November 28, 2023

Best Movies to watch, Songs & quotes to share on International friendship day.

Best Movies to watch, Songs & quotes to share on International friendship day – The shirt gripping around my waist reminds me of some people who were more than just my schoolmates, who gifted me this beautiful blue striped linen shirt with crafty buttons laced at alternate positions giving it a look more than a regular shirt.

These people who gifted me this shirt on my 16th birthday remind me how schoolmates can be your family can be someone with who you share your time, thoughts, and many other things without any hesitation, someone who would tie up your shoelaces if you are bad at it, or someone who would perform silly pranks on you just to make you feel happy, maybe they are called as friends and yes I had few friends as well who were my family.

Best ways to wish your friends on International Friendship day.
Best Movies to watch, Songs & quotes to share on International friendship day

And now I am here back to where we drifted apart like a river pointing its tributaries towards the corners of crystal turns and loops. And now, as a grown-up 26-year-old young adult, I want to surprise my friends with a tinge of humor and lots of unconditional love hidden inside my fragile body for them.

Every one of us loves to spend time with our friends, but alas not every one of us is lucky enough to celebrate this friendship day directly with our friends, maybe it is because you are far away from your friend, or maybe there is some other business or professional reason which keeps you apart.

So to reignite the beauty of friendship, you carry maybe you can binge-watch movies based on a company together or share creative quotes or social statuses on this beautiful day by checking out this article to unfold the beauty of International friendship day.

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1-Rang De Basanti [Hindi]
This story revolves around how a group of friends unfolds the injustice prevailing in the Indian army and sacrifice their own lives after they discover how their friend faced the path of death in the Indian army. Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra crafted the story to interlace the old story of Indian freedom fighters with new-age contemporary time, enhancing the movie script and the characters. This movie is a movie that will bring tears once you start watching along with your friends.

2- 3 Idiots [Hindi]
A story of friendship without the element of college life is like a missing strawberry on a party cake. The story of 3 idiots revolves around Rancho, Farhan, Raju, who have their own style of living their lives. However, still, all of them are tied up together with strings of simplicity and sweet emotions in their friendship, as they realize at the end what life is meant to them.

3-Sonu ke titu ki sweety[Hindi]
Imagine a friend who is like a guardian advising you how to live your life at every step you take every day, but what happens when a mysterious girl enters the life of Titu and tries to take him away from Sonu, who wants to protect his friend from the traps laid down by Sweety, check out the movie to realize how Sonu turns the tables of friendship and saves Titu from Sweety.

Anni, a student who joins the top college of engineering after bagging a respectable national rank, finds out that his place is a hostel full of people who were called losers, starts the journey of his college life with a bag of mysteries. Still, in the end, he knew the real meaning of life and friends, and the story unfolds.

5-Forest Gump[English]
This movie shows the pure bromance between army elites Between Tom Hanks and Benjamin Buford in the purest form while Benjamin was on the verge of his death, even after Bubba rests in peace.
Forrest carries his body over his broad shoulders to show what it means to lose a best friend amid a dark forest full of fears.

6-Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi[Telugu]
A group of four struggling friends trying to earn something out of their twisted lives decide to meet under a bar roof after a long time and decide to go to goa under a moment of haziness where they meet the natural twists and turns while making a long dreamed short film on the beaches of goa trying to earn money for a bit of mistake they made.

7-Banglore days[Malyalam]
A beautiful movie revolving around three cousins who always dreamt about roaming around the roads of the urban city Bangalore got a lucky chance of fulfilling their dreams and in that process find out how their lives were twisted with each other. This movie will bring the genuine concept of how friends, no matter what, will always be your side in all your problems lingering around.

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  1. Tera Yaar Hoon Me .
    Movie-Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety[Hindi]
  2. Nanga Punga Dost.
    Movie-PK [Hindi]
  3. Count on Me.
    By Bruno Mars[English]
  4. O My Friend. Movie-
    Happy Days [Telugu]
  5. Woh Din. Movie-
    Chihhichhore [Hindi]
  6. Mustafa Mustafa. Movie-
    Prema Desam[Telugu]
  7. 7-Aathadi. Movie-
    Natpe Thunai[Tamil]

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1-Best friends are like clingy creatures, inseparable till the end…
2-One friend can turn your entire life.
3-Best friends create good times and fade away hard times.
4-Sometimes sleeping under your umbrella of protection is the only way of cherishing our friendship.
5-Best friends are those silly people who create memories and solve mysteries, and don’t leave you alone even in times of darkness.

Friendship is fragile, like a tiny piece of cotton that can be torn apart in a second, but something as beautiful as a flower garden located at the edge of the Netherlands Alps with winds swinging round the corners of creation.

On this friendship day, you can create a crafty collage, or plan a surprise reunion with your old friends, or buy some gifts for your best friends, or go for a long drive with all your friends in your old car of memories. Life is a twisted tale of turns, but with friends around the corner, you can create happiness like creating a snowball with a nose of naughty and a smile of decorations. Its creation is what I would describe all about friendship.

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