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Sports- Best Importance of sports in life 2023

Sports were a means of knowing who was capable, so everyone knew their strengths, so sports existed as a very important part of human life. Children develop well by playing sports. Internal skills are developed in them. Due to the development of all his skills, his health is good and his growth is fast.


Benefits of playing sports

Every day children play some kind of sport that consumes their physical energy so they need more energy as a result of which they grow well.

sports increase the sense of cooperation, children become better socialized, and establish their harmony with each other. Games develop judgment skills.

Energy circulates in all the cells of the mind. Games involve competition for dominance and mastery, with each child trying to give his best.

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Children become self-centered. They make up the universe in which they live.

  • Children develop competitive qualities.
  • It helps in building intimacy.
  • Feeling energetic and enthusiastic in nature. Invigorates the body.
  • The habit of dependence on parents is reduced.
  • Outdoor play solutions for children.
  • Encouraging children.
  • It is very important to develop a sense of cooperation, leadership ability, and co-operation and competitive motivation in children. Therefore, this skill can be acquired.
  • Hone skills.
  • To develop sports qualities in your child, to keep their body and health good, to focus on studies, and to create enthusiasm for it.

Naturally, children like to play outside because the open environment outside is suitable for them, some children are more sensitive and do not leave their parents, so taking them outside can be a good solution to create excitement among them.

Outdoor Sports

Kite flying has been played in India since ancient times. Kids love to fly kites, so it is a great outdoor game. Being with children can boost their enthusiasm by telling them their mistakes. They can be guided. They can be well encouraged to play outside. Kite flying gives both arms a good workout. It also improves eyesight and judgment.

Children can do healthy sports such as walking and jumping, running, and doing yoga in the garden in the morning. Jumping high and long is a sport that children like very much as it keeps their bodies healthy and gives them a good workout. Cycling provides a full-body workout.

Develops decision-making skills. Living with children develops their ability to integrate with society.

Hide and seek, limping, arm wrestling, river mountain, downhill jumping, shooting, badminton, volleyball, cricket, and football, are some traditional and professional games that develop the skills of children. They develop a sense of integration with society, a sense of cooperation, and leadership qualities. It improves the development of children. Also, if proper skills are cultivated, children can look at sports professionally.

Importance of Sports

Sports Safety – Sports Safety

As a parent, it is our responsibility to guide our children in sports and create the right enthusiasm. Responsibility for children’s safety while playing games with them is very important. So it is very important to stay with children.

They should be given a complete idea of ​​proper guidance and precautions for playing the game Observe their mistakes. Identify it and take proper advice regarding it.

They should be informed about the fine details of sports.

It is important to make your children aware of sports and create interest in it. Children need to develop an interest and enthusiasm towards sports from childhood.

The game should be pure

Sports are sports. A means of entertainment. Sports give us fun and happiness. In today’s stressful life, we play to get a few moments of happiness and joy from all these sorrows, worries, and confusion. Everyone has to do daily work. sometimes It’s boring because we don’t want to do the same thing. We also watch a drama experiment to make it a little different and entertaining. One also watches a movie. These recreational experiments are also called games. That is, see, we play or watch sports to reduce stress on our minds. Our life is also a game. Yes, two innings

"Two-fold innings, this is called Jeevan.

We will bear the wounds of defeat with a smile."

Khel said that victory, defeat, success, and failure will come. Such a valuable message comes from this game. So if this is true then why shouldn’t the game be pure? The game is played for pure enjoyment. Then it is also considered somewhere why it causes sorrow and regret.

The game has been played since ancient times. At that time it started to be playfully played. To have fun, to have fun. The concept of the Olympic Games first took root in Greece. In 1896 funds were raised for the competition. By publishing the postage stamp, it spread the message of the Olympics all over the world.

Five interlocking circles, a symbol of unity, were considered the emblem for this competition. The same symbol was engraved on the flag. The three words ‘Cytus, Altius, and Fortius’ were his motto. This means more dynamic, taller, and more powerful. All these things prove that the purpose behind the game was pure.

Just as fighting for success is more important than succeeding in life, competing is more important than conquering others.

There are always some acts that will shake the basic idea behind the jealous game that we must win. If you look at the flag stealing, the players from the field, taking stimulants to win, wrong decisions by the umpires, misbehavior on the field, publicity, and money, do you think the game is fair?

Look at the example in Mahabharata, Kaurava-Pandava played yet. There was intrigue in that too. There was no clarity. On the occasion, Draupadi was put to the stake. Could this be the intention of the game? The purity of the game should be like the game of Krishna’s consorts. It should be like Bal Shivaji playing Lutuputu’s battle with his friends. The angry, angry innings of the game end there. There is a lot of joy in it. But nowadays the game has gained importance. Money, fame started to come. Along with that, politics entered into it. The competition entered. A deadly fight ensued. What is an uphill climb?

When we say sport, competition comes. But before that, everyone’s individual game is important. It creates a team. Individual qualities and defects come before the world in the form of a team. Then the joy in the game goes away. Good players are treated unfairly.

If you look at some examples of this, you will realize how true and meaningful what I am saying is. Now see, the quota system is used to select teams for many sports. It consists of representatives of the states in the association with the maximum number of players from that state in the team. However, good players from other states are excluded and injustice is done to them. Raising a voice against injustice is the beginning of the struggle. The struggle is not pleasant.

Hope this article inspires you about sports.


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