December 3, 2023

5 Trending Songs On Instagram Reels right now

5 Trending songs on Instagram 2022/23 compiled here. In a world full of digitization, the best way to promote songs and make them more popular, is through using Instagram reels. Reels are short videos that are often accompanied by songs, often this songs are usually hit makers. Instagram is a huge platform in the modern society, as almost everyone is in it, you can be able to learn a lot through Instagram. You can learn about fashion trends, business ideas, the lifestyle of your favourite celebrities or influencers and above all have fun.

Many artists release songs from time to time thus, you may have difficulties knowing the best song to use for your reels, or rather you may end up using an old school song yet we are in the current generation. To ensure you do not have such Inconvenience and to have the latest 2022 updates, we have written this article to update you. If you are looking for such a playlist then look no further, because we have your back, below is a list of 5 trending songs on Instagram you can use for your Instagram reels:

5 trending songs on Instagram reels  2022/23.
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“HRS and HRS” by Muni Long

This song is absolutely great and deserves to be included in this list of 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23. Believe me when I say this song is a banger, I’ve seen it being used in almost thousands of Instagram reels, that’s how amazing it is! Muni Long’s sweet voice blends in so well with the instrumentals. You can always consider using this masterpiece in your Instagram reel for an incredible output.

The lyrics of this song state that, “ Yours, mine ours, I could do this for hours sit and talk to you for hours, I wanna give you your flowers, and some champagne showers, order shrimp and lobster towers, but it’s me that gets devoured ooh, when you do what you do, I’m empowered, you give me a super power, together the world could be ours…”I like how she controls her voice, indeed this is a pure talent, Muni Long is on her own league.

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Therefore, you can use this song in your Instagram reels as it’s a modern song and so recent, since it was released six months ago and it has about forty five million views, it will definitely deliver. We had to include it in this list of 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23.

“Fire on Fire” by Sam Smith

This is another great song to make up this list of 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23. If you are an Instagram lover, you’ve definitely come across this gem not once not twice, Fire on Fire is a full vibe, trust me, the instrumentals are just on another level. Most content creator have used it, so you won’t be the first or last, your video is also likely to be loved by most as the sound effect will take things to another level.

Here are the lines, “Fire on fire, we’re normally killers, with this much desire together we’re winners, they say that we are out of control and some say we’re sinners, but don’t let them ruin our beautiful rhythm, cause when you unfold and tell me you love me, and look in my eyes, you are perfection, my only direction, it’s fire on fire..” such a soothing song from Sam, you should definitely consider adding fire on fire by Sam smith , you won’t go wrong with this decision. It deserves to be one of the 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23.

“Balance it” by Djay

This is more of a dance song, it gives you the vibe of dancing and just having fun, although literally, this is a love song where the singer states that for the lovers love he can literally kill. That’s how strong his love is, therefore you can use this song to dedicate it to your lover in your Instagram reel as you notify, him/ her how much you value and love the individual.

Love is a beautiful thing, and if you’ve walked down this road, you can clearly relate to this, so with the music effect it will be a whole vibe. The beauty of the music is that it communicates the emotions that we often can’t speak it out, “Balance” will do it for you, consider using it as it’s also a trending and a latest song. It is absolutely one of the 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23.

“Snatched” by Big Boss Vette

This is another great song to be part of our 5 trending songs on Instagram reels. Bigg Boss Vette, is talented no lie, if you check her work you’ll definitely agree with me, she is a clear indication that women are capable of producing good music. She’s breaking barriers in the industry, her song Snatched puts her in this list, of the trending songs that can be used in Instagram reels. Instagram has introduced a culture for this song, where often people show their two versions in their reels.

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Using this masterpiece, one can display how basic they are and then boom all of a sudden, they’re so extra and classy. If you are interested, you can also try to join this challenge on Instagram, don’t be left behind! You’ll have fun doing it, as it’s the current trend. This masterpiece was released two months ago, and it has up to around one point five million views on YouTube.

Furthermore, it has been used to advertise a variety of products be it, furniture, clothes among others. This is to show you that even while doing business you can market your products and have fun. You can try this one of our 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23.

Eeh