4 Bizarre things exercise does to our body.

Imagine yourself at a place full of weights and exercise equipment amidst few strangers working out rigorously through the tides of time; every one of us loves to shape our bodies in a way that looks attractive and ensures to boost our confidence as we live our lives.

But do you know that the same exercise though it improves your human body, or elevates your mood due to stimulation of your cardiovascular system, still can add few strange effects to your fragile body? let’s try to check out how these exercises can turn you around and add different side effects to your body

4 Bizarre things exercise does to our body.
4 Bizarre things exercise does to our body.

4 Bizarre things exercise does to our body – De-Merits of Exercise on body.

1-You feel a pain in your ribs.

Researchers and analysts are still trying to configure why exercise causes stabbing pain once you do it rigorously. Although analysts believe that this stabbing pain is due to the spasms occurring in your diaphragm and maybe it is because of consuming food closer to your workout session

What to do
Slowing down your exercise routine by a rep or a min can allow slower abdominal contractions, which reduce the stabbing pain while lifting weights or running on the treadmill, stretch your wide arms over your thick head or to the side lanes to reduce the risk of sudden pain in ribs. Warm-up your body before performing any vigorous exercise; it’s a ritual to reduce the risk of injuries and sharp pain to your body.

2-Your nose might leak like a running tap.

Exercise When performed during a cold breeze or dry air, it can cause the common cold or, in medical terms, exercise-induced rhinitis.
Increased amounts of breathing through your nasal openings during exercising can strain the mucous membranes lining your nose, resulting in drying up your membranes and resulting in a leaky nose.

What to do
A good nasal spray might disfigure the interruption of your leaky nose while you are exercising; using a nasal spray 30 minutes before your daily exercise might help you focus more on your activities than your running nose.
Your thin face turns like a thick red tomato.
During lifting weight more than your limit or constantly lifting a consequence for a particular time will stimulate your blood capillaries located around your face as a constituent of blood vessels.
These blood vessels dilate during exercise to lower your body temperature.

3-You want to go to the bathroom badly.

An average person exercising regularly experiences the urge of bowel discharge or urination while working out in a gym or walking around the woods; this urge is called a runner’s trot. This urge is amplified because our body transfers the blood to the peripheral muscles while exercising to provide more oxygen and energy. This leads to a bit of dehydration and stimulation of this urge.

What to do
Eating before you lift your weights is strictly prohibited if you want to decrease the bathroom urge; skip the intake of food two hours before exercising and avoid high-calorie foods or high fiber foods like sweeteners, caffeine which are at the end of the day worse your situation. Drink enough water and make sure to lift your weights only after proper bowel movements in simple terms of defecation.

4-You might develop an allergy to exercising.\

People around the globe have exclaimed about this concept of gaining allergies because few people are allergic to excess sweat and a rise in body temperature. For example, Urticaria is an allergy caused by extra work and an increase in your body temperature; probably exercising accounts to be one of the reasons for excess sweating.

What to do
To work out your allergies, consulting a specialist in the field, probably a doctor, might help you relieve to an extent. If you are suffering from an allergy called Urticaria, an antihistamine treatment is recommended by your doctor before you start exercising. It’s done to lower your body temperature, thus making you less allergic than before.

Things to inculcate to initiate a passive exercise

Exercising is like a ritual for people who want to look fit and stay healthy; perhaps when you are webbed in a world of busyness and tiredness, you always want to skip that one last rep or take a day off in the hope of doing exercises the next day. But do you know that there are few things that you can include to induce passive movement in simple terms? You need not focus on a single set or a single rep but can burn down few calories as you initiate these little things?

Here is a list of activities you can do to perform the passive exercise-

1-Step over objects laid on your house carpet.
2-Climb the stairs of your apartment or any workspace as frequently as you can.
3-Carry the bags of groceries and other additives on your own instead of hopping on a car if you stay nearby to a mart.
4-Move sideways while washing your clothes manually, just like how you dance at a prom.
5-Learn to get up from a chair without the support of the resting arms of the chair.
6-When you are in a situation of lifting an object from the ground, try to squat rather than bending your waist.
7-Try to stand on a single leg while folding or ironing your clothes, just like the ancient Buddha.
8-Try to play different sports more often like football, basketball, Cricket, whatever it is; this not only burns down calories but also gives a tinge of entitlement to win or lose, in other words, sportsmanship.
9-Do you know that you can burn calories by even thinking? In other words, solving puzzles or mysteries can reduce the risk of a brain tumor or any brain disorder; this still can be considered as a passive exercise.
Exercise, as it sounds, is a ritual to be performed every day generously; the more you devote yourself to it, the more the benefits you claim as you progress. You need not gain a six-pack or a humongous body or lift tons of weights; you can regularly do exercises only to stay fit and healthy that’s what anyone would lure for if you want to live longer, exercising is like an old wine the more time you devote to it the tastier it will turn out.

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