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TC games – Earn money online on best casino game.

TC Games is casino game where you can make money by playing skill dependent games. It has many game options like wingo color prediction , Cash slots, casino and Live sports games where you earn money by using your skills. It is Legit casino game as it is live in industry from 9 years and 1,20,000 users play on this app. So this is on time paying online casino game. TC Games has legit wingo game along with other casino based games. This game is similar to Daman games which I am playing from last one year.

TC games - Casino app to Earn money online
TC games – Casino app to Earn money online

TC Games – Best Casino game to earn money online.

How TC Games works?

Step one – you can select to play 1 minute, 3, 5 or 10 minutes game.
Step two – select your lucky number or color.
Step three – select betting amount & confirm.
Step four – If your selected colour or number appears in result you will earn 1.92X for colour & 9X for number guess.

Which games TC Games app has?

  1. Color Prediction Game includes colour & number game, Lotre, High-low and odd-even prediction.
  2. Fishing Game – Fun game to play and earn money.
  3. Slots – Play slots and earn money online.
  4. Casino – Here you can play Baccarat, Dragon and tiger, Roulette etc.
  5. TC Sports – Various sports games are there to play and earn money online.

1- TC App color prediction game / High-Low, Odd-Even, Lotre.

TC has color prediction and Number guessing game where you can earn money online by predicting which colour will appear next out of 2 colors & also you can guess numbers out of 10. Your invested money will 2X for predicting right colour and 9X if you predict right number. I suggest to bet on colours as probability to win is high with colour prediction. You can alswo try 5 Best colour prediction game to earn money online.

TC lottery - Color prediction game
TC lottery – Color prediction game

2- Fishing Game to make money.

You can also play fishing game, which is fun and easy to earn game.

3- TC App slots game for real cash earning.

They are very versatile in terms of number of game types. You will get many games option on TC App to play and earn money. In slot games there are 6 server / Games available to play. You can try all slot games and stick to one which gives you higher income.

4- TC App – Best casino game to earn money online.

Along with color prediction and slot games TC Games also provide you option to play online casino games for real cash. Where you can apply your casino skills to win and earn huge cash. They provide AG casino option to play. You can select this server to play casino game online and earn real money. Casino includes Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette and Sic Bo I prefer playing Baccarat as its easy to understand and I make lots of money playing baccarat online casino game.

5-Sports games to earn cash.

The app has Sabah , AG , IM sport games inside it. You can check sports games as I didn’t played sports games & let me know how they are in comment area. Sports based games works on live event so there is no trust issue involved.

How much Investment needed to earn money on TC App ?

You can start by recharging as low as 100 RS and start playing. Higher you invest higher you can earn but involves higher risk if you wont play right. I start with 100RS and learn playing game by small bets and once you get confident then you can increase bet amount and earn more money. I don’t recommend this game for earn money online for students because they dont have income source to invest and may end up with exhausting parents income given for education purpose. But students above 18 can earn money online using this app by referring people to play.

How to recharge on TC earn money online App?

Step – 1 – Join using this link – Register TC App Account, Then TC Login to account from TC App Login page.
Step 2 – Click on recharge then click select Amount, then recharge > then select option UPI > Copy given UPI > Pay using UPI application > Then type 12 digit UTR to validate then click submit your account will be recharged.

Recharge wallet and start to earn money online
Recharge wallet and start to earn money online

How to Play TC games and Earn money?

Once you register on TC App join forecast telegram channel and whatsapp group that will help you earn money by systematic investment plan. Here is TC forecast telegram channel. Also Join TC whatsapp group to learn making money online.

Get cash online using your phone
Get cash online using your phone

TC Games payment proof.

TC Games payment proof.
TC Games payment proof.

That’s all to start playing 9987 game, you can now start playing but play carefully. Don’t miss to withdraw daily as if you keep money in your account you will play more and invest more and can loose hard earned money. So remember to keep control on your gameplay.

