September 23, 2023

How to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube for free

One of the main reason for opening YouTube channel is to gain more subscribers and viewers & watch hours. More subscribers and viewers will enable YouTubers to monitize their channels easily. I recently shared on ways to make money on YouTube. Some of the ways including, YouTube partnership program.

To access YouTube partnership program you’ll have to gain at least 1000 subscribers plus 4,000 watch hours within the past 12 months. Maybe you have already gained 1000 subscribers but you are now looking for 4000 watch hours. In this article, I have shared ways to gain 4000 watch hours on YouTube for free. Let’s dig in.

How to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube for free
How to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube for free

How to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube for free organically.

Be consistent in uploading videos

This tactic will not only help you gain more viewership but also subscribers. YouTube focuses on latest videos, hence posting regularly will improve your viewership. You should make sure to post videos that are informative, entertaining, engaging, and interesting. You should ask yourself what your video has that many people will be able to find it everywhere.

Optimize your videos for SEO

You can also improve your YouTube watch hours through optimizing your videos to SEO. This tactic is useful since your videos will rank high on search engines, therefore viewers can access to your videos easily. You can do research on keyword and how to optimise YouTube videos to SEO.

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Host YouTube live stream

Live streams will also help you to increase the number of viewers in your YouTube channel. Livestream will give YouTubers adequate time to interact with their viewers. You will not only get much watch hours on livestream but you’ll also build relationships with your viewers. You can also find out from your viewers what they want in your videos or kind of program they want from you.

Check content Quantity

Many were not expecting this but it’s basic. People normally think about quality videos but quantity is a diamond in increasing watch hours. I don’t mean that you should stop posting quality videos but you can make your videos long to increase the chances of getting 4000 watch hours. You may also end up getting more watch hours provided that you’ll also be posting more videos. To be successful in YouTube, you’ll have to be quick, just post the video and look for the next content.

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Recognize your YouTube audience

You can start building relationship with your audience through interacting with them, and getting some recommendations from them where necessary. Building a relationship with your audience is very important in maintaining your following community. Some may become dedicated viewers who may end up following your videos consistently. Make sure to reply comments, or like and pin. Alternatively, you can start a poll or interaction on your YouTube channel.

Embed your channel to your site

If you are a blogger, this is an easy way to increase the number watch hours in your channel. You can use your site or blog to direct readers in your YouTube channel. For instance, you are blogging about a topic that is related to that on your YouTube channel. You can include video illustrations of your YouTube channel directly to your blog through video embed. Therefore, you can convert your website traffic into viewers and subscribers. You can use YouTube pro, this is a plugin that can help you to embed YouTube content to your site within a few minutes. Whenever you add a new video to your channel, the plugin will automatically include the video into your website. Moreover, the plugin is also used by top brands in the world hence you can trust it too.

Create playlist for your YouTube videos

YouTube playlist is also an effective way of increasing the number of viewers. Sometimes, you may have visitors in your channel looking for a particular type of video. A YouTube playlist will enable those visitors to see all the videos in your channel in one place. Therefore, a visitor can find any video they are looking for easily. For instance, you have YouTube channel that is sharing knowledge on a particular topic like food recipes. You can opt to create playlists that have videos that are related, for example a playlist in different cakes recipes. This will enable your viewers to check out videos related to what they are looking for hence increasing watch hours. If you have a website, you can also embed the playlist in it to increase watch hours.

Add teasers at the beginning of your videos

This is another way we must include in this list of ways to get 4000 watch hours on YouTube. You can add teasers at the beginning of your videos to give viewers of what they can expect at the end. Make sure to add the most interesting section of the video. This tactic will help you to create a wonderful first impression. Moreover, your viewers will also be able to know what the YouTube video is about and as usual YouTube recommend videos related to viewers interest. Teasers will give viewers a test of what your video is all about and may opt to find the whole story. You can also use your teasers in your social media posts.

Publish your videos when most of your viewers are online

This tip is also important in increasing the number of viewers on a YouTube channel. You should ensure that you publish your videos when most of your viewers are online and are likely to watch. For instance, you cannot publish video late at night when your viewers are still a sleep. That’s just a basic example but you can research when your viewers are active. Apparently, you can know the correct time your viewers are online using tools on TubeBuddy. Using TubeBuddy, it’ll help you get the exact metric of your viewers provided that you have their license. Tubebuddy is available on YouTube studio.


The above are the ways you can increase watch hours in your YouTube channel. You can apply the above tactics for free and it’ll surely work out. All the best.

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