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How to Monetize YouTube Channel? Easily qualify requirements

With the current world, internet usage is among the top used arena. To satisfy the urge of this, many apps have come into place to quench the thirst of Netizens. lets start How to Monetize YouTube Channel? Easily qualify requirements.

People keeps searching for How to monetize YouTube channel without 1000 subscribers? How to Monetize YouTube channel without 4000 watch hours? even without videos etc. Ha Ha Ha that not going to happen. You must qualify all the requirements of YouTube to get eligible for YouTube Partner Program.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel? Easily qualify YPP requirements.

YouTube, is among the invented apps. In YouTube one can access almost everything ranging from cooking, makeup, singing, dancing tutorials and more, furthermore, also educational activities are offered in this field, thus, the ability of it to give it’s users a whole bucket of items has put it at the front line.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel?
How to Monetize YouTube Channel? Easily

To spice all this up, do you know that people earn through YouTube? Those who own YouTube channel, have a good number of followers and post continuously amazing content are usually awarded a YouTube button and they are paid monthly. impressive right? However it’s not all rosy, it takes a lot to maintain a YouTube channel among the very many things required is to achieve your YouTube monetization and this is where, this article comes in handy, we are going to show you how YouTube monetization can be achieved. youtube channel monetization tips free.

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YouTube Monetization Requirements?

Below are the key Eligibility Criteria of YouTube Partner Program.

  • 4000 Watch hours.
  • 1000 Subscribers.

Pro Tips for YouTube Monetization.

Hello Guys’ it took me almost 1.5 years to monetize my YouTube channel Bhatkanti Travel Vlogs . it was very interesting journey of my life as i thought it may take 3-4 years to start earning with YouTube videos. But hard work pays i kept creating good quality videos and uploaded it consistently. So finally one of my video gone trending and the single video – Pratapgad Fort History & Information qualified all the requirements of YouTube monetization program. I get 370K views and 41K watch hours for one video which was game changer for my YouTube Monetization journey. youtube monetization eligibility criteria.

So below are some Pro tips from me to Monetize Your channel in less time.

YouTube monetization tips

YouTube is very big platform for Videos, I have started my YouTube journey with my passion for travelling and then it grown automatically. You will get YouTube monetization easily if you do the job with passion. Just uploading videos will not make sense instead quality is the key to be the successful youtuber.

It took me 1.5 years to qualify my website to YouTube Partner program. The only thing I did is uploading quality videos, Using right keywords, Using keywords in description and consistency in regular uploading.

Pro Tip – Keep uploading videos, then one day one of your video can be a game changer for you in your YouTube monetization journey.

Upload Videos regularly

The most important thing in growing your YouTube channel is consistency. You should at least upload one video per week. Daily uploads are also welcome but there should not be any compromise in quality. If you don’t maintain consistency then your viewers interest will go down and it may cause loss of subscribers and views.

Don’t Compromise quality of YouTube videos

While maintaining consistency, Don’t forget about quality of content it should be interesting and useful to viewers.

Use keywords in Title, Description and Tags.

How to do keyword research for YouTube

If you do proper keyword research and put top keywords in description then your YouTube videos are most likely to rank on YouTube search and higher views and watch time you will get. You must mention keywords in Title, Description and Tags of your videos. Tags are very powerful to rank your video for different search terms

Keyword Research to get search audience (Organic Traffic) to your videos

how to do keyword reasearch for youtube easy way?

Keyword research for YouTube is not a rocket science. I will show you easy ways to do keyword research for YouTube.
1- Type some keys in YouTube search Box and get suggestions
2-Do google search to get strong keywords for YouTube videos title and description.
Checkout tutorial in Image on how to do keyword research for YouTube Title, tags and Description text?

Understand Audience & their requirements

Try to understand your audience type and upload specific videos those getting more likes. Also in video ask viewers to comment which part they most like and also what they expect from you and improvements required on video.

Use social media power for your YouTube Channel growth.

use social media to boost youtube subcribers

Social media like Instagram, Facebook are popular platforms where you can get subscribers and views to your youtube videos easily. I post reels on Instagram and in caption I write watch full video-Link in bio. Similarly I post short videos on facebook reels and add full video link in caption. Similarly you can use snapchat, Moj videos, TikTok etc. It will be key tip on How to Monetize YouTube Channel?

Create Blog to get some bonus views on Youtube videos.

To get more views and open up new ways to gain views you can create a free blog at and post some articles related to your video and post video link there.
I generally post travel videos on my YouTube channel then create same article on my website.
for example – YouTube Video & Blog post.

YouTube shorts – To boost subscribers and views.

