September 23, 2023

Work from home problems during covid – Challenges & Benefits.

Work from home problems during Covid- challenges & benefits.

Working is an expression of how we intertwine our lives to devote to a passion we track down every day we wake up. Circumstances are not always in favor of our smooth lives; it has tricky tides to make things upside down, making us climb up over a cliffy edge to survive the circumstances.

It is a norm now, during this pandemic, that working from home plays a familiar role. It has been a year now, or more people are working from home. At first, it was an exciting thing, as people think they get the comfort of their home, can get to spend some time with family, etc. But now it is boring.

work from home problems and benefits
work from home problems and benefits

Work from home problems, challenges, Benefits & solutions during Covid crisis

Since the lockdown has been extended and the virus is being spread all over each day all over India more than foreign, work from home is a ‘FED-UP’ zone now for all. Other than sitting at home and bulging their stomach out, there is no additional gain they get. The environment in the office with colleagues and the working environment at home is entirely different. We all know it is a kind of relief and a motivation to work more when at the office. That feeling is different.

Since each month lockdown is being activated or extended, people get mad, as being inside the house looking at the four walls with no option to go out and change. When working from home, we will be imposed in housework too at certain times whereas
working from the office is just the work and the employees that we deal with. People miss going to the office, being the covid 19. They have no other option as to remain safe from the virus and to be healthy.

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Many people search for online-based work-from-home jobs, which they find easy to work from the comfort of their zone, and now even the education is online, where people below the poverty line are finding it hard to get educated. People live in deserted areas or villages, where net connectivity is scarce and difficult to get online education. The children tend to study, but the facility is significantly less provided. They cant afford to get these.

Being home for a very long time, absolutely everyone gets bored. Specific changes are needed. The only thing that is required to get on with the work at home is the internet. Everyone may not be having the same speed or the brand of the internet; it can be slow or fast, at some places, and causes many inconvenience t0 many to work at a stretch. Along with work from home problems there are some benefits as well.

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work from home challenges
work from home problems

Benefits of working this covid19 season remotely:

All companies need from you is to complete the work at your flexible time on that particular day or the target they have posted on you. Whether you work in a stretch or at your convenient time, it has to be completed. Some companies understand how hard it is when at home; some may not. They have the opportunity to start and end at their own choosy time.

Another great advantage is when being at home, you can attend online fitness class, be with you kids at interval times where you never had time to spend when you were off to the office; you can help the women in your house with certain home chores and much more while working too, that at break times, which can be taken longer than when being at the office.

Meetings and conferences can be done quickly through online calls from the comfort of your home. It is also easy to do multiple jobs part-time, as there are many part-time job opportunities from various locations and can be done from anywhere. At this time of the covid, experience is not that important, as people want to earn more, and income is going down. Many people around are looking to make a little to live each day—so dual opportunities of working from home to earn a little extra.

A lot of money can be saved at this time of the covid-19, working from home. Car parking fees, petrol, car maintenance, transportation charges when traveling by bus to other means, etc., can be saved. Buying food from out and lunch outing officially expenses can be wholly dedicated.

Disadvantages of working remotely

work from home problems we face day to day – Blurred connectivity between the company work and family dealings. Inevitable distractions happen here and there. A lot of money mostly goes for the net being used for working itself, that too in a month. Stress is more as here, working from home, the pressure inside the house and at the office must be balanced and moved on equally, which becomes difficult for a person to
handle. Attention has to be both in-office and work at the same time. Motivation is needed for every employee in a company to work more and effectively towards the target.

It is more effective when being at the office, but now working remotely, and have to work individually, that has gone down. Sometimes people lose interest in working further in achieving goals. Concentration does not play a role here when working from home. We may not get the mood working fully when at home, as the distractions are there in many areas.

So what do you think of working from home during this covid-19? Is this helpful in many ways? More screen time and more stress are involved when working is a norm. For more than a year now, 90% of the people would like to go back to the office and
work there.
As it is mentioned earlier here, the atmosphere working at office and home is entirely different.

Being present in the office, work can be done at great speed and concentration, as it is the colleagues who seldom helps us in our work and our work can be monitored. People leave their work tensions in the office and comes home tired and fresh, where both will not have a clash between them.

Let us know what work from home problems & challenges you are facing during Corona crisis & how you are getting rid of work from home problems due to corona virus lockdown? Comment section is open for you all.


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