September 28, 2023

Top 14 ways to increase blog traffic – 100% Free & Easy Methods

You may have come up with your own blog but wondering how to attract more readers. Nowadays, platforms like WordPress has made it easy to begin your own blog. Definitely, coming up with a blog that has no enough readers can be so heartbreaking. If you aren’t committed, you may end up giving up in blogging.

How to increase blog traffic by Legit ways?

If you are looking forward to Bring more visitors to your website or blog? Then you must invest in your time, and as usual, hard work will also apply. We also started this website with very less readers. Luckily, we have achieved more than 50,000 visitors within a short period of time. Therefore, we are optimistic that the following tips will also work in your blog or website. Without further ado, here are 14 simple tips that will drive more visitors to your website or blog.

Best ways to increase blog traffic faster & easier
Best ways to increase blog traffic faster & easier

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Top 14 Ways to increase blog traffic – 100% real traffic generation Methods.

Method 1 – Write more – To Boost traffic from Google search.

You should ensure that you update your blog with fresh content regularly if you need more traffic. According to research, google gives priority latest content. You will be able to be ranked top on search engine. You can update your content for at least twice per week, so as to gain attention from the search engines. So if you can manage to write articles daily then well & good if you wont get that much time then you should post at least 2 articles a week to increase blog traffic and rankings on google.

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How to boost search engine traffic easily 100% working tricks

Method 2 – Promote your content in social media to get direct traffic.

Anytime you update new content, you can promote it on social media. Some of the social media networks are, facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, google and more. You can be surprised to get that social network can become your main source of traffic. So below is tips to drive social traffic to your website.

How to boost traffic using social media?
How to boost traffic using social media?

How to increase blog traffic using social Media effectively?

  • Create Facebook page & Post your articles links use appropriate # tags for better. I got good results using this way. Sometimes your pages post will rank better than blog post – My facebook Page for reference – Bloggerguest All in One blog using this method you will also get Good quality backlinks from facebook a big brand.
  • Join Big Facebook groups with similar interests and share your Pages post there you will get big audience and higher amount of traffic.
  • Add your blog link in Instagram Bio to get good quality backlink. Also you can post Reels or Feed posts related to your blog article and direct your Insta followers to the link in your Bio. This is 100% working way to get 100% real traffic to your blog.
  • You can share your post on whatsapp & ask your friends to share more to get direct traffic. You can also create a broadcast list or group by adding interested people in the list so they gets regular updates of your posts & blog articles.
  • Twitter is also powerful tool to generate traffic as well as do follow backlinks, Sometimes your twitter posts also ranks on google and you will get decent traffic to your blogger blog. use appropriate # tags to get better results. check this tweet for reference –
  • Similar to facebook & twitter LinkedIn is powerful website to get backlinks as well as website traffic.
  • Create pins on Pinterest, better to claim your website/blog on Pinterest to get backlinks as well as to boost blog traffic.
  • YouTube – Its one of the powerful video platform where you can earn backlinks and also audience to your blog. Just make short video of your post and Add link to your blog article inside Youtube description. Subscribe my youtube channel.
    So take advantage of social media to increase blog traffic free of cost & 100% legit traffic.

Method 3 – Know your niche to retain your blog traffic.

While you are interested to write about several topics in your contents, your readers may get confused. Therefore, it’s advised to focus on a clear theme. So having targeted blog niche is effective way to retain blog readers as if they get idea that your blog posts articles of their interest they will follow your blog as well as keep checking for new posts regularly. So its effective way to increase blog traffic from returning visitors.

Method 4 – Check on your key words – Powerful aspect to increase blog traffic 100% .

Role of Keywords in increasing your website traffic
Role of Keywords in increasing your website traffic

This strategy is one of the best ways to build traffic to your blog or site. If you’ll manage to write content that will be highly ranked on Google. Luckily, there will be a guaranteed regular and long term visitors. Word press users are able to use some plugins that will help them with SEO. Including those that cannot be made naturally within the blogger.

The favorite seo plugins are;
• All in one seo pack
• Yoast seo by wordpress
Blogger users can use Google keyword planner for keyword research.

So I highly recommend to use targeted keywords which is key to rank higher on search engines, Without keywords you cant boost your search engine rankings so even if your blog content is unique you wont rank due to lack of keyword and its density in your articles. Note: Don’t use same keyword excessively as well it may negatively affect your blog SEO – There is no ideal keyword density percentage, but it should not be too high. The most important thing is to keep the copy natural. So you must use keywords in natural way to increase blog traffic by google search.

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Top 10 Methods to boost blog traffic.

Method 5 – Incorporate links – To improve your SEO

This is another important tip that should be included in your blog. In bloggerguest, we always include links whenever we mention other companies or site. This strategy is very useful since google likes outbound links to be included. Moreover, those companies that you’ve mention may notice and link you back. Links will also help your readers to find what they are looking for easily.
So keep adding Internal Links – Links to your blogs other articles, Also external Links – Links to third party sites like Wikipedia. It will generate some internal backlinks as well. More backlinks your website gets from other sites more you will rank on google and more you increase blog traffic.

