November 28, 2023

7 Best English reels/tiktok songs for true love

If you love scrolling through tiktok to enjoy some of the viral dances, challenges, without forgetting resipes. To consider yourself as a true tiktok devotee, you must know

this platform most viral hits. The best songs on tiktok are not only new hits but also, hot rediscovered throwbacks. Tiktok allows you to create a 15 seconds video which mostly play alongside some music at the background. You may view tiktok videos and discover that some songs play over and over. This is because those songs have qualified to be many people’s favourite. If you want to discover the best love songs on tiktok, then you are at the right place. We have compiled a list of best tiktok songs for love, take a look. You can use these songs in Youtube shorts, TikTok, Instagram & Facebook reels.

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7 Best English reels/tiktok songs for true love
7 Best English reels/tiktok songs for true love

7 Best English reels/tiktok songs for true love

1- ‘This magic moment‘ by drifters

This song has standout as one of the best songs among the classic songs written by  Mort shuman and Doc pomus. Moreover, it’s also a best love song used in tiktok “

2- ‘Death do us part‘ by nick Jonas’s

Nick Jonas’s moved from bops many were used to, apparently he has included some beautiful love songs. For example “death do us part” this can get you to feelings of love, “you could put me in coffin / am always gonna find your love/ you know their ain’t no stoppin ‘/ even when am high above”

3- ‘Love me like you do‘ by Ellie Goulding

The co-writters of this wonderful song are ace Swedish singer Tove Lo and  Max Martin the pop genius. In 2015, this song became a great heat and it’s just irresistible as it has bounce back to be used by many tiktokers today.

4- ‘Let’s stay together‘ by AI Green

This heat song was released in previous years and it has bounced back today. It talks about life challenges that are also faced today “ weather times are good or bad, happy or sad.’ Sang by Green. In 1994, green was offered a new lease on life. This song favourite boost was when Barrack Obama sung it in 2012 during a fund-raising event.

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5- ‘Come over‘ by VanJess

This is an R and B song by Nigerian-american VannJess. You can enjoy it in your room, it’s a perfect song for those who are dating. If you are an R and B fan, you can try it in your tiktok videos.

6- ‘Tweety‘ by Raveena

It’s another R and B love song you’ll enjoy using it to create short tiktok videos. It’s soft and airy, best for falling in love.

7- ‘Begin again‘ by Adam Melchor

Adam Melchor, a songwriter/singer aged 24. You can opt to try his new single “begin again” in your videos. It is most suitable for someone who is optimistic on his/her love life. This song is undoubtedly one of the best love songs on tiktok videos.

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