September 28, 2023

5 Tips for great interviews.

Best Interview Tips for Success of Campus and Experienced Interview.

Best interview tips for great success.
Best interview tips for great success.

Topics Covered in Interview Tips

  1. Introduction
  2. Perfect resume
  3. General appearance tips
  4. Dressing tips
  5. Gestures, postures, and expressions.
  6. Commonly asked interview questions
  7. Interview mistakes every candidate does frequently.
  8. How to prepare for any engineering company interview

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Perfect Resume / CV : Interview Tips

How to write a proper CV/Resume?
How to write a proper CV/Resume?

what an interviewer asks is Mainly depend upon your resume. So you Must have a Perfect resume before appearing for an interview.

In one incident while one of my friends gone for an interview @ one of Top MNC in India. The interviewer asked “can you made this Resume by Yours” He replied YES…Then he asked the meaning of some words in The resume/CV  The student is Un-answerable.

Because the truth is he not created his CV by himself.he just copied others. He get caught by the interviewer. So please don’t copy resume if you don’t have skills to make your CV then just refer resume format and add your own Data like hobbies, interests, Certifications, etc.

If you refer others CV  then please study everything every word of your resume be ready to explain everything you included in your Resume.

“Be honest While making Resume” it explains who are you?

Resume/CV formats for students and Experiences People.

CV/Resume Formats for Students. CV/Resume formats for Experienced.

General Appearance Interview Tips.

  • Brush your teeth before going to the interview and don’t eat after brushing. Use mouth freshener. Try to make your breath fresh.
  • Bath and shower properly @ interview morning and apply deodorant on body. Don’t us Too dark smelling Scent or deodorant that create headache for interviewer.
  • Don’t smoke before going to interview
  • Your hair must be Neat, clean, Proper, and conservative.

Dressing Tips for Interview.

“Dressing sense is A way to say who you are without Need to speak”

So I have taken dressing @ 2nd position. The 1st impression you make after entering into the interview room is with your dressing sense. So take it seriously. (as much as you take your girlfriend serious).

Interview Tips – Dressing For Men

  • wear a suit.
  • what to wear also depend upon position you applied for.
  • If you are fresh candidate then wear a formal shirt and pants and a Blazer if you have one.
  • If you are experienced then perfect appearance is important Wear brand SUIT with Tie & blazer.
  • Must wear a matching shirt and jacket and shoes must be brown or Black colored.
  • A dark-colored suit with light shirt is a very good option generally preferred  for interview.
  • Comfort is also important you must feel comfortable and free in your dress so you can look and act your best.
  • Clothing should be Pressed, neat and clean.
  • And please if you are not familiar with ironing give this work to dry-cleaners. Don’t take a risk you may burn your suit at the time of going interview and lose 40% confidence there. And prepare your dress 2 days before the interview so that you can have an alternative if had some problems.
Interview Attire dressing tips for Mens, Boys
Interview Attire dressing tips for Mens, Boys

Interview Tips – Dressing for Women

  • More than men interviewer take look at Woman’s please take your dressing very seriously.
  • Wear a Skirt or full pant (don’t wear 3/4th)
  • Your suit must comfortable and Free(perfect fit) not tight not over-sized so you can feel comfortable and Act best in front of HR.
  • Wear simple and dark-colored suits.
  • If you prefer skirts use knee-length don’t use too short.
  • Generally don’t wear jewelry if you won’t limit it to 3 pieces one earring, one finger ring, and necklace. The size of jewelry must be small.
  • Wear a traditional blouse with light colors and no prints (flowers, designs etc)
  • If you like wearing the Ring then wear only 1 ring in hand.
  • Be conservative for Wear shoes don’t use open toe or open back shoes also don,t use high heels.
  • Clothing should be neat, cleaned and pressed.
  • Use deodorant with light smell don’t use strong also don’t use perfume.
  • Your hair should neat, clean and conservatively styled.
Interview Tips - Attire/Dressing for Women/Girls
Interview Tips – Attire/Dressing for Women/Girls

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Interview Manners and Body Language.

Sitting posture for interview

  • Don’t be serious and tensed while entering interview room instead feel free and give a small smile to interviewer.(i said smile don’t laugh 😁😉)
  • Seat straight and keep smile and confident on face.
Do's and dont's postured in interview
Do’s and dont’s postured in interview

Interview Face & eye gestures and expressions

  • Keep eye contact with interviewers, don’t look down or elsewhere like staring his or her dressing, shoes etc.
  • Keep smile on face(don’t laugh loudly… I said smile)
  • Avoid expressions of Disbelief, Anger, humor, doubtfulness, disgust.
  • Show interest and understanding.
Right sitting postures for interview
Right sitting postures for interview

Right Hand gestures for Interview

  • Use a lot of hand gestures while answering.
  • Palm should be Up and arms open
  • Avoid negative and strong gestures.
hand%2Bgestures 5 Tips for great interviews.
Do’s and Dont’s hand gestures in interview.

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General Interview tips you must Know.

Common interview tips you must know
Common interview tips you must know

Here are some interview tips for common use and must follow for successful interview, You must have confidence while giving an interview but don’t be overconfident and also under confidence.

