7 Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos

Travelling and exploring places is among the best adventures one can ever take. With each trip comes more exposure, your mind will widen up, you’ll even be able to view the world differently. The more you travel, the more exposed you will be moreover let’s not forget the fact that this travel spots are usually fun and welcoming this in most occasions you’ll get the urge of visiting the place again and again. Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos

Ain’t that impressive? With tiktok being the most used app in history, most people tend to document this trips in their page, to ensure that the videos are even more appealing adding background songs serves as a good trend. It makes the videos more lively and interactive. If you are looking for a list of the videos that can serve as a good background song for your videos then this is the right place to be. Here is a list of the best songs you can use in your travel videos.(This link is for Bollywood/Hindi songs)

Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos
Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos

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Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos.

1.Explore the world by brainheart.

This is the best of the best songs. It states that “we should explore the world and create memories in our own way, we should not waste our time since we only live once” This words hit deep into the heart above all it’s the reality. We only live once, so ensure that the life you are living is worth it, go to places, sing, dance, laugh, swing, we are never too old to have fun.

Let’s normalize taking risks and enjoying life so that when we reflect backwards someday we will be proud of how we used our time. This song will make a good background song in your videos as it talks about how we should embrace travelling and exploring places and how in the long run we will find our inner naked self. so it is Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos. Click here to use this song on Instagram for reels Background.


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1.1 – Explore the world by brainheart 2.0

After getting good response from first version of song explore the world. Brainheart’s channel owners – brother & Sister launched new version of the song called Explore the world by brainheart 2.0. So hope you will like this song and use it on instagram to make trending travel reels and short videos on TikTok and YT short platforms. use explore the world by brainheart 2.0 on instagram for your travel reels.

Explore the world by brainheart 2.0 – Exploring nature reels song

2.Paris by the Chainsmokers.

Paris, is basically a song that talks of how one goes out to travel and I search of new friends great places and more. It’s all about one having a good time, where one atleast goes out from their jobs to have a good time and enjoy life. This song can be of great importance when you add it to your travel videos because it not only shows your desire to travel and have fun but also to meet amazing people. Which is incredibly awesome. best song for travel videos on Tiktok, Instagram reels & Youtube shorts. click here to use Paris reels song on Instagram

Paris travel short videos background music

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3.Dancing in the streets of Barcelona by Edsheeran.

You can tell that the song is awesome just through the tittle. Edsheeran is known for the amazing work that he does, his music is beyond awesome. The shape of you hit maker, has overtime displayed his reliability to produce amazing work and his work of dancing in the streets of Barcelona can not be left out, in this song, it entails the idea of travelling where Edsheeran states that one should close their eyes and pretend that they are dancing in the streets of Barcelona.

This song is not only a love song but also a travel song, it can make a good travel background music most especially of those in aeroplanes. You can try it someday! so it is Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos. Click here use Barcelona song for your travel reels on Instagram.

wanderer short video BGM for Instagram reels and Tiktok

4.Unstoppable by Sia.

This is clearly the go to song.  “ I’m unstoppable,  I’m a Porsche with no brakes, I’m invincible, I win every single game, I’m so powerful, I don’t need batteries to play, I’m so confident, I’m unstoppable today, unstoppable today.” This song, has a message that one is unstoppable and untouchable, when used in risky scenes it can make a good show.

A clear example is when one jumps from high places or when one wants to dive in a deep sea or pool, it shows that they are unstoppable and untouchable and  nothing can pull them back. It brings the sense that when you truly desire to do something, nothing can stop you at all cost.

Indeed nothing can ever stop a determined mind and heart,it’s all it takes for one to keep going and to focus on what they truly desire. If you are looking for the ideal song to use in your risky travel video then this is it. so it is Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos. Click here to use unstoppable by Sia on Instagram for making reels.

rock/pop song for travel tiktok and youtube shorts videos

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5.The nights by Avicii.

“He said, one day you’ll leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember. My father told me when I was just a child. These are the nights that never die. My father told me…” this song, educates us that we should not be afraid to live the life that we want because one day we will leave this world behind. Ain’t that impressive? This is such a powerful message.

Let’s normalize living how we want and doing the things that make us happy. We are too young to be worrying and stressing. The night’s by Avicii can make a good background song in your travel video, as you’ll not only be having fun but also encouraging others to go ahead and do what they want. so it is Best reels/ Tiktok songs for travel videos. Use the nights reels song on Instagram reels.

best travel songs for short videos background

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6.To the moon by Jnr Choi.

This song, can make an incredible song for your travel videos most especially those night moments when you have gone to have fun , as it indicates of how one talks to the moon during such moments which is so impressive. Above all it also has a good rhythm which when used can bring out an awesome output. Try using this and trust me you’ll love it. its best song for travel videos on Tiktok, Instagram reels & Youtube shorts. Use to the moon song for Instagram videos background.

background songs for travel videos english

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7. Frozen by Madonna and Sickick.

The instrumental part of this song, is just the best. When you use it in your travel video it brings out a good output that  can even give someone an urge to watch your video more than once, most especially where the “ mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart.” The voice plus the instrumental compilation gives it the best outlook.

You can try using this in your travelling video and  I believe you will love it since speaking from personal experience I have tried using it and it has given me nothing but the very best. All the best as you explore this sounds! so this one is best song for travel videos on Tiktok, Instagram reels & Youtube shorts. Click here to use Frozen song for travel Instagram reels.

best songs for travel videos on Instagram, Tiktok, MOJ and YT shorts.

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