September 23, 2023

UPSC Exam – Best ways to prepare

IAS is the dream job for people, and lakhs of aspirants appear in the Civil Services Exam (uPSC Exam) yearly. A few people can make their dream a reality because the IAS exam is challenging and has a lengthy syllabus. 

The UPSC exam can’t be cracked just by luck and demands patience and strategy. Most aspirants take UPSC coaching because it helps to cover the syllabus and provide the best strategy. In this article, you will get all the information that will help you to kick off UPSC preparation.

Best Way to Prepare for UPSC Exam!
Best Way to Prepare for UPSC Exam!

Time Required to Prepare for UPSC Exam

Time is the most precious resource, and you might have thought, “How much time is required for UPSC preparation?” First, understand the UPSC syllabus to determine the time required for UPSC exam preparation.

UPSC has a large syllabus and various subjects. Live classes for UPSC become crucial as they will help to cover the syllabus. UPSC exam is divided into three stages: Prelims, Mains, Personality Test, or Interview. Each stage eliminates aspirants, and few become IAS in the end. 

Prelims are the first stage of the exam, consisting of two objective papers held between June and August. Mains the second stage of the UPSC exam and includes 9 descriptive papers. Aspirants who have passed the prelims exam can write the mains exam. An interview or personality test is the last stage of the exam and aspirants who clear all the stages become the IAS.

Every exam takes time and varies depending on the difficulty and syllabus of the exam. Generally, aspirants take 10-12 months to prepare for the IAS exam, while a few candidates also complete the syllabus and UPSC exam preparation in 6 months. A candidate can attempt the UPSC exam six times, which means 6 years is the maximum time limit. Unfortunately, few candidates couldn’t pass the exam even in 6 years.

Time taken by a candidate varies person-to-person and internal factors are the key reason, as external factors are the same for every candidate. It might be possible that external factors can differ, such as UPSC coaching fees.

The time taken to clear the UPSC exam is up to you as few have cleared the exam on the first attempt while some candidates have cleared on the 4th attempt and some couldn’t.

Is Clearing the IAS Exam Tough?

A lot of people feel the IAS is the toughest exam in India as people become civil servants via this exam. The success rate is very low in the UPSC exam as the syllabus is very vast, and candidates have to cover a variety of topics. UPSC exam tests all aspects – knowledge, writing, and personality. 

Many people fear high competition in the UPSC exam because of the lack of aspirants who give the exam every year. In the end, competition comes to a few thousand as aspirants get eliminated in each step due to less concentration and strategy. 

IAS is not an exam where you will work hard for a few months and get the results. It demands dedication and perseverance for the exam. UPSC preparation online classes help aspirants to cover the syllabus and beat the competition with the best strategy. 

Tips for Preparation

Hard work will not be enough for the UPSC exam as competition is very high and lacs of candidates are working hard. If you beat them with strategy along with hard work, you will become unstoppable. Here are a few tips by the best UPSC coaching institute.

First, prepare yourself for the upcoming challenges – physical and mental levels. Managing time becomes crucial for the UPSC exam, and it is the most difficult thing while preparing for UPSC. If you want to become an IAS officer, a routine and time management will help you while covering the syllabus and sticking to it for the longest time. The UPSC exam demands time and consistency, so learn to stick to the timetable regularly.

If you are starting the preparation, know the syllabus first, as it will help you to make the preparation plan and go through the books in the meantime. You can also take live classes for UPSC or can prepare by yourself after knowing the exam syllabus.

UPSC aspirants must have to be aware of the current news. Read the daily newspaper or follow the daily news blog. The civil services exam asked questions about current affairs directly or indirectly. Optional subjects play a key role in your success, so choose a best suite optional subject for you.

The NCERT test book is crucial and solves the questions from the sixth to the twelfth book. It will give you an idea about the basic concepts. Make a short note, as it will help you during revision.

Practice the answer writing and solve the previous year’s question paper as much as you can. Join the mock test series and mock interview for a clear understanding of the exam.

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IAS is the dream job, and lakhs of people are preparing for it. The success rate is very low, and it raises questions in people’s minds “Is the IAS exam tough?” The toughness of the UPSC exam varies among people, as few are cleared in 6 months while some couldn’t do it in 6 years. UPSC coaching institute will help you while preparing for the IAS exam.

FAQ’s about UPSC Exam preparation.

Is it very difficult to become an IAS?

About 120–180 candidates who scored the highest after passing all the levels are given the prestigious and most sought-after Indian Administrative Service position. It is regarded as one of the hardest tests in the nation for all of these reasons.

Is CSAT is compulsory for UPSC?

Yes, the UPSC exam’s CSAT section is required. It also goes by the name of general studies-2. However, because it is a qualifying paper, candidates simply need to receive at least 66 out of a possible 200 points. Before responding, candidates should consider the dangers because a negative grade of 0.83 will be given.

What is The Passing Marks in UPSC Mains? 

Each qualifying paper must be passed with at least a 25% grade for candidates to advance to the main test. Even if candidates pass Papers I through VI, they will not be allowed to take the personality test if they fail to pass the qualifying exams.

What happens after selection in UPSC? 

Candidates are sent for training after being chosen for the UPSC CSE. Candidates who are chosen for the IAS are sent to the LBSNAA for training; similarly, candidates for the IPS are sent to the LBSNAA before being sent to the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel National Police Academy.


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