September 23, 2023

Lockdown for work, kickstart to cultivate your hobbies is Perk.

Sunset Photography
Cultivate your hobbies: Watch more Sunset than Netflix…­čśë(credits – Shruti)

As we all know the whole world is in huge Emergency situation. No-one ever thought that staying home would benefit that much.. This condition we never expected to be.

Keeping ourselves engage in some activities is need of time. And learning new things everyday may help us in future..

But all over this the thought strikes in mind that everything happens for a reason.. We, the human being made a huge harm to the Mother earth, always behaved like Monsters, no limits on behavior, no limits on using natural resources.. So mother nature herself decided to punish us for all the deed..

Cultivate your Hobbies in Lockdown Period.

In day to day work schedule, we forgot we are humans not machines, We forgot we have life other than that of office and work, We forget about our hobbies that gave us lots of appreciation in school times, like playing sports, games, sketch art, painting, singing a song, dancing & i am pretty sure most of you won prizes in school days because of your hobbies.

So here is a chance to cultivate your hobbies again to be happy and engaged in this pandemic situation, Don’t consider it disaster , it is opportunity to bring back your hobbies that gave you happiness always, That we forgot in the race of earning money and success.

Things to do in Lockdown to keep Yourself engaged.

Cultivate your hobbies Things to do in Lockdown to be engaged
Things to do in Lockdown to be engaged

Its time to cultivate your hobbies to remain positive & Happy.So below are hobbies ideas you can cultivate to perk.

1-Photography – It means capturing memories not only things and scenes.

Whenever we see our old photos a beautiful smile & sometimes laughter comes on our face, So i said Photography means capturing memories not only things.

Photography - Capture memories
Photography – hobby of Capture memories

So here we are staying back at our homes and watching out the Sunrises and Sunsets.. Listening out the birds singing the songs.. Wind blowing a whistle with the leaves of the tree. Rivers traveling to there destination with rhythm of music. And above all mother earth is smiling through flowers .. Trust me once everything gets normal we’ll definitely gone miss all this..

So let’s take a piece of time to keep alive this memories through photographs we capture. Let’s try to capture the photos of Sunsets, Sunrises, birds, rivers, animals, flowers and many more things we watch daily. So that we could recollect the memories once we are back to our so called Development.

Note: Do photography nearby to your home only to be safe, There are many things around to capture like your pets, Birds around home in evening and morning time, Food photography, flowers & plants in your mini garden and the main thing a free & always available any time any place is Sunrise & Sunset photography.

Cultivate your hobbies - Photography
Cultivate your hobbies – Photography -credits – Ketan

Special thanks to our author Shruti to contribute to this article to give great start to this post, So now me (Ketan) will continue further in this post.

2-Cooking – A Interesting Hobby.

This is the thing most of people already doing, cooking gives pleasure of making people happy by serving them delicious food, Do you know everyone always love to eat recipes made by others hands. Do you know what i am talking about,

Cooking for your wife will make her happiest.
Cooking for your wife will make her happiest.

Yeah your Mom or wife she regularly cook for you & serve your favorite dishes, So its time to make her eat your hands food, she will feel great if you do so, I bet she will feel engaging and delightful if you cook along with her, a perfect cooking hobbyist is who enjoys eating and love experiment with dishes. So cooking can be a great hobby of all time.

3-Yoga – A hobby and Passion as well.

Another hobby you can cultivate in lock-down, Many of us at the start of every year decides to start Exercise, yoga as new year resolution, but most will fail because in day to day work schedule, stress and fatigue we get into bed > wake-up in morning > go to work, We fail to meet our resolution as we have a reason (tiredness due to work ha ha.) Even myself failed to meet my resolution i paid 6 months gym fee and attended a week only. Fee gone in vein.

Lockdown hobbies yoga
Lockdown hobbies yoga

But for many Yoga is their passion, yoga is hobby & career as well. So its right time to start excises, yoga to maintain your fitness, There are high chances of getting fat in this lock-down. So this hobby will be engaging, refreshing and healthy habit as well so start yoga from today, you will find many yoga video tutorials on internet as well to start with.