Be honest whatever you want to answer.if you are fresher and giving interviews for low salaried company or low cadre post then show you are from poor family background and need a job.

If you are Experienced or giving interview for higher posts and package. Then don’t show you are a needy person. Show confidence like if you don’t recruit me there are better company is ready to take me. (don’t say it just show it on your face😁😁😉).

Say I don’t know but don’t tell wrong answer it creates a bad impression. Be honest with your answer.sometimes he also confuse you even you give the right answer so be confident in your answer.Don’t use louder voice.

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5+ Most common interview questions & Answers.

Basic interview questions and their right answers
Basic interview questions and their right answers

Q1-Give your CV overview shortly or Introduce yourself or Tell me about yourself?

Answer – Focus on your education, hobbies, experience, interests.

try showing your achievements and explain how you changed your life by setting goals and learning positively.

Q2-Explain your strengths?

Answer– don’t say I am good at this, I am very good at this, etc. etc.

Don’t show off. Instead just reply positively to how effectively you do your work with proper planning and organizing.

Don’t tell about your negative points directly instead say i am consistently improving my negative points etc.

For example – if you can’t control your anger. then explain it like this

“I was not able to control my anger, But now i can control it in any situation”

Q3-What is your weakness?


Don’t give below answers

  • I don’t have patience
  • I become angry very quickly👿
  • I am short temper😠
  • My temper goes up someone blames me or scold me
  • I am weak @ communication.writing

Instead reply with below points same points explain positively

  • I have not patience for doing any work. I work until I cant wait to see it working. I work hard to do so.
  • I control my temper according to situations
  • I can write,can understand but I am weak at talking English because i don’t have practice.

Q4 – what is your 5 years future plan?

Answer – Common answers to avoid in Interview.

  • Own a company😂
  • Becoming company CEO
  • National Head
  • Top post in company

These are all fake and wrong answers. Instead Answer like Below

  • I want to absorb myself in the chosen field and become a master in my field.
  • I want to Acquire each and every knowledge of my workplace. And learn manpower management and getting work done in minimum resources.

Q5-What do you know about our company?

Answer – For answering this you need to do research online about company profile. But if you don’t have time and your technical subject studies not completed then give less importance to studying company profile.

Study the following key points about the company

  • Products of company
  • Revenue
  • Technologies they are using
  • Employment

Q6-How do you handle the change/problem-solving?

Answer – 

don’t say I have the ability to handle any change, I am good at problem-solving. (its not good for low experience interviews)

Instead say,

I will consult it with seniors, colleagues, and also my friends working in another organization and consistently think on it then will take appropriate decision.

Also give the latest example of a problem you solved.

Q7-Why you want to join our company?

If the HR asking this question that means you are near to your job.

The answer relies on you.

you may answer

  • I like the culture of your company as I read on your site
  • I like the products of your company and want to work in this field.
  • The work environment and innovative things I heard about your company inspired me to do so.

don’t say

  • your salary is good.🙇
  • your dress code is good
  • you offer good food. etc etc.

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The main mistakes you do while interview.

Most common mistakes done in interview
Interview Tips – Most common mistakes done in interview
  • Wrong dressing
  • Take online phone interviews as serious as live one.
  • Chewing Gum
  • leaving your phone sounds on
  • Bringing drinks or foods with you
  • Late coming
  • Showing tiredness
  • Showing need of job
  • Not introducing yourself
  • texting while interview
  • Interrupting interviewer while he saying something or you got a phone call
  • Wearing strong perfume
  • Forgetting your documents at home
  • Being extra serious or nervous and not smiling.
  • talking loudly and talking other than the subject.
  • Looking down or sides or other stuff in the room instead of looking at the eyes of the interviewer.
  • Putting your hand on Table.
  • Telling him need of money
  • Answering in your beneficial way instead of how you are beneficial to the company.
  • Not thanking the interviewer to getting a chance to meet him.

How to prepare for any engineering interview?What to study?

What to study for any engineering interview is variable question because its depends upon.

  • Company products
  • Mfg technology company use.
  • post company hiring for

So for correct and right direction please Tell me for what company you are going to give interview then I will Guide you throughout process.

Some of preferable Interview tips for preparation/What to study?

  1. Study and research the company.
  2. Study about products of the company.
  3. Manufacturing processes used in the company.
  4. What work goes on in the company.

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Some example of Interview preparation.(Interview tips)

Interview Example-1 If you are going for automobile engineering company interview, study about, Engine – working and construction, Automotive vehicles,fuels,safety norms,pollution norms etc.

Interview Example-2 If you are giving mechanical engineering company interview, study about the basic Mechanical engineering and respective products of the company. If the company is related to Heavy engineering then study about safety, Machining, Fabrication, Assembly etc.

Interview Examples-3 If you give an interview for Thermax, then Thermax is a fabrication company where welding is main. study about welding, types, automation, Testing of welding, material behavior, etc.

Interview Example-4 If you are giving an interview as a design engineer, Then study design symbols and meaning, Design studying,computer-aided design software, etc.,

Interview Examples-5 If you are giving an interview for a company having hydraulic products Then study about hydraulic parts, working, grades of oil, hydraulic circuits, etc.

Always try to overview the recruiter’s company website that will give you idea about what to study.

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