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10 best Android games for kids

10 Best Android Games for Kids, compiled here. These days, we cannot imagine life without our smartphones and tablets. Despite valid worries about kids spending too much time in front of screens, technology does have a bright side: entertaining and educational Android apps. Android games have the ability to boost various skills in children that include visual-spatial skills, reading skills and problem- solving skills. Here are 10 best android games for kids you can try out.

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This is also one of the 10 best Android games for kids. Minecraft is an online sandbox where one can experiment freely. The freedom to create their own worlds from blocks is great for a child’s imaginative growth and spatial awareness.

These are essential skills that are needed in the ever-changing technological world. Parents, however, should stress the importance of balancing Minecraft time with exercise, schoolwork, and socializing. This would enable individuals reap the benefits of their efforts in the game over time. It is absolutely one of the 10 best Android games for kids.

10 best Android games for kids
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Toca Life World

Children can experience life as it would be in real life at Toca Life World by playing games like managing a restaurant or exploring a scary mansion. Toca Life is among the popular applications available in the market currently. Moreover, it was selected as the best iPhone app in the year 2021, thereafter it has seen a significant increase in its level of popularity.

It is risk-free, it gives children an outlet for their creative energy, and it teaches them how to construct worlds in which they wish to lose themselves. We had to include this wonderful game in our list of 10 best Android games for kids.

Toca Life Android game.

Monument Valley 2

This is another great game in this list of 10 best Android games for kids. Monument Valley 2 is a graphically impressive puzzle game that presents children with opportunities to enhance their spatial perception and critical thinking skills. The players navigate their characters through complex levels by modifying the surrounding environment, thereby instructing them to tackle challenges from various perspectives and engage in creative thinking.

10 best Android games for kids

Dr. Panda Series

Several games, including Dr. Panda Town and Dr. Panda Restaurant, make up the Dr. Panda game series. Kids who play Dr. Panda Series are more likely to develop their social skills as well as build a sense of responsibility. Creativity is also enhanced since young ones are allowed to use different personas as they paly using the app.

10 best Android games for kids
dr panda android game

Peekaboo Barn

Even the tiniest kids will have fun with this game. Learning the names and sounds of different animals is fun and easy with this game. When a kid knocks on the barn door, a different animal comes out. Playing this game can help youngsters begin to communicate and interact with computers at a young age.

Preschoolers and younger children can explore the barn and find new animations behind each door, all the while learning about animals and the effects of their actions. Playing “guess the animal by its sound” before being told the true name is a fun game that kids of school age and up would love. No doubt it’s one of the 10 best Android games for kids.

Khan Academy Kids

This is another wonderful game we had to include in our list of 10 best Android games for kids. Khan Academy Kids is an offshoot of the original Khan Academy site that focuses on making its resources accessible to children of elementary school age.

The site features several interactive exercises, books, movies, and games that span a wide range of subjects, including mathematics, reading, and social emotional learning. Khan academy kids also boosts problem solving skills among young ones as well as other skills.

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Khan academy android game


Puzzingo is a brain-teasing puzzle game made especially for preschoolers. Children put together puzzles, where each piece stands for a word and its sound. Because of the variety of problems, it contains, it is rich in animations and sounds that encourage exploration and practice. Young players will be drawn in by the game’s colourful visuals and entertaining sound effects.

Endless Numbers

Following on from the success of the first Endless Alphabet game, Endless Numbers introduces children to elementary arithmetic. Kids may practice their counting, adding, and subtracting skills while having fun with engaging animations and riddles. The game has cartoon characters that engage children in interesting visuals and make learning mathematics fun and accessible.

With the help of the cute Endless monsters, kids can have a great time mastering basic arithmetic operations like adding and counting. Animated shorts provide background and explanation for the numbers featured in the interactive sequences and equation puzzles. It is absolutely one of the 10 best Android games for kids.

10 best Android games for kids

Super Mario Run

This list of 10 best Android games for kids wouldn’t be complete without including this wonderful game. Super Mario Run is an adaptation of the original Super Mario games designed with younger players in mind. The game’s controls and stages were made with fast play sessions in mind, so they’re straightforward. Players of Super Mario Run can tap the screen at strategic times to have Mario jump, with the height of his leap depending on how long they hold their finger on the screen.

Tapping the screen at the right moment can also control special moves like wall jumps.
As the player progresses through the stages, he or she will have the opportunity to collect money that may be utilized to repair and improve Bowser’s ruined castle.
Helping Mario overcome challenges and defeat foes on his quest to save Princess Peach is great practice for hand-eye coordination, reaction time, and problem solving in children. No doubt it’s one of the 10 best Android games for kids.

Socratic by Google

This is another game in our 10 best Android games for kids. Socratic is a free app developed by Google that asks students questions and then provides them with answers to help them with their schoolwork. Students who use the app can access helpful educational resources like YouTube. As a result. Students gain deeper understanding of the subjects they learnt while in school.

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Their popularity of Android games has grown over the years. They are used for educational purposes where kids learn basic knowledge in art and science subjects. In this way, learning is made fun and entertaining. It is a great game we had to include it in this list of 10 best Android games for kids.

Apart from entertainment, android games can inspire kids to take up gaming, coding, marketing and planning as career opportunities when they grow up. Inasmuch as the games are beneficial, it is important to note that the internet is full of unfiltered potentials that could pose a threat to children.

Parental control is therefore mandatory when using the apps. It is therefore clear that when these games are used under parental supervision and well moderated, they will have positive effects on both children and parents. This game really deserves to be part of the 10 best Android games for kids.

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