Note – This game involves Financial risk so play carefully. You may win or You may loose. Winning or loosing your money will be your own responsibility.

Join TC games online prediction game to earn money online.

How to earn money online without investment – TC App Promotion.

TC 9987 Game has promotion scheme in which you can invite friends and family to play this game and earn referral commissions. I am earning good revenue using promotion system of TC earning app, Just go to Invite section and copy your link and send it to friends and others. TC App’s referral system goes upto 4 Level so you will earn commission from all 4 levels. Promotion is very powerful tool to make money risk free & without investment.

make money without investment in mobile
how to make money without investment in mobile

TC App Promote Mission for free bonuses.

Along with referral earnings you can also make bonus money by completing tasks. You will find that option on Center > promote mission in promote mission option you can claim your task earnings. I completed my tasks till 9th level so I have earned 24000 rupees. for instance when you refer 200 users to play TC earning game you will earn task reward of 10,555 rupees. My upcoming mission is to complete 500 referrals then I can receive another 25,555 rupees Task bonus. Also along with it I will earn commission when user plays the game.

Download TC Games APP.

TC Games also has android app, Once you register your account with TC games click on download Icon at top right corner to get TC App Apk then you can play and earn money online games.

Download TC Games APP.
Download TC Games APP.

How much money you can make on TC Games?

There is no limit on how much money you can make on TC 9987 earning app it all dependant on efforts you put to play game and refer others to play. I earn 2000 INR daily by playing Baccarat casino game and averagely 4000 INR by Referring friends to TC 9987. Means my gameplay + referral earnings with TC Games are 6000 daily & also after completing contests I earn additional bonus like I got 50000 worth of gold in gold contest for inviting 200 people to 9987 earning App so there is no limit on earnings you just need to do your best in promoting app to friends.

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Is TC Games real or fake?

I am playing games on TC App from last 1 year and getting paid on time. So I can confidently say that it is legit and real game. I have attached my withdrawal proofs in this posts which proves TC App is trusted and real game not fake. Even you get money in account within 2-3 hours of request. That’s the beauty of this app which proves it real cash game to play online. So this is right app to make money online from home.

Along with Casino games you can also earn money by other ways which are more safe but needs more time and hard work. You will need certain skillsets to earn using these ways but these are more organic ways to make money online.

Organic ways to earn money online.

1- Freelancing work – You can do freelancer work if you have any skillset to complete others work tasks. You can try below websites to do freelancing work.

2- Make money blogging – There are plenty of ways to earn money by starting a blog even you can start with free blog on and if you get good results can buy a domain name for only 900RS, I use because they offer premium quality website but you need to use business account to monetize which involves costing but Blogging is another best way to earn money online free.

3- Earn Money using affiliate marketing – You can promote services online on your blog, Social media pages and earn good amount of income from affiliate commission there are thousands of online affiliate services available to start making commission. Here are some Top 12 Best affiliate programs in India.

4- Start a YouTube channel – You can also earn cash by starting a YouTube channel, but it requires lots of efforts and subscribers and viewers to be successful. To start making cash on YouTube meeting their monetization requirement is important You require 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to earn money online on YouTube.

5- Launch your online course – You can create your online course and sell them on popular learning websites like Udemy. Consider you created a course and set price 2000 RS to join & launch offer of 90% off for 1st year of course launch. Looking at scheme you provided the course will be available for 200 rupees only. People will not bother investing 400 RS for a course and if 5000 people joins your course you will make 1000000 rupees – only for one course isn’t it a best way to earn money online.

6- Refer & Earn – This is another popular way to earn cash easily, You just need to have a good user database whome you can refer to specific service or you can have a blog like me to refer and earn. Most of the money in my life is made using referral earnings. So this is one of the best method to get financially independent and there is no limit to your earnings this way. So hope you liked my Tips watchout here for More ways to earn money online

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