September 23, 2023


It was the time of watching the sunrise from the east through a narrow window placed on top of the secret space of my house on the eve of independence day when every one of us, especially children, used to run through the slippery roads to grab those mini size sweets enveloped in those fragile polythene mini bags and showcase an expression of love towards the nation while watching the flag roll through the knots of rope placed on top of a pole. I miss those days of laughter and passion towards this beautiful day of celebrating freedom with friends and family.


Independence day now as a cornerstone chief manager for me is just like an ordinary day with the same chores of exhaustion and lack of excitement. Still, as the time was ticking through my wristwatch, I surfed my internet to search for some exciting things to do on this independence day, and guess what I came across this article which briefly tells you about the fun of fantasizing your freedom fighters through independence day theme movies and tune in into those heroic melodies sung by the singers entitled with the voice of freedom. Let’s check out this article to unfold the things you can add to your list of chores to be done on this independence day.

Movies to add to your wish list on this independence day

A cricket match between officers of the British army and devastated helpless Indian farmers revolves around how these Indian farmers turn the tables upside down to save their crops and their lives from the greedy hands of the British army.

2-Swades [Hindi]
An Indian working under the renowned NASA for a while discovers the old tied roots of his family and friends while taking a short vacation which eventually brims up his everlasting love towards his motherland as he spends his time in a hamlet.

A fight between two nations of long-run hatred, The Longhewalla battle of 1971 with a pack of soldiers and hovering air support, will push you into an experience of watching a battlefield from a nearby camp, watching how Sunny Paaji destroys the Pakistan camp with his witty mind and additional support with the help of a bazooka is all about this film

4-Chak De India[Hindi]
Hockey, the national game of this global country with a team of 15 girls and a master coach, is all about this film. The creation of pure emotions of willpower of overcoming obstacles and taking a leap of faith towards slashing the hockey ball with the hockey stick towards the goal post is something to watch out for.

Krishna Vamsi, the director of this movie of heroic moves, showcases a string of harmony laid down amidst the hatred and terrorism brimming up in Indian society.
The story swirls around an auto driver who is Muslim by his religion, an aspiring Indian actor who is a Hindu, and a police officer who saves the nation from the terrorists of Pakistan.

An Indian army soldier who is on vacation formally and on a mission informally to track down and eradicate a group of terrorists and to deactivate the persistent sleeper cells working under the invading terrorist command finds out different clues as he tracks down. This movie does show you a tale of twisting story as it progresses its end with the soldier saving his nation.

This movie showcases the struggles, hardships, emotions, tied burdens, and innumerable sacrifices done by the Indian army through the eyes of Major Mahadevan. He was assigned the duty to destroy the enemy camp and kill all the terrorists prevailing.

The Songs to tune in on this Independence day

1-Ae Mere Pyare Watan

2-Maa Tujhe Salaam

3-Suno Gaur Se Duniya Walo

4-Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani
Movie-Phir Bhi Dl Hai Hindustani[Hindi]

5-Punya Bhoomi Na Desam
Movie-Major Chandrakanth[Telugu]

6-Meme Indians

7-Desam Mande

8-Kappal Ottiya Thamizhan
Movie-Endru Thaniyum Intha[Tamil]

Movie-Kappaleri Poyacchu[Tamil]


Songs are a way of tying up your emotions with the string of brimming-up experiences while listening to songs through our electric headphones; you can share these lists with your friends and family to cherish the tales of freedom fighters and relive their emotions through your eyes of wisdom.
Let’s try to find new ways of searching and surfing new techniques to cherish our independence day with a tinge of adrenal rush in our nerves of freedom.

Quotes to share on this independence day

1-Nothing is more valuable than a tinge of liberty and a constant feeling of freedom, happy independence day.
2-Tying the ropes of unity with the faith of faithful people to unfold space is the most precious thing as a citizen of this nation.
3-Standing tall like an impregnable Indian soldier amidst the curves of cruelties is something we have to teach as an Indian; happy independence day.
4-May the glory rolling through our days of freedom last forever till the sunsets. Happy independence day.
5-Under the clouds of darkness and lights of fear, there stood a guy with round-ended spectacles and a stick in his hand showcasing nonviolence to bring freedom to the lost souls.

List of people who are the actual makers of India

Abdul Kalam A P J –President
Rajiv Gandhi-Prime Minister
Anna Hazare-Civil Right Activist
Mahatma Gandhi-Civil Right Activist
Kiran Bedi-Civil Right Activist
Aurobindo-Spiritual Leader
Rabindranath Tagore-Author
Aryabhatta-Heritage Personality
Azim Premji-Entrepreneur
Jamsetji Tata-Entrepreneur
Bipin Chandra-Scientist
Feroz Khan-Actor
Illiyaraja-Music Composer
Mahendra Singh Dhoni-Cricketer

Our country, with above 130 crores of the population, has immense potential to invade and secure their goals and dreams gradually by sharpening our skills through the tides of time; We Indians don’t bow our heads to the chains of failure lingering around our corners of fears; instead, we break those chains and conquer our fears like a rising lion on top of a mountain waiting for its prey to be torn apart into pieces.

With tales of courage to conquer the hidden cowardness located inside our minds, our national freedom fighters proved that nothing in this world is impossible, and everything can be defeated once we realize who we are.
Happy Independence Day. Jai Hind…

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