September 23, 2023

Top 10 sites to learn excel for free

Best sites to learn excel for free
Best sites to learn excel for free

This article “Top 10 sites to learn Excel for free” will be helpful for Students as well as professionals. Excel is a spreadsheet program which records and analyses statistical and numerical data. It was developed by Microsoft for windows, Android, macOS and iOS. Moreover, the tool has graphing tools, calculation, macro programming languages and pivot tables.

Everyone deals with numbers today. For instance, calculating monthly expense, income and expenditure. As a result, excel makes work easy when it comes to data. Let us look at beginner friendly sites to learn excel for free.

Top 10+ sites to learn excel for free.

1- Microsoft excel help & Training center

This site was founded by Microsoft itself to help individuals to learn excel basics in 2021. The platform has multiple of tutorials to guide you in learning MS excel. Topics in tutorials features data formats, dreaded macros, mail merges, and pivot tables. You can navigate through the tutorials and select the guides connected to your needs, or explore one at a go so as to get the full extent of excel. The site covers topics and tutorials that are enough to help you in your learning path. Go to Microsoft Excel Training Center to learn Excell from Experts.

2- Excel Exposure – Learn Excel Online

Excel exposure is an online training for excel. It is designed go help beginners to have knowledge on features and functions of Microsoft excel. The site offers several video tutorials, and lessons to help you improve your skills. In addition, there are many hours for free learning on the site. You can check out a lesson guide which has a list of lessons from start to finish. The lesson guide is categorized into beginner, intermediate and advanced. This makes learning to be more effective.Go to excel exposure to learn beginner level MS excel.

3- Chandoo – Become Awesome in Excel.

Chadnoo is a lively platform that can guide you on how to learn MS excel. You will begin with simple skills to advanced topics. Moreover, the site has up to 450 tutorials and articles on Microsoft excel. It will guide you on how to create reports and conditional formatting at a faster rate. The website mostly begins with forums, where individuals present their questions on excel. It consists of solutions/formulas, shortcuts, formatting, pivot tables and more. Though the site requires you to purchase for more advanced features but your spent on the site won’t disappoint. Go to chandoo to Learn Microsoft Excel for free.

4- XL Central – For your Microsoft Excel Solutions.

XL Central offers free excel basics. The program is categorized into four versions. You will find VBA code and Formulas on the website to use. After few hours, you will be able to use functions in excel.Go to excel central & Learn free excel Basics

5- Contextures – Excel Expert tuotorials.

This site provides a platform for you to access excel education for free. It made up of everything that you require to become an excel master. Additionally, the videos and sample files will help you. There are also free tutorials and tips.Go to contextures & access Excel education free

Best 5 sites to learn excel 100% free.

6- Excel Hero – Advanced Excel Informaion

Excel hero usually targets individuals who have basic knowledge on the program, but it also benefits the beginners. It will teach you multiple VBA functions thus bringing automation to your excel sheets. You can also create applications to your business data analytics and more. There are hundreds of workbooks to be downloaded for learning and practicing. Go to excel hero & Learn Excel Automation.

7 – Mr Excel – Learn Excel free of cost.

Mr Excel normally contains items to be purchased but it also has tricks and tips that are helpful in learning excel. Moreover, the site has free webinars and up to 1200 free videos plus 500 free articles. Also, it has a group of experts to answer the questions of the users.Go to mr excel & read free excel articles

8- Improve your Excel – Best Microsft Excel Videos

This is another useful site for learning excel online. It consists of webinars and videos that will help you learn excel. It have also numerous offerings plus introductions of topics like VLOOKUP function and Excel Power Query.Go to improve your excel.

9 – Excel Easy – Easy Tutorials on How to use MS excel?

This platform is among the easy resources for learning excel online. The platform is helpful for beginners and it consists of six essential topics. The introduction has subjects like formulas, range and functions. The basic has subjects like ribbon, worksheets, templates, workbook, format cells and more. The functions deals with logical, call reference, text, financial, statistics, array formulas and more. Go to excel easy .

10 – Excel Jet – Quality Excel Training to become faster excel user.

Excel Jet has tools to assist excel users perform tasks. Training options are available to free and for pay. It has a friendly search menu which allows users to navigate through specific task. The site has short and easy to understand tutorial videos, an excel function guide and quick reference guide.Go to Excel jet easy to understand excel training.

11- SpreadsheetDaddy – Free Excel Tutorials

SpreadsheetDaddy is an online resource for learning everything about Excel. From the essentials to more complex topics like formulas and data visualization, SpreadsheetDaddy has got you covered. With easy-to-follow tutorials and step-by-step examples, you’ll become a spreadsheet pro in no time! Go to SpreadsheetDaddy for free Excel tutorials.

Final thoughts
Millions of people today are using Microsoft excel for various purposes. It is important to know that the software is complex and one has to have knowledge. The sites mentioned above will assist you to learn basic excel skills.

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