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13 Trending songs for Christmas reels on Instagram & Tiktok.

Christmas is a special day as people across the world are on Christmas mood. You will also encounter many videos on tiktok of people sharing festive content. So here are the songs for Christmas reels on Instagram & Tiktok. Therefore, you may also be inspired to share your own Christmas videos. Weather you are baking cookies, decorating, wrapping gift, enjoying the city, definitely you’ll also enjoy sharing the moments on tiktok.

To make catchy tiktok videos, you’ll need the best background music. In this article, we have compiled the most trending Christmas songs for tiktok and Instagram reels. Therefore, the following are the best Christmas songs to incorporate in your videos.

Trending songs for Christmas reels on Instagram & Tiktok.
Trending songs for Christmas reels on Instagram & Tiktok.

13 best Trending songs for Christmas reels.

1- “Santa tell me” by Ariana Grande – Love Christmas reels song.

‘Santa tell me’ is a classic Christmas song by Ariana Grande, released back in 2014. In this song, she points out that St. Nick should not let her fall in love in case he won’t be with her the next Christmas. The lyrics of the song is special, you’ll also love it’s tune. A great song about love and Chris to use in your tiktok Reels.

Christmas reels song on Love videos.

Use Santa tell me song for Instagram reels

2- “All I want for Christmas is you” by Mariah Carey – Christmas reels song for decoration videos.

This is another awesome song to serve as background music in your reels. This song can bring the best output in a variety of videos, for instance gifting, in setting up decorations, making gingerbread house and more. You can try it in your videos, maybe it’ll merge well.

Gifting video reels song for Christmas celebration.

Use All I want for Christmas is You for Christmas Reels on Instagram.

Christmas reels songs in English for short videos platforms.
Christmas reels songs in English for short videos platforms.

3- ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’ by Michael Bublé .

This fantastic song is undoubtedly one to use in your Christmas videos. The song will automatically get your followers into the holiday spirit. The vibes will absolutely bring that festive moment, you can use in that snow day, while enjoying a sip of cocoa, also while relaxing for Christmas. You can include it in your list of songs to use in your Christmas reels.

Christmas reels song with festive vibes

Use Holly Jolly Christmas reels song on Instagram.

4-“This is our dance, give credit lol” by karawarddd – Christmas reels song for dancing.

This song is not new on tiktok as many tiktokers have been using it to bring the best videos. If you have been active on tiktok, you may have encountered tiktokers making dance moves using this jam. Those amazing dance moves in this song were made by karawarddd. You can try this one in those reels to bring the best results.

Trending Tiktok christmas reels songs

5- Tactical Christmas by chivalroustube – Christmas Reels songs about gifting.

“Tactical Christmas” is a great song that works well into that giving season. The song beats begin with clunky sounds associated to Santa’s workshop. Thereafter, a happy holiday song is built up, and can be used to reveal gifts created, bought, or found online. If your videos are of the same kind, you can try this one out.

6- Jingle bell rock by Bobby Helms – Christmas reels background music.

This song is very popular when the festive season have arrived. Being popular in the previous years, the song will still be an outstanding dance in the coming years. Moreover, you’ll found several compilations to showcase different dances featuring this great song. This song is also one of my favorite Christmas song, and no Christmas has ended without hearing it on TV channels. You can also celebrate your Christmas with this fantastic song in your video reels.

Jingle bell reels song for Tiktok and Instagram.

Use trending Christmas song Jingle bell rock on Instagram.

Tiktok Christmas songs for celebration videos.
Tiktok Christmas songs for celebration videos.

7- It’s beginning to look like Christmas by The Fontane sisters and Perry Como.

You can celebrate anything on Christmas the share on tiktok. You can celebrate the grapefruit garland, reindeer figurines, and twinkly lights. This great masterpiece can be used in your celebrations, it’ll absolutely bring the best. You can also include it in your dance moves with dad. Christmas celebration reels song recommendation for your Xmas videos. Use this song on Instagram to make Christmas reels.

Christmas reels song Tiktok video content

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8- Spirit of Christmas (full track) by Audio sphere.

It is not guarantee to use lyrics in Christmas video reels. This song “spirit of Christmas (full track) can serve well as background music in crafting tutorials, stocking stuffer reveals and gift ideas. The lyrics are great, you’ll hear larger bells ringing, and jingle bells shaking. It is absolutely magical. This can be a best Christmas reels background song recommendation.

Top Christmas reels song for Instagram reels.

Use Spirits of Christmas song for short videos on InstaReels.

9- ‘Auld Lang syne’ by James Taylor – Ideal song for Christmas & new year reels.

This is another awesome song for Christmas celebration. We normally celebrate Christmas followed by the new year. Therefore, our list could not be complete without including this song. In this amazing song, you can appreciate the good times in past and future. You can take a look at the song to determine if it will merge in your tiktok and Instagram reels videos on Christmas. Use this song now to make short Christmas video on Instagram reels.

Best english christmas songs,.

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10- Baby it’s cold outside by Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel.

Michael Bublé is a great artist in Christmas songs, the track ‘holly jolly’ delivered and now this masterpiece. He released this song as it became a longtime classic. In 2014, he went on duet with Idina Menzel, making this song a new favourite in town. You can also add this one in your favourite list to use on Christmas for making best reels.

trending Christmas reels song English.

Use Baby its cold outside Viral Christmas song on Instagram reels Now.

11- My gift is for you by Gwen Stefani – Love Christmas reels song for shorts.

This Christmas song Gwen Stefani is outstanding. You can listen to it once and you’ll be surprised when it’ll start sticking in your ears. Just listen it in a good day, trust me it’s a fantastic song your viewers will like. This song talks about preferring love than gift during this festive season. The lyrics “Don’t need no money, don’t need a thing/ And i don’t even need a wedding ring/ all i need is love and the truth/ and i got it/ my gift is you…” sweet message your viewers will love to listen.

Love Christmas reels video background song.

12- Mistletoe by Justin Bieber – Best Christmas reels song for short videos.

This song is a Christmas debut song by Justin Bieber in the year 2011. Justin Bieber is our all time best, since this song is also great and will inspire you to rise and dance. In an interview with MTV news (2011), Bieber said that he feels the song will be used in every Christmas. Today, we’ve proved that he was totally right. You can also try this great song in your reels as it is one of the trending TikTok songs for Christmas. Use Mistletoe song on Instagram reels now.

popular reels songs for Christmas Videos

13- “I saw mommy kissing Santa clause” by Jackson.

Best Christmas songs have no expiring date. This is one of the best Christmas reels song released back in 1952. If you are looking for a perfect old school song, this song should start your list. Since this song was released, many artists have made covers on it. You can find the song on different platforms like spotify, Gaana, YouTube music, Hungama, Jio saavn and more. This is couple song for Christmas reels videos. Use this trending Christmas reels song on Instagram Now.

Trending funny tiktok songs for Christmas short vdieos

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