September 23, 2023

Best patriotic songs for Independence day reels on Instagram & Tiktok.

Top Reel songs to be used for this Independence day. Did you ever ponder that lately, Bollywood has stopped producing good music ?. Every year we listen to the same hums tuned to symbolize our patriotism towards our nation; what happened to those beautiful songs we used to sing at our school choir club during independence day?

What happened to those evergreen hits tapped on our playlists? What happened to those creative intellectual musicians who swept their way with the music they created for us. Most of us in this situation remember all those patriotic songs by heart because we have been listening to them for ages, in the era of theatrical nationalism, why none of those great singers or music producers have come up with a piece of perfect music for generations.

The answer to this is simple and confusing; it’s simply that the context of patriotism or nationalism has changed in recent times; with added social magnification, it’s tough to get the support of genuine fans because most of the time, we all are misled to somewhere else. We are here to slice you through some of the favorite melodies and upbeat music you would love to use for your Instagram reels for this independence day.

Best patriotic songs for Independence day reels on Instagram & Tiktok.
Best patriotic songs for Independence day reels on Instagram & Tiktok.

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Best patriotic songs for Independence day reels on Instagram & Tiktok.

1.Sandese Aate Hain – Border.

As kids, we always loved chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai ” while standing in the school prayer. We didn’t even understand how songs and serene music entered our minds without our conscience and how we shared our love towards our motherland which is quite amazing to ponder. A.R. Rahman and Lata Mangeskar have given us beautiful pieces of perfect music to get imbibed into the world of patriotism. Sandese Aate Hain is one of the evergreen patriotic song you can use on Instagram reels, Tiktok and YT shorts platform. Use Sandese Aate hain on Instagram-Reels.

Background music for Independence day videos.

2.Maa Tujhe Salaam -A.R. Rahman.

A song like this needs no introduction, which we have been listening to for ages. A piece that imbibes into every occasion we have been on our independence day. This song attracted a lot of us to it without our conscience. The music in the background sinks perfectly into this beautiful piece of music. Maa Tujhe Salaam was and is still under the popular radar of music to be used for dance performances, national occasions, and of course, on the eve of independence day without any question. So use Maa tuze salam for patriotic shorts on Instagram.

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3- Teri Mitti-Kesari.

This song dictates a path of the pain of a bleeding soldier, with love hidden under his belt of suffering and selfless sacrifices towards the motherland. This song managed to win the hearts of many since its release back in the year 2019. This piece of music was sung by B Praak and was devoted to the 21 unsung soldiers of the 36th Sikh Regiment who fought against the odds during the battle of 1897 at Saragarhi. Use trending reels song Teri Mitti on Instagram as BGM.

Independence day tiktok songs

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4- Challa -URI: The Surgical Strike.

It is a song that slices right through our veins, a song that pumps up our adrenaline reserves in no time, solely devoted to those fearless countrymen who devote their lives to our beautiful nation. Shashwat Sachdev sang this piece of music, Romy and Vivek Hariharan, and Kumaar pinned down the lyrics.

This song runs in the background with soldiers training themselves for the upcoming battle against the enemies who have lodged themselves into Pakistan’s neighborhood nation. At the same time, the strings were mainly performed by the firm Bombay String Orchestra. Use challa song on Insta-Reels

Latest Independence day songs for Instagram reels

5.Rang De Basanti -Rang De Basanti.

Rang De Basanti, the top title track from the film Rang De Basanti sets a tune filled with fun, emotions, and feel-good, upbeat music representing a tinge of value and a touch of wisdom towards our motherland. This song fills with every occasion stood up on the eve of independence day, so yes, it has its fun-filled track that you can use for your Instagram reels. Use Rand de basanti for making short videos on Instagram.

Songs to listen on Independence day

6.Chak De India.

This song became a national anthem for a while in the previous decade. The title song of the film Chak De was sung by Sukhwinder and fondly composed by Salim Sulaiman, shared among various playlists created for the eve of independence day. Every sporting event across the globe representing our nation is filled with this song. This song fits perfectly as a background score for your Instagram reels to influence people all over the Instagram world. Use Chak de song for patriotic Instagram reels now.

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7 .Vande Mataram-ABCD 2.

A song which dictates the finalists of our dance show who stood up till the end to represent their nation in front of everyone in a foreign land.A song filled with emotions and a magical twist of music while every dancer moves his waist with every swing they make.

This song was pinned down by a group of artists, including Taniska Sanghvi, Divya Kumar, Daler Mehndi, and Badshah.
This song was both an emotional and a commercial hit among the new era listeners who used this song for the video they edited on their social media platforms. This song can create significant value and reach and act as a binding background score for all your edited musical edits in your Instagram reels. Use Vande Mataram song for making Instagram reel now.

Patriotic songs for 14th august

8.Ae Watan Watan Mere Abad rahe tu.

This is one of the trending song of that era. This can be a great choice to make a reels and also hear this patriotic song on Indian Independance day which is on 14th of august every year. The lyrics starts with “aey watan watan mere abad rahe tu, Mein Jahan rahoon jahan mein yad rahe tu” Lyrics will make you emotional and expresses your love towards country. use Ae watan song on Instagram reels.

Best reels songs for independence day

9- Desh Mere from movie bhuj.

This is another great song from Patriotic movie Bhuj: The pride on India. The popular Indian singer Arijit Singh sung this song very well. You will definitely feel the song when you hear it on Independence day (14th august). Lyrics starts with “Oh Desh Mere Teri Shan Pe Sadke Koyi Dhan Hai Kya Teri Dhool Se Badh Ke” which shows there is nothing important than our country. You can use this song for Instagram reels on 14th august which is our independence day. We celebrate our independence like festival and all religion people gather together to do the same. It is most used trending patriotic song on Instagram Reels. use this song on Insta Reels now.

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This list might never end and might continue till we receive great pieces of music sung to our motherland by aspiring and inspiring musical intellectuals. It’s a great thing in our nation how we unite together irrespective of the floating cast, creed, religion, and other factors, and the songs being played on every national occasion, such as independence day, unites us together to stand on a single platform and hoist our national flag in remembrance of our great leaders. They have shed their blood for the cause of freedom we got today in this generation.

The nation, with its diverse culture and divine destinations, holds a great history to be admired by all of us. For several centuries, the ancient sages to the new era of musicians have produced perfect kinds of music to sink with a serene feeling we have captured about our patriotism for our motherland.

The songs which we have pinned down here are just a few fragments filled with a feeling of patriotism; there is n number of pieces to listen to chant to use for your Instagram reels, something which you can do as an influencer through your Instagram platform maybe that’s a great opportunity you can use as a passionate patriot towards your motherland on the eve of independence day.

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