September 27, 2023

7 Proven Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Make Money Playing Video Games

Do you see yourself as someone who can make money playing video games? Do you have the skills of a gamer? You will be amazed by the following money-making ideas for playing games. Whether you want to make quick money from the comfort of your home or start a full-time gaming career, plenty of opportunities are available. Let’s take you to gaming and help you make money playing video games.

What Is Your Expected Earning When Playing Video Games?

The wage of an hour gamer in the US averaged $20.35 per person as of 30, 2023. This, however, can vary depending on many factors, like skills. Due to this, other gamers got $32.93 while others got $12.26 per hour. 

However, most Video Game Players fall within the range of $14.42 to $30.05 per hour across the country. The significant range in average pay suggests ample opportunities for advancement and higher earnings for Video Game Players based on their skill level, location, and years of experience.

Additionally, exploring different avenues within the gaming industry, such as competitive gaming or game development, may open up new pathways for career progression and higher earnings. It’s an exciting field with room for professional growth and financial success.

How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Get Paid to Live Stream Games

Make Money Playing Video Games
Courtesy: PCMag

One increasingly popular avenue to make money playing video games is live streaming your gameplay for a global audience. Streaming offers various monetization opportunities, whether you aim to build a large following or cultivate a loyal fanbase. 

Twitch is the leading platform for game streaming, although YouTube also provides a viable option. The beauty of streaming is that the entry barrier is relatively low. You only need a decent computer, engaging games, a charismatic personality, and streaming software. 

It’s crucial to ensure your internet upload speed can handle the stream and that your PC meets the requirements for the games you play. You can generate income through advertisements, donations, and subscriptions by leveraging your skills, entertaining commentary, and engaging with viewers. Embarking on a streaming journey allows you to combine your passion for gaming with the opportunity to turn it into a lucrative venture. 

Make Money Playing Video Games and share your gaming adventures with the world.

Sell Accounts or Digital Items

If you want to Make Money Playing Video Games, you can monetize your progress and in-game assets. You can start by “flipping” your account or selling your in-game items to other players. For example, sell Steam Trading Cards you’ve earned while playing games to collectors looking to complete their sets. While the profits may not be substantial, it can help cover the cost of your next game purchase. 

Additionally, you can sell game accounts, particularly in games like Overwatch, where using “Smurf” accounts is common. Players who want to save time may be willing to purchase a lower-ranked account or pay you to boost their account’s skill rating. 

You can also explore platforms like Fiverr to offer gaming-related services, such as being a gaming partner or providing specific in-game assistance. 

Work as a Video Games Tutor

Becoming a gaming tutor could be a good fit if you are passionate about gaming. You can use this chance to share your expertise with new gamers and earn some cash from it too. 

This flexible job allows you to schedule sessions around your university timetable. Consider advertising your tutoring services on platforms like Fiverr and Superprof to get started. Take a look at other gaming tutors’ profiles to gauge their pricing and specialization in different types of games. It’s wise to focus on teaching popular games in significant competitions as it can attract aspiring professional gamers. 

Take advantage of your gaming skills, help others improve, and make money playing video games while enjoying a rewarding tutoring experience.

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Video Game Testing

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Courtesy: The Kickass Entrepreneur

Trying new games and enjoying providing valuable feedback can help you earn some cash if you love gaming and testing them. Working as a video game or beta tester could be an ideal role for you. A video game tester differs from a quality assurance (QA) tester in that their main objective is to thoroughly test and analyze a game, intentionally trying to find flaws and areas for improvement. 

A QA tester focuses on assessing a product that already meets a certain level of quality as specified by the game developer. On the other hand, being a professional game tester involves:

  • Actively attempting to “break” a game.
  • Identifying areas where it can be improved.
  • Analyzing its overall fun factor for users.

This valuable feedback provides crucial insights to game designers, helping them identify areas for enhancement and refinement. You can make money reviewing video games and give the developers good feedback about new games in the market.

Apply for an eSports Scholarship

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Courtesy: Study Breaks Magazine

While esports scholarships are not yet widely available, some universities offer them to talented student gamers. One example is the University of Roehampton, which provides £1,500 annually through esports scholarships. 

In addition to general esports scholarships, some universities offer dedicated scholarships to support women in the esports industry. These scholarships aim to encourage more women to enter the gaming industry and pursue careers in esports. Exploring esports scholarships can be a valuable step towards realizing your esports aspirations while furthering your education. 

Esports scholarships are a valuable way to support your passion for gaming and make money playing video games while pursuing your education.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Tom Leese: YouTube

You can take advantage of newcomers looking to get more insights into video gaming by creating guides that may help them improve their skills. This presents an opportunity to earn money by providing valuable information these players are eager to learn. You can make guides on youtube, write articles on a website, or publish guides on ebooks.

Websites and YouTube channels can generate revenue through ads and donations, while ebooks offer the potential for sales-based income. By sharing your expertise and providing comprehensive guides, you can tap into the market of gamers seeking guidance and knowledge on how to make money playing video Games, allowing you to monetize your passion for playing video games.

Play Tournaments Games To Win Cash Prizes

To Make Money Playing Video Games, you’ll need to excel in your game and compete at the highest level. In some tournaments, the cash prizes can be substantial, such as Dota 2’s impressive prize pool of $32.85 million in 2022. 

Top-tier gaming competitions are very fierce, and your success may need to be determined by whether you put in much effort. Some video game tournaments may also require entry fees, adding to the financial considerations. If you are a student and need some cash to sustain you, try it part-time and don’t dedicate all your time there. 

However, if you are passionate and want to venture fully into these tournaments, you need to be dedicated, skilled, and aware of all the financial risks you may incur.


Games are fun because they give us a way to escape reality. When gaming becomes your job, that aspect of escapism disappears, and likely so will the fun. Love playing games? 

Take your time to consider every potential risk before you start playing video games professionally. You may regret pursuing these ways to earn money from playing games. If you want to make money playing video games, you don’t have to worry because the above options are your best bet.


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