September 23, 2023

Super People : The new PUBG Competitor – Free PC game on steam.

Super People: The new PUBG Competitor
Super People: The new PUBG Competitor

Super People: The new PUBG Competitor – Free PC game on steam.

Super People: The new PUBG Competitor battle royale is in the market and the Beta version is Free to Play on Steam.

You thought you’d seen everything. You’d think we’d kissed the sun as we crossed the Battle Royale horizon. The race had been won by Apex Legends, Fortnite, Warzone, and PUBG. Then comes Super People, a Korean BR from developer Wonder People, arriving with the sound of a hilarious cartoon klaxon and absolutely out of breath. Super People is a brilliant mashup of every Battle Royale you’ve ever played.

Take the movement and gunplay of PUBG, combine it with the nonsense of H1Z1, add the uncanny resemblance of Black Ops Blackout, slap on some Warzone guns and running animations, scotch tape some Apex Legends Skills and abilities to the characters, and mix in some Fortnite and PUBG cosmetic options, and you’ll get something matching the chaos that really is Super People. If I do say so myself, the mysterious creature formed from this mechanical pilfering is very attractive.

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Super People PUBG alternative PC game
Super People PUBG alternative PC game

I played numerous Super People games in the closed beta after hearing about the game online from those typical sensationalist YouTube videos – “Is This The NEXT Big Battle Royale?” This is nearly often met with a loud no. I wish I could say something different about Super People, but the Battle Royale era is coming to an end, its life-force suffocated by the Big Four. There is no room for a new BR, particularly one as ridiculous and oddly refined as Super People. However, there is a potential that it will dethrone one of the oldies.

Referring to PUBG. The clumsy grandpa of Battle Royales. You’ll often find the janky game sitting in a corner moaning about the good old days if you’ve been around for a while. Despite its shaky hands and dubious opinions, well over 100,000 people continue to sit and listen to what PUBG has to say.

Super People gameplay – Youtube

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Super people game system/PC requirements.

Super people game system/PC requirements.
Super people game system/PC requirements.

In 2022, the game will even go free-to-play. There is one thing the aged gentleman accomplishes better than its competitors. PUBG is a timeless classic. A war veteran. Its movement and gunplay are unlike anything else on the market, even if it is beginning to show its age. Super People take all of these pieces and reassemble them in a new way.

You may teleport behind foes and shotgun them from behind, or you can run at 30 mph and leap from rooftop to rooftop. There’s a massive, bunnyhopping jeep. The weapons are varied and make very little sense; the game foregoes reality by allowing you to use an Ak-47 and an M1 Garand in the same round. The crafting mechanism is straightforward and simple to use. You never run out of gear, crafting mats are plentiful, and the loot table is lucrative.

The ring changes depending according to how many players are in the game, so you don’t have to spend 15 minutes hunting for somebody to shoot at. The art style is clean, the game works smoothly, and the gunplay is precise. Super People gets a lot of things right, and for huge sections of the gameplay cycle, it feels exactly like I’m playing PUBG, which isn’t a terrible thing. Even though I’ve seen it all before, Super People is new to me.

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PUBG Competitor Super People
PUBG Competitor Super People

‘Ring Of Elysium’ is the only other Battle Royale I can recall that gave me a comparable sense of ‘freshness’ but also adhering to the concept everyone is familiar with. Elysium has largely been forgotten, but this is exactly what happens to BRs. They’ve arrived. YouTubers and Twitch streamers participate in them. They wither and die. Triple-A budgets keep the biggest BRs stuffed with content, making it difficult for these smaller games to compete.

Super People could just do enough to make themselves stand out. Despite its popularity, PUBG is on its way out, and many community members openly refer to SP as the new PUBG. The game is similar enough that experienced players can jump right in, while also having fun with the unique power-ups,skills, and bunnyhopping vehicles.

There will be difficulties – the game includes a variety of playable classes, and I spent the majority of the day in the super-jeep jumping over players and blasting them out the window. Finding a balance in the midst of the mayhem is no simple endeavor, but while we all wait to see what happens, I’m going to enjoy the excitement about a new game. If you are a

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