December 3, 2023

38 Best Birthday Wishes and Quotes.

To send a nice greeting it is a sign of well-groomed and talented person and to make it
possible we will help you with below best wishes.

You may choose good, beautifully crafted and meaningful birthday wishes, messages for
your loved once or family members.

Best Birthday Wishes and Quotes.
Best Birthday Wishes and Quotes.

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Inspirational and motivational Birthday Wishes

Blow out the candles and make a wish. May all you wishes come true on your birthday
and throughout a year ahead.

several gift boxes near the white flowers

Blow out the candles and make a wish. May all you wishes come true on your birthday
and throughout a year ahead.

On this day, a star was born in the sky. That bright, shining star is only you! Be your best
self always and sparkle all the time as usual. Wishing you a Happy-happy birthday.

Today is your birthday. Wishing you this day, week, month, and year of endless
possibilities and infinite happiness. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you. With another special number candle on the cake, remember that
age is just a number. Don’t count the number candles, but always see the light they

Inspirational and motivational Birthday Wishes
Inspirational and motivational Birthday Wishes

It’s your birthday. No mountain is high, no river wide, no dream is big. This year go out
and catch your goals with hands.

You’re one more year older now. Your birthday is a perfect time to pause, think and
promise yourself another great year full of adventure and endeavours. Wishing you a
wonderful and cherish year ahead!

Wishing you a very-very happy birthday! This year, you will achieve all you deserve, and
you deserve the very best in every way. Always remember, your success always
depends on you.

You’re one more year older, but you will always stay younger at heart. Today is the
oldest you have ever been and the youngest you will ever be again, so cherish this
moment and enjoy. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I wish you a ahead years full of joy, love and happiness. You were born
to do the great things! Have an amazing and super birthday.

Wishing you upcoming year of success, strength and bravery, may God bless you with
faith, love and courage. Enjoy your special day. Happy-Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday ! May you always follow your own unique style path when walking
through journey of life. You’re an inspiration, and I hope you will have a fantastic

May your birthday be blessed with the warmth-wishes of your loved ones and may you
surrounded with love and laughter. Happy birthday!

I pray all birthday wishes to come true and a wonderful year ahead for you. Happy

Enjoy your special day-birthday to the fullest. Make each day of this year count as a
special day. Happy Birthday!

Sending you wishes for the happiest of birthdays. May all your wishes comes true on
this special ocasion. Happy Birthday….

Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday is filled with love, joy, and many new beginnings.
You are loved today and will be always.

Your friendship it’s like a warm hug, giving cushion-comfort and happiness to everyone
you touch. May your birthday be as special as you are, Happy Birthday….

Happy Birthday! May your birthday be filled with happiness. May you find the lightness
to celebrate your special life event.

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Short and Simple Birthday Wishes.

Happy Birthday. May your birthday be sprinkled with love, fun and laughter. Have a
great day!

Congratulations on your special occasion of life. Wishing you a truly fabulous day.
Happy Birthday.

Wishing you a very-very special birthday and a wonderful year head.
I hope your special day is full of love, happiness and laughter. Sending you many good
wishes on your special day.

Short and Simple Birthday Wishes.
Short and Simple Birthday Wishes.

Wishing you a very-very happy birthday. May all your dreams come true. Happy

I hope you have a wonderful and fabulous day and the year ahead is full of fun and
adventure. Happy Birthday!

Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful day and many blessings for the years ahead.
Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on your birthday. Sending you our love and good wishes. Happy

Many-many happy returns to you on your birthday. We hope you have a wonderful and
joyfully day with lots of friends, family, and cake.

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Covid birthday wishes.

There is no one else I could rather be quarantined with. Happy Covid birthday

Sit back, chill, relax, and celebrate how truly wonderful you are with a well-deserved
quarantine. Happy Covid birthday !

Today I will be singing happy birthday to you twice every time, I wash my hands and
sending lots of birthday wishes with lots of love your way. Have a good one! Happy
Covid birthday !

Covid birthday wishes.
Covid birthday wishes.

I can not wait to be less than six feet away from you. Happy Covid birthday !

On the other and positive side, at least you don’t need to share your birthday cake with
anyone else this year. Happy Covid birthday !

Wishing you a very-very happy birthday from a safe & appropriate social distance.
Happy Covid birthday !

Keep Calm and Stay Safe… and have a very Happy Covid birthday !

Sorry to hear you are not well on your special day. I’m Sending you lots of love and
happiness. Take care and be safe. Enjoy your day. Happy Covid birthday !

I just wanted to give you something very amazing & inspiring on your special day. Then
I recognized that you already have me. Happy Birthday .

I am so pleased to hear that you are over the hill instead of under it .
I would not say you are old! You have just been young for longer than most of us. Happy

You’re such a great friend and co-worker. I hope you have a lovely day. Happy Birthday!
Thank you for all that you do for our team. We hope you have a great birthday. Happy

Many-Many happy returns on your fantastic birthday today from all of us. Hope you
have a wonderful and cherish day a head. Happy Birthday…

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