September 23, 2023

Color prediction Game – MantriMalls to earn 1K-2000Rs a day.

MantriMalls – Color Prediction game to make money online.

Hello guyz, here we are to explain in detail about color prediction game to make money online with very less investment. you can earn 300-400 daily if you invest 100 rupees & if you can invest higher you will earn more. As whatever you invest will gets doubled. So lets see MantriMalls Color prediction game review, How to Play color prediction game?, how to earn money with number prediction? Wingo color prediction game all the details provided in this post.

Color prediction game betting link to download app
color prediction game – Earn money online

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*** The main & Important thing about Fiewin color prediction game is they won’t charge Withdrawal Fee so when you withdraw your money ypu will get whole amount there will not be any service fee. Example – If you withdraw 2000, you will get 2000 in your bank account. Fiewin is only app to provide such benefits.

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What is Color Prediction Game? How to make Money by predicting colors & numbers?

Color prediction game is new game in which you can

predict which color will be shown next in sequence of colors. There are 2 colors only in which you need to select one and results gets declared in 2.5 minutes. If your selected color comes next then you will get double cash. That’s simple. You can make good amount of cash by this game if you play in right manner.

Example – If you select green color as your prediction & invest 500 rupees on it, you need to wait for 2.5 minutes countdown & if green color comes then you will win & you will get double Money i.e. 1000 rupees. So try playing this color prediction game & win real money.

In below example i predicted green color with amount 50rs & earned 98rs. 2 rupees will be apps commission.

color prediction game earn money download
color prediction game earn money download

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How to Play color prediction game on MantriMalls?

  • Join MantriMalls then Follow below steps to start making money.
  • Click on Recharge
  • Select amount you want to add
  • Select UPI method – I recommend Mars pay.
  • Then input your upi id
  • & confirm payment on phonepe, googlepay or any other UPI app.
  • Done start playing game & Make money

Get free Mantrimalls color prediction on our telegram channel.

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How much i can earn with color predict game?

There is no limit on earnings on Color/Number prediction game more you invest more you will earn.

There are 2 prediction modules available.

  • predict Color – Here your winning probability is 50%(Red or Green) & you will earn 2X money means if you use 500 you will earn 1000
  • predict Number – Here your winning probability will be 10%(0-9) only but you will get 10X cash means if you use 500 you can win 5000.

Things to consider – Even numbers always comes with Red color & Odd numbers comes with Green color so when you are sure about next color then your winning chance will be 20% as you need to predict one number out of 5.

You can withdraw your earnings directly to bank account or on your UPI id, Money will get credited instantly.

Refer friends & Make Money without investment?

If you are not ready to take financial risk in prediction, then you can refer your friends to join using your referral link then you will earn 138 rupees per friend that you can directly withdraw or you can also play with that money. You will earn commissions when your friends play the game.

The referral earnings will be upto 2 levels means you refer your friend you will earn money & if your friend refers his friend for that friend also you will get money is called level 2 referral earnings.

How to make referral money? > Go to My > Promotion > Invite and share your link on social media as well as directly to your friends.

Do you know almost 99% of my mantrimalls earnings is by referring users to App to play, I earn daily 1000-1500 rupees referral commission. So refer friends and earn money without risk. Below is screenshot of my promotion earning from mantrimalls.

Mantrimalls color prediction promotion/referral earning proof
Mantrimalls color prediction promotion/referral earning proof

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Color prediction game App Download.

You can play this game on your web browser as well as on Android App. Just Register account with MantriMalls & Then go to My & select App download option > Android download. your app will be downloaded and you can play color prediction game on Android app.

So Thanks for bearing with us till end of article, We learned what is color prediction game? how do you play colour prediction game? How to earn money predicting colours & numbers? & color prediction game link & tricks. you can comment if you have any question.

Mantrimalls Payment proof

Mantrimalls earning app payment proof
Mantrimalls earning app payment proof

Note – This game involves Risk so Play wisely, We are not responsible for loosing of money. Many color prediction games gets closed without intimation and i lost 16000 rupees in my Linacun/Todd account so withdraw your money regularly.


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