September 28, 2023

12 best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram.

Because of its superior qualities, Tamil music has gained a significant amount of popularity all over the world. Songs sung in Tamil are well-liked by individuals of various age ranges, including young children, adolescents, and senior citizens. Happy new year songs in Tamil for reels 2023.

If you enjoy listening to this particular genre’s music, then this is an opportunity that you want to take advantage of. The majority of songs can capture the essence of life and teach us about a variety of significant characteristics, such as happiness, pain, faithfulness, and so on. best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram

When it comes to love gurus’ most recent song, evergreen is the answer. There is no such thing as a perfect celebration without songs and music. During the festivities surrounding the new year, we can play music in Tamil and move to the
rhythms of those songs. Include some Tamil songs on your playlist to ring in the new year.

12 best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram.
12 best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram.

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12 best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram.

1- Siragai- Hey Sinamika.

‘Siragai’ from the ‘Hey Sinamika,’ starring Dulquer Salmaan, Kajal Aggarwal, and Aditi Rao Hydari. Govind Vasantha wrote the song, and Keerthana and Saiprabha were the ones who performed it. Madhan Karky wrote the words to the music. This song has 73K likes and 36 Lakh views on YouTube.

Tamil love song for reels

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2- Mayakirriye.

Composed by AniVee and Anirudh Ravichander, this track was used for the Saregama original. “Mayakirriye.” Mayakirriye is a song whose lyrics were written by anyone. This song got 3.6 Lakh likes and 3.6 crore video views on Youtube.

Tamil Love song

3- Megham Karukatha- Thiruchitrambalam

Poets Dhanush is responsible for the composition of Megham Karukatha’s lyrics. The song
“Megham Karukatha” is performed by Dhanush. The lead roles in the album are taken by
Dhanush, Raashi Khanna, and Nithya Menen, respectively. This is trending Tamil song for Instagram reels, It got viral in 2022. This song has 8 crore video views and 8.5 lakh likes on

Megham Karukatha – Tamil songs for reels on Youtube shorts and Instagram videos

4- Bimbiliki Pilapi- Prince

Vivek is the one who came up with the lyrics for Bimbilikki Pilapil. Anirudh Ravichander, Ramya Behara and Sahithi Chaganti are all featured in the performance of the song “Bimbilikki Pilapi.” Sivakarthikeyan and Maria Riaboshapka are featured prominently throughout the album in leading roles. Another popular Tamil song you can use in Instagram reels and other short videos. This song crossed 4.7 lakh likes and 2.8 crore views on Youtube.

South Indian songs for reels on YT shorts and Instagram.

5- Bullet Song- The Warrior.

The song’s success can be attributed to several factors, including the actor Simbu, who sings the music, the pounding beats produced by DSP, and the explosive dancing performed by Ram Pothineni. This song got 2.5 lakh likes and 4.5 crore views on youtube. Its another superhit reels song from Tamil industry, Many reelstars on Youtube shorts and Instagram become popular after making reels using Bullet song. Its one of the best Tamil songs for reels.

Best Tamil song for Short videos platform.

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6- Whistle- The Warrior.

Srinisha Jayaseelan and Anthony Daasan are responsible for the singing in “Whistle.” This song features Ram Pothineni and Krithi Shetty in lead roles. Sahithi wrote the song’s lyrics, Devi Sri Prasad provided the music, and N. Lingusamy directed the music video. This Tamil song got 19000 likes and 21 lakh views on YT.

Whistle song in Tamil for Short videos platform

7- Arabic Kuthu- Beast

2022 Indian musical composition The music titled “Arabic Kuthu” is the first single to be released from the soundtrack of the Tamil movie “Beast.” An actor named Sivakarthikeyan was the one who wrote the song’s lyrics, while Anirudh was the one who composed the music and sang it along with Jonita Gandhi. It became the most popular South Indian song after receiving 25 million views in little than twenty-four hours after it was uploaded. This is best Tamil song for Instagram reels having 49 crore views on Youtube. So we put it in our list of 12 best trending Tamil songs for reels on Instagram.

Trending South indian song for reels on Instagram and YT shorts.

8- Uraiyum Theeyil- Sita Ramam

In the Tamil movie “Sita Ramam,” Madhan Karky was the one who penned the lyrics to the song “Uraiyum Theeyil,” which was performed by Yazin Nizar and Vishal Chandrashekhar, was the one who composed the music for the song. Tamil love song for reels on Instagram.

Viral Tamil song for reels on short video platforms.

9- Adheera- A.R. Rahman

Both A.R. Rahman and Vagu Mazan contributed to the composition of this song as singers and composers. Pa. Vijay wrote the music, and with the help of A.R. Rahman’s great touch, it reflects both the protagonist’s personality and the journey he takes. Another best Tamil songs for reels on short video platforms.

Trending Tamil songs for reels on instagram

10- Life of Pazham- Thiruchitrambalam

Vivek is the lyricist for this track, written for the film Thiruchitrambalam starring. Dhanush and composed by Anirudh Ravichander. This song has 2.1 lakh likes and 1.1 crore views on YouTube. You can use this Love Tamil songs for Reels on Youtube shorts and Instagram.

Best Tamil songs for reels

11- Marana Matta Song from 90 ML

The song “Marana Matta” is included in the upcoming Tamil film “90 ML,” which was penned, directed, and produced by Anita Udeep under the brand of Nviz Entertainment. Oviya, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram, Anson Paul, Shree Gopika, Bommu Lakshmi, and several other actors and actresses appear in the movie.

The actor Silambarasan [STR] is credited for composing the Marana Matta song. Both Mirchi Vijay and STR contributed to writing this song’s lyrics. Oviya herself has sung this song, making her singing debut. This song was released on the evening of December 31, 2017, which was the night of the new year. So this is best song for happy new year reels.

Tamil songs for reels

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12- Happy New Year from Kavan

This track is from the Tamil movie Kavan, released in 2017 and directed by K. V. Anand. It is an excellent choice for the celebratory tone of the new year. This is perfect Tamil song for Happy new year party videos and reels. T. Rajendar, Hiphop Tamizha, and Madonna Sebastian performed this Happy New Year song rendition. The song was composed by Hiphop Tamizha and written by Arunraja Kamaraj.

Happy new year Tamil songs for reels

About Tamil Music.

Tamil music has been around for a very long time. It comes from the culture of the Indian people. At first, only people in India liked this kind of music. The main reason for this was that India wasn’t on any popular social media sites until then. But as Indian series and YouTube became more popular, people worldwide could learn about and access Indian culture.

Tamil music is often called “music for the soul” because it is delighted and upbeat. This is the kind of music you listen to when you want to relax or hear a beautiful melody and happy words. It can be hard to understand the song, especially if you don’t speak Indian. Still, you can look up the English translations of many Tamil songs online. You can also watch the music video to get a general idea of what the song is about.

Final words on Best Tamil songs for New year.

Tamil music, often known as the music of Tamil Nadu, is widely regarded as some of the best music produced in India. Therefore, if you enjoy listening to a wide variety of musical styles, you have undoubtedly been exposed to this genre of music that has its roots in India. You must have experienced at least one Tamil song at some point in your life, especially if you’ve ever watched a Bollywood film.

Check out Tamildada, on the other hand, if you need to become more familiar with the genre of music being played here. Tamil music’s popularity has spread beyond India’s borders and is now felt worldwide. Because of this, we have decided to explain everything there is to know about this music, including how well-known it is in countries other than its own.

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