December 3, 2023

12 Best happy new year songs for reels in English.

We are going to recommend you best happy new year songs for reels to be used on Tiktok and Instagram reels. We celebrate the end of this year and looking forward to a new beginning. Getting this far is not easy as you may have encountered ups and downs. New year is something to appreciate, many will be waiting overnight during the new year Eve. I know you’ll be taking those snacks, sipping some cocktails, and doing more fun moments to end the year in style.

Moreover, many will also be sharing their moments via tiktok and Instagram reels. For that reason, bloggerguest made a collection of best background music you can use in your Reels. Therefore, here are the best new year songs for tiktok and Instagram reels.

happy new year songs for reels in English
new year songs for reels in English.

Top 12 Best Happy new year songs for reels in English.

1- Auld Lang syne/ the new year’s anthem by Mariah Carey

This is another great hit to celebrate that new year in style. The song has great lyrics, thanks to Mariah Carey sense of humour. This legendary song is popular in new year celebrations, having great time that will soothe your viewers. You can make this song as your background music. Click here to use Auld lang syne song on Instareels.

New years anthem – Trending reels song for happy new year videos

2- Don’t stop believin by Journey

The title of the song “Don’t stop believin” is clear to the listeners. The song has encouraging lyrics to inform everyone that we should keep going and trust the process. As we are approaching the new Year, we should always keep in mind that their are better days ahead. Being optimistic is a virtue that many should possess, therefore it’ll pass a vital message in your viewers. This song has 18 crore views on youtube so we put it at 2nd number in our list of best new year songs for reels in English. Use this BGM in Instagram reel.

Don’t stop believin – new year 2023 song

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3- Happy new year by ABBA

This song by ABBA is outstanding, including it in your list is a great decision. The song was absolutely mend to introduce the new year in style. Your reel viewers will also love the lyrics, check it out “ happy new year/ may we all have a vision now and then/a world where every neighbor is a friend…” Looking at the lyrics, it will catch the hearts of many the way may heart has melted after digesting those words. You can try the song in your lyrics. This song has 8.1 crore views on Instagram so its popular song to be used in reels in 2023. Use this happy new year by Abba song in Instagram reels.

Happy new year songs 2023

4- New Years resolution by camera Obscura

This song deserves to be among the best songs new year songs for reels. If you are looking for something that’s twee and Scottish. This song is there for you, as some of your audience will also fall for it. You can listen to it, maybe it’ll Mach with your Reels. Camera Obscura is an experienced and talented musician, his songs don’t disappoint. Even this song has around 7 lakh views on YouTube its still stands in top in the list because its meaningful and Inspiring. Another best new year songs of all time. Make new year resolution reels using this song.

best 2023 new year songs of all time

5- 1999 by prince

This is a legendary song by prince but still outstanding in new year celebration. The song talks about partying in 1982 like it’s 1999. This song in 1982 is still an outstanding new year song to embrace the moments of the previous year. The previous year may have a lot, maybe it wasn’t good as expected but it’s good to appreciate for getting this far. You can incorporate this masterpiece in your reels especially those with flashbacks. This is another perfectly timed songs for new years 2023. Use this old song for new year 2023 celebration vdieos.

Old english songs for New year 2023

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6- My dear acquaintance (happy new year) by Regina Spektor

There are a variety of songs, for instance songs for friends, lovers, and family. As we cheer the new year, why should our acquaintance miss out during this moment. This great song by Regina Spektor can be a great option in your list. The version is full of sweetness to make soothing background in your reels. Additionally, if you are a great fan of Regina, i also recommend a bonus song ‘new year’. Use my dear acquaintance on Instagram now.

My dear acquaintance song for new year wishing to friends and family

7- New years Resolution by Carla Thoma and Otis Redding.

A collaboration of Carla and Otis Redding surely can’t disappoint. As long as relationships are concerned in the coming year. Most of our resolution is to make things work with our lovers. This song is one of the best for individuals who are looking forward to be better the coming year. Use it now for making happy new year reels.

Evergreen new year resolution english songs

8- 11.59 its January by scrawl

11.59 its January this song is great to end the previous year. Time has been passing very fast and i doubt if anyone will float on the opening lyrics. The opening lyrics are clear that “ January came too soon?” such songs may look somewhat moody but this fantastic song during the 1998 is undoubtedly great. You can listen to the song and be creative enough, it won’t disappoint when used properly in those reels.

Old new year songs for reels videos

9- Restless year by Ezra Firman

This song is a common new year song as it has been featured in Netflix series, “sex education.” If you are a fan of that series, you’ll discover that this song is used in the end of chapter 2. You’ll hear Ezra Firman singing “Restless year/it was another restless year/it was a restless year/for a while we had no fear.” Those lyrics are superb to celebrate the new year. Moreover, as we figure out what to do the coming year, this masterpiece will do wonders in your reels. Use restless year as BGM.

Perfectly timed new year songs for reels

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10- Raise your glass by pink

Raise your glass song by Pink has the best lyrics as well as an outstanding tune. Pink urges us to accept and love ourselves despite what. That’s one best advise for the the new year, making ourselves a priority. You can incorporate this song in your tiktok or Instagram reels. Let’s raise that glass and break our best glassware as we celebrate the New beginning. This is one of the best new year song for 2023 in English.

Best new year songs for reels for all time.

11- Don’t stop the music by Rihanna

Rihanna is a great singer with great hits. This 2002 song, “Don’t stop the music‘ is one of her great hits. While we are on the new year Eve, Rihanna has made it clear the music should go on. Therefore, stopping the music will be a great mistake. Music is like medicine to our hearts, we can’t ague with her as we need something to warm our moments. You can include this song in those lovely dances or any other reel you will find merging well with it. Hope you like this new year songs in english and use it in your short videos as BGM.

Happy new year songs for reels party videos

12- Thank you, next by Ariana Grande

We picked this song to be one of the best reel songs for breakups. However, we don’t draw the lines there hence it also makes up this list. Just like in an ended relationship, we may appreciate our past and remain optimistic about the future. The future is the new year and being optimistic is what will keep us going to achieve our goals. Therefore, this song can be a great background song to welcome that anticipated new year. Its another traditional new year’s eve song. This is another best happy new year songs for reels videos in English. This song has over 74 crore views. So use this trending reels song for new year videos now.

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