Method 6 -Using kickass headlines to attract traffic to your blog

Make sure that you check your headline before rushing to your content. Headline is a very useful aspect, almost more important compared to the content itself. Title enables the potential to decide whether to click and access more content. You can observe the titles in magazine covers, you’ll find them more enticing to the readers. If you’ll employ the same, then you will increase your the readership.
My recommendation to create best title is as below.

  • Include Targeted keyword in Your title.
  • Use Numbers & Positive/negative words like Good, Decent, Best, Worst betc Headlines with a strong emotional sentiment (positive or negative) tend to receive more clicks.
  • Use power words in title like Tremendous, Joy, epic, energetic, most, ultimate, amazing, exclusive, premium etc are Power words to write Catchy headline for your blog article.
    So Title is very important thing more attractive it is more clicks you will get so it will automatically increase blog traffic drastically.

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Method – 7 – Including photos in blog article to increase blog traffic.

Photos makes your content more visible and appealing, thus will boost readership. You can also include some keywords in those images so as to boost your site in search engines. We also urge you to be careful when taking photos from Google. Some photos are restricted from copyright and you’ll be violating copyright laws. You can locate free photos from sites like or

Content with images and/or video feels more inviting to users. It also helps supplement your textual content. Most important thing is to add Alt text & Caption to your images for better SEO & search engine rankings which will help you to increase blog traffic. Without captions and ALT text your Images are worthless to googles bots.

Method 8 – Invite guest posts to increase your traffic.

This is another tip that will help to promote your blog. When you allow contributors into your blog you’ll get added advantages. Bloggerguest has some posts from guest contributors. This has helped our blog to get more content than expected. Also, those contributors can share your content to their networks. You’ll also be invited to write for them, thus opening new readership avenues. So keep inviting people to guest post on your blog. you can offer some Money or Links to their websites or services to encourage them to write for your blog so will increase WordPress & Blogger blog traffic.

Method 9 – Add social sharing buttons

You should make sure that your site page has social sharing buttons. You can them at the top of your blog to enable the visitors to spread the information. We advise to use few sharing buttons since many can overwhelm your readers. So social sharing buttons will make readers to share your content easily and it will boost your blogger traffic easily. Its 100% working traffic generation method.

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Top 5 Ways to increase blog traffic instantly & effectively for blogger, WordPress etc.

Method 10 – Write guest posts to increase blog traffic by Backlinks.

This is almost similar to inviting guest contributors. Here, you will contribute to other blogs that accepts guest posts. Usually, the site owner/editor will allow you to link back your site. Some of the benefits are;
• Increases awareness
• More referral traffic
• Backlinks correlate with ranking
So when you guest post on other blogs and websites you will get direct traffic as well as Do-Follow backlink which will help you to rank higher on google and get free blog traffic which will be organic.

So if you are interested in My blog to write guest posts you can Mail your article on you will get 1 to 2 do-follow links. Only requirement is content should be unique & should be Minimum 600 words & should contain atleast one image.

Method 11 – Update outdated content.

This is another awesome strategy that we can’t leave behind. Updating your content and trying different titles can improve your ranking from nothing to something. You will be surprised to find out your updated content will start ranking on Google. Even if your content is highly ranked, you can still update since some bloggers may try to outsmart you. Unfortunately, google can also demote your content given that its outdated. So keep doing small changes in your older posts which will make bigger difference in your blogger traffic.

Method 12 – Invest in blog promotion.

In case you find someone who spends most of his/her time on social media, for example facebook. You can approach those individuals and ask them to sponsor your posts. You can boost your post with as little as 10$ and gain more visitors. Try to approach social media influencers with similar content to your niche who have very high amount of followers.
You can also use Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, YouTube etc to advertise your blog articles so this way you can increase blog traffic & get real traffic.

Method 13 -Merge similar posts.

This tip should be included in your content more often. You can see from our blog, we have similar posts to the one you are reading. For example, you can merge two posts from the list below;

• Best ways to earn as a blogger
• How to start your own blog
• How to drive traffic to your blog

You can see from the above list that those posts are somewhat similar. Similar posts captures your visitors by directing them to a similar area of interest. Merging two posts will also enable a better performance in SERPs. This way you can increase blog traffic of your blogger & wordpress blogs.

Method 14 – Answer questions in quora to Increase blog traffic & Rankings.

Last but not Least Quora is a popular platform for posting your questions as anyone can be able to answer. Make an effort to respond to some of the questions in your niche. This strategy will help you to develop authority, then attract some visitors to your site. You can try to sign up on quora and you’ll receive some traffic from this great platform.

As Quora is very powerful website which is question answer based where you can put your questions and get it answered. you can also answer others questions. Below is example to better understand how to use Quora to increase blog traffic? here I answered a question regarding excel so i have put short answer and put my blog article link so people who want more details needs to visit my blogs make me boost website traffic on my blogger & WordPress blogs.

How to use Quora to increase blog traffic easily?
How to use Quora to increase blog traffic easily?

So here we done with our post which will help you boost your blog traffic on blogger, WordPress etc on any blogging platform. So keep following our blog and if you want us to write about any subject we are here for you comment below.

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