth approx. $ 8 million.

7- Peyush Bansal: Shark tank India Judges Bio.

Mr. Peyush Bansal is Co-Founder and CEO of company called Lenskart, (popular eyewear retail chain
company). He was student at McGill University and MPEFB Management IIM Bangalore.
As a corporate job he was associated with Microsoft, but he left the job in the year of 2007 and started
own but unfortunately it was failed.
In the year of 2010, he started company lenscart and won the Red Herring Top hundred Asia Award in
year of 2012.
Mr. Peyush’s net worth is currently approx. $ 1.3 billion.

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