November 28, 2023

COVID-19 VACCINATION – What to & what not to do after vaccination shot.

Set of guidelines to be taken care of before and after covid-19 Vaccination

What to do or not to do before and after covid 19 vaccination dose shot. COVID-19, the deadly virus that sliced through humankind’s regular busy lives, paused our works, our tiny traveling trips, our visit to nearby famous cinema halls, our offline interactive classes, and many other activities to safeguard ourselves from the contact of the COVID-19 virus. After months of scientific research and proper analysis of the virus and its properties, scientists and doctors produced Vaccination against this deadly virus to place the things of this world in their previous states.

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Some of the earliest vaccination programs in this process failed due to lack of a critical element or may be due to an underlying disorder in a human being. Still, now as the experimentations established their scientific proofs showcasing the safety of humankind, the countries all over the world designed the national vaccination programs to fasten the process of eradicating this deadly virus from the face of this world.

To understand the underlying concerns or wipe the misunderstandings, we have to hold a little bit of information about what we can do before taking the COVID-19 Vaccination and what necessary guidelines we can follow after successfully getting ourselves vaccinated in due time. Let us view the sheet of self-care suitable points to be noted before and after taking the COVID-19 Vaccination.

Points to ponder upon before getting vaccinated

Follow the old rules

Covid-19 virus, as we all know, transmits through physical touch or contact with an object or person contaminated with the virus, so it is a basic norm to be practiced at all times is to maintain the required level of physical distance while running our basic chores, and try to avoid public gatherings during this window period of transmission to avoid the infection of coronavirus.

Maintain physical hygiene and healthy sanitation procedures at all times; as you know, the more the place is contaminated and dirty, the easier the virus travels from one person to another person.

Suppose you are in a position where you doubt yourself getting infected with the coronavirus. In that case, you must self isolate yourself with the help of local hospital call workers and social activists who can help you out with your self-isolation norms to avoid coronavirus transmission.
Wear the mask properly, covering your nose and mouth to ensure protection against the coronavirus in all circumstances.Cross-check your health status

COVID-19 virus is linked to the alteration of our breathing patterns and disruption of our lung activities beyond our imagination which might become critical if you already have a past history of lung disorders or other cardiac disorders which enhances your level of infection once you get infected with the virus so going for a counseling session to your local doctor before getting vaccinated can give you a proper idea on how the Vaccine affects your body and what can you do about it in the scenario.
Some tips to turn your anxious time into a relieving space before your Vaccination

Suppose you feel anxious or uncomfortable before taking Vaccination. In that case, you can approach your friend, or a nearby social activist, or someone who can help you understand the situation in a proper way.
Suppose you are afraid of those tiny needles. In that case, you can always ask for a bit of time and reassurance to allow yourself to get acclimatized to the situation.
You can call your friend, partner, or family member to take care of your anxious emotions during the time of Vaccination.

Points to pinned after taking your Vaccination

Do not consume alcohol after getting vaccinated

After getting Vaccination a little bit of dizziness, fever, fatigue, and body pains is standard for some time. During this period, our body revives ourselves from the effects of COVID-19 Vaccination, which requires the consumption of internal energy preserved in our body; consumption of alcohol during this period alters the usage of internal energy by the body, which can adverse your state of health.
So avoiding alcohol consumption for at least one to two weeks after getting vaccinated is better to prevent any further complications and preserve our state of health.

Continue wearing masks

Undergoing COVID-19 Vaccination does not mean that you are entirely immune to coronavirus; it is given only to reduce the risk of getting infected from the coronavirus. Continue wearing masks at all places and at all times to protect yourself and the people around your space.

Consume foods enriched with immune benefits and healthy nourishment

Drinking lemon or orange juice or slicing few apples from your refrigerator is a healthy practice to enhance your immune levels.
Eating nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and other nuts provide you natural immunity to counterattack the effects of any prevailing infection and avoid getting infected with the coronavirus.
Consuming foods with less fat can provide you more energy because logically, foods containing more fat take extra energy and time for our body to digest. In comparison, foods with less fat are easily digestible, which provides more power to enhance our immune system.

Track down enough time before the set of two doses of our COVID-19 Vaccination

Covishield and Covaxin both have their own set of recommended time gaps to be taken before getting a second dose of Vaccination. To allow the Vaccination to work with good efficacy, a proper time gap has to be provided to see the Vaccine’s potential. Each type of Vaccine has its set of a time gap to be followed; for instance, Covaxin is advisable to be taken after 4 weeks of the first dose, and Covishield is advisable to be taken after 6 weeks of the first dose. However, to avoid any misunderstandings, you can always consult your doctor to get a clear picture of the context.

COVID-19 Vaccination today is a must to protect yourself. The people around your space from getting infected with the deadly Coronavirus infection, creating awareness, and educating the people around you about these vaccination programs is something you must do as a responsible citizen of this nation, protecting this nation from this deadly COVID-19 virus and preserve our health from destruction.

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