Along with peace of mind yoga has following benefits.

  • Improved flexibility.
  • Improved muscle strength.
  • Increased energy and vitality and improved respiration,
  • Balanced metabolism.
  • weight Loss.
  • circulatory and cardio health.

4-Reading Books – “A┬áreader┬álives a thousand lives before he dies”.

Reading books is also best and most engaging hobby of all time, Even if you dont have collection of books you can get many free Ebooks from internet about Learning, Science, History, Stories, Inspiration and Novels so explore the new world via Book way, You will not know how time gone while reading books so i said its most effective hobby to engage yourself during this corona lockdown period.

Book reading - Hobby -50K+ Free ebooks to read in lockdown
Book reading – Hobby -50K+ Free ebooks to read in lockdown

There are many free Ebooks website available online where you can download books in PDF, Epub and many more formats, So here is one website for free ebooks download – Lots of Ebooks 100% free.

You can read in any genre you are interested in like Romance, Action and adventure, Mystery and Thriller, horror so you can read anything you are interested in, Even you can read some Learning Ebooks like C++ fundamentals, Python programming, Electronics etc, here are springers Ebooks to free download (books for learning).

5-Singing – The only thing better than singing is more singing.

Singing is hobby of almost everyone, You will not find a person who not sung a song in his whole life, Everyone loves singing and songs are becoming part of our life stories.

Everything that happens in our life connect us to songs, for example whenever there is a broken love song played in theater in between movies i go into past-love mode, the lyrics of song matches many of our life stories, There is always a song for any instance of life, either it is happy moment or sad moment, Songs help us to heal.

Singing hobby to be happy in Lockdown
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

“Singing exercises your lungs, heart and releases Endorphins making you feel good” Many of us even has great singing talent’s but not get a stage or conditions make it not showing the world.

You can have open stages like Facebook, YouTube where everyone shares your talent if you perform exceptional, SO use them to showcase your talent, also if you wan’t to sing along with lyrics you can use apps like Smule where you can join other singers as well.

Even my voice is not so pretty still i always sing, even openly while bathing, riding a bike, trekking there is no space limitation for singing.

6-Painting Hobby – Lockdown Remedy.

Another hobby you can cultivate in Lockdown days, try sketching and painting even teach your children’s to do so, Painting and sketching improvise imagination power of children’s as well as adults and also improves decision making capability as selection is perfect colour for your paint is not easy task, So there is lot to learn while painting, You can Sketch/ paint sunsets, sunrises, people, celebrities and many things there is no limits.So it sketching will be good remedy for lock-down motivation.

There are unlimited options to cultivate your hobbies in Covid-19 lockdown time, Along with above listed 6 there are more available ideas to cultivate your hobbies in lockdown situation so have a look on them also, Also tell your hobby in comment section.

Some more ideas to cultivate your hobbies in Lock-down time.

Writing poems and articles is also one of hobby shows power of imagination, you can also write poems while seating in your balcony, while having morning coffee & everywhere.

Dancing is one more in the list you can be benefecial in terms of engagement as well as fitness, Everyone wanted to and love to dance but shy to do so, so here is good chance to blast out your wish of dancing you kept inside from many years, just lock the door in the name of Work from home and start dancing,

“Dancing is hidden language of soul” so open up your soul, you can engage your kids also in dance they will love to have a great time with their dad and mom they never ever got due to busy schedule of parents and their schools. So its nice chance to get connected with your childrens, give them time, engage them in positive activities keeping away from negativity of corona.

Playing Board games as well as Video games is also a good hobby if has control on time limits, Gaming is most engaging hobby as children forgets everything when they get chance to play games, You can also play games like Ludo to engage your family and have happy time with them.

Crafting is another creative hobby, ideal for your children’s to improvise their creative thinking, problem solving get them ideas from youtube about DIY Easy crafts at home. and try helping them when they stuck.

So here we are taking stop on Cultivate your hobbies ideas in Lockdown time, as it not going to end itself. Comment section is open for you if you have any idea on engaging yourself in Lockdown period then feel free to suggest.

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