September 27, 2023

The Best Life 2 Live

How to live life? Some people participate in religious activities, while others display their talents through their preferred occupations, such as singing or painting. Experts claim that those who do this experience satisfaction and peace of mind. Spend time with the person you love if you want to be happy; it’s important. Any person could be this person.

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Living a good life is what?

  • Phrases When you remark that someone is living the good life, you are referring to their comfortable and carefree lifestyle.
  • What exactly does it mean to grow up in life? Instead of getting older in life, grow up with wisdom, understanding, and responsibility.
  • Grow up with your mind rather than grow up with money.
  • Rather than growing up by luck, overcome the situation and grow up with hard work and self-effort.
  • Grow in respect rather than in rank.
  • Rather than being big in business, be big in public welfare.
  • Rather than taking advantage of circumstances and difficulties, grow up with blessings and bring satisfaction and smiles to someone’s face.

How to live life?

Trying to be brief.

God gives everyone a special gift.

Some have very beautiful faces, some have very nice teeth.. some have a nice smile on their face and some have beautiful eyes..

Not only this, some have very beautiful thinking power, while others have a lot of understanding.

Let's walk. Tell us where our five fingers are the same.

Still need each other right??

Who will ever need these things?

God has given everyone something special here.. and at the same time something less.

We have to choose in life.

What is less should be filled by others and what we have more should be given to others.

what u do to improve your life

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Life is not the way the world is. He cannot live beyond family, society, and country limits. Life has to be shaped. For that, it is better to consider some key points.

  • Parents who give life, i.e., our family, are the first to guide us. We should believe what they say and think.
  • After entering the school, one should complete the course with good relations with the teachers and fellows and with honesty and goals.
  • Dharma Artha Kama Moksha If the first three of the four purusharthas are followed strictly, the fourth is automatically attained. The life of every human being is enclosed in this Purushartha.
  • Addiction is the enemy of life. Always be careful in this matter. It should be avoided.
  • Good books and good friends turn life around. Always keep in touch with good people.
  • The little should be blessed by the big, for that humility should be practiced.
  • There should be a smile on the face. Even the undone tasks are done with a smiling face and humble nature
  • One should have respect, sympathy, and compassion towards women, children, and the elderly.
  • Spending (be it life or money) should be done in the right place by considering the future.
  • Someone is the creator of this universe. Nothing happens without a reason. His grace should never be forgotten.

If you think about the above things to turn your life around, it will definitely be beneficial.

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what is life

The bitter truth is what has been experienced. I humbly request that those who have never suffered or who have been blessed with this truth should not read the answer further…🙏

Life is a competition. Getting a good education, getting a good job, keeping that job, building a reputation in perception. To make a world, to take care of a family, and one day to be helpless and die.

what you decide doesn’t always happen. A person’s life dances on the rhythm of destiny. Not everyone will meet their first love or true love, not everyone will meet all the comforts, and not everyone will have close friends.

Being poor in life is a great sin. It is impossible to tell what other names people will call a poor person as a thief, gangster, tapori, glitch. Money lenders will insult parents and entire clans if they borrow money. The poor do not get respect, respect means they are not given.

At present love is practical in journey. If you have a government job, bungalow, car, or farm then marry him no matter what he looks like. Should be very beautiful and handsome to look at if none of the above. Apart from money and beauty, the boy should be cultured and able to do all the housework. So marriage. Love with whom I will spend expensive gifts and all other brothers and best friends.

You can’t give reasons in life, you are disabled, sick or dying. You have to compete for survival. If you want to fill your stomach, you will have to run. Whether you have broken arms or legs, or are sick. If you work, you will get money. On the contrary, people in the competition will make you leave the competition as you are weak.

The Unwritten Law of Life If you’re an addict, you’re bad. You are an addict which means you will have a low tendency so people who think they are good people will stay away from you and you may even spit on you. 9. If you have money in life, then your mistake is correct. Strangers will get to know you and become close to you. If there is no money, acquaintances do not show their identity. If you don’t have money, you won’t be right.

In life, your family is nobody except your parents. Friends and family remember only when they need help. Relatives are worse and more dangerous than enemies. If you have money, they will cheat and take money from you. If it has been borrowed, Visara will not return it but will walk in front of you with his neck raised. Those who are helpless and desperate at the time of borrowing become lions at the time of lending. Then comes the answers, “Don’t you believe, did you run away?” and so on.

He tells how life is like a blank. No matter how fast you write, even if you write the answers in blood ink, people will read the answers. Some sensible people will make upvote remarks, this will be tolerated. ( Many people come in life but well-wishers help you ) It is not always guaranteed that the person who upvoted you will return the comment. It cannot be said that those who speak with a smile every time will speak with a smile the next time. You must be thinking what did you miss?Many people tie you in a delicate thread of love and then they don’t understand when that thread breaks.


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