10X your channel subscribers and viewers with YouTube shorts. Yes YT shorts is very powerful platform to boost your subscribers and views by upto 10X. It is very effective way to achieve 4K watch hours, get 1000 subscribers and automatically you will get qualified for 10000 views. it will be helpful to monetize youtube channel?

Create Facebook page of your YT channel

You can build a facebook page and can post relevant content on page with your YouTube link to boost up Youtube monetization speed

Join Facebook groups with similar interest

Facebook groups to monetize YouTube channel

As I am travel YouTuber I joined many Facebook groups related to trekking, travel, Tourism etc. And i generally share my videos there so I target audience interested in my videos very easily. This way I earn loyal subscribers to my channel.
So friends thanks to read my tips hope it will help. If you have any questions let me know in comment section. All the best for your YouTube monetization journey. it will help to Monetize YouTube Channel

Step by step guide on how to achieve YouTube monetization?

You need to be a member of the YouTube partners program, which will require you to tick of the following: How to Monetize YouTube Channel? 100% working tips.

How to Monetize YouTube Channel? requirements
How to Monetize YouTube Channel? requirements

1.Ensure you have at least a thousand subscribers.

Subscribers are the key game changer. The more the number of subscribers you have, the more you will raise your ability to be paid lucratively. When you have more than a thousand subscribers, you can be able to monetize your YouTube channel easily.

2.Ensure you have signed terms and conditions.

In business, contracts are the pillars. Contract define the kind of relationship both parties will have, the rights of each, mode of payment, subject matter among others, therefore, in this arena you will be required to also sign the terms and conditions. Basically, terms and conditions enables the user to know on how he or she should behave in the business and also when individuals sign it shows a legal step that one had accepted the offer. how to monetize youtube channel on mobile.

3.Get reviewed and approved.

For you to achieve YouTube monetization, you need to get reviewed, your contented will be checked and reviewed so that the authority can be rest assured, that it is clean, educative and does not infringe anyone’s right, when your content is found to be clean you will be approved, approval is very vital in this sector because without it, you won’t be able to achieve YouTube monetization.

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4. Get an AdSense account.

It’s vital to have an AdSense account. Having an account will ease your ability to monetize your YouTube account. By, filling in your relevant and accessible email address, this is the address that the authorities will use Incase they want to communicate any information to you. So it will be vital for one to ensure that it is their correct email address. How to Monetize YouTube Channel?

5.Ensure that in the past twelve months you’ve at least had 4,000 valid public watches.

Consistency is paramount. We all love progress, nobody would want to associate with someone who is always stuck at one place, so, if you are lazy then this is not your field. A YouTube channel requires hard work. You have to be posting relevant content from time to time, if your content is impressive then with time you will get the numbers, consistency will uplift you to greater levels! With consistency and a valid public watch then be sure that you will easily achieve your YouTube monetization. youtube monetization requirements 2022 .

6.Ensure that you comply with YouTube’s community guidelines.

“ When you go to Rome, do what the romans do.” So they say, it’s ethical that, whenever you go to a place where people act or behave in a particular way, then you also have to comply. Apparently, this rule is also required in this arena, if you want to participate in this field then the YouTube community guidelines have to be your friend. YouTube community guidelines are the guidelines, that individuals are supposed to abide by to ensure that they both gain mutually without constrains from any party, with tranquility being at it’s best. channel monetization youtube studio.

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Final step in YouTube Monetization

  • 1. You’ll go to your YouTube home page, on your profile photo you will select YouTube studio in the menu drop-down.
  • 2. You’ll locate the left navigation bar and click monetization.
  • 3. If you’ve met all the required qualification, you’ll see a notification of apply now, you’ll click that button
  • 4. You’ll then be required to review and accept YouTube guidelines and terms, it’s very essential to ensure that your time and location is correct, you might face it rough, if you end up locating a different country because that will give you a lot of struggles before changing it. So, be careful!
  • 5. Set up your AdSense account. All you’ll need to do here, is for you to enter your email address, the URL you want to show on add, review terms and conditions, sign in to your office Google account, and create your AdSense account. However, if you already have one, all you need is to confirm that by signing in to it and connecting to your YouTube channel. That’s all! Monetize YouTube Channel
  • 6. Incase, you’ll want to also monetize your soundtracks videos, then you’ll need a license to use the music, you can get this license from a variety of places, with different amount of money, so where, you will get the license will determine with the amount of money you have and the purpose for the license also matters, with those for complex activities being quite high.
  • 7. The last step is the rest stage. You’ll have to wait for about a month, during the review process, if you meet the requirements then you will be hopefully accepted. If not then, there is always a chance for next time, you can try to apply again after thirty days. How to Monetize YouTube Channel?

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With that said, you can achieve YouTube monetization when you follow the above steps, all the best as you monetize your channel!

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