September 27, 2023

Best Buttermilk Benefits (Chass)

We must know that curd or Buttermilk is good for the body. and it is also called as chass Because curd or buttermilk has been added to food since ancient times. It is especially beneficial to drink fodni or spiced buttermilk with a heavy meal. In Ayurveda, buttermilk is called Amritpeya. Because it removes toxins from your body.


it acts like a medicine to reduce heat and inflammation in the body. The summer diet plan in Marathi includes chass. it is made by using a maximum of water to curd. Although curd is derived from curd, it has different benefits for the body. Drinking chass keeps the body hydrated. Which helps to keep the water level of the body balanced. For this, definitely know the benefits of Chass. Also, know what are the benefits of drinking chass in the morning.

Health benefits of drinking buttermilk

Drinking (Chass) has many health benefits. and that’s why experts tell us to drink it. For this reason, let’s know what good effect drinking chass has on health.

The body gets natural cooling

Since it is a cooling drink, drinking it cools down the body quickly. if u want to control your body temperature in summer then this is too good for your health, A glass of chass mixed with cumin powder, mint, coriander, and salt quenches your thirst instantly. Moreover, the hot environment outside helps to reduce the heat generated in the body. You can add an ice cube to the chass. But drinking it without adding ice can cool your body down quickly.

Regular consumption of this natural drink can definitely be beneficial for the body rather than cold drinks in the market. Women who experience inflammation during menopause. They can surely get relief if they drink regular fever. Because the benefits of drinking it in the morning are better, it is more beneficial to drink chass in the morning than at night.

Good for bones and teeth

you all know Buttermilk is made from curd. it contains maximum calcium. A cup of buttermilk contains about 100 mg of calcium. our bones and teeth need calcium constantly. Because it strengthens bones and teeth. People who drink buttermilk regularly have less bone disorders or toothache. Just like bones and teeth, the body needs calcium to keep blood flowing, muscles strong, and the heart beating properly.

Blood pressure decreases

Nowadays, the stress of work, anxiety, and worries are affecting health. But if you drink buttermilk daily, your blood pressure will decrease. Because buttermilk contains potassium which controls blood pressure. This is why people with high blood pressure should have buttermilk in their diet.

Immunity remains good

The effect of the fear of Corona has not decreased even today. Many researchers have found that the immune system of people who are victims of Corona is low. For this, everyone in the house should have strong immunity during this period. Buttermilk is very useful for boosting immunity. Because buttermilk not only gives you energy but also builds enough immunity in your body to survive the illness.

Great for skin

images 1 Best Buttermilk Benefits (Chass)

Regular drinking of buttermilk is not only good for your health but also for your beauty. Because it improves your digestion. all the toxins in your body are flushed out. Similarly, the lactic acid in buttermilk is good for your skin. Which gives a natural glow and smooth skin. Drinking buttermilk reduces tanning spots, dark spots, pimples sores, and dark spots on your skin.

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Helps in weight loss

it is a very great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. if u want to lose weight then drink (chass) it helps your stomach full. It helps you makes feel energized all the time. So that you eat less junk food during the day. Which affects your weight. Those who want to lose weight quickly should include in their diet. Because it not only reduces your weight but also gives you proper nutrition

How To Make Buttermilk At Home

people holding glasses of buttermilk

Buttermilk is available in the market but buttermilk can be made at home in a very simple way. Find out how.

  • Material
  • A cup of curd
  • Three times as much water as curd
  • sweet sugar
  • Cumin powder
  • Saindhav Coriander

Making process

After applying the curd, take the first day of half-baked curd. Because if there is too much stale curd, it turns sour. It should not be taken to prepare it because sour curd or (Chass) is bad for the body. For this purpose, if possible, use fresh curd. Mix three times the amount of water in curd. Knead the curd and water well until it becomes homogeneous. A mixer or an infiltration should be used for penetration. If possible, take it with or between meals. Do not drink (Chass) late at night. Because it can be harmful to the body.

I hope you love the benefits of buttermilk and it help you in your life keep reading and keep growing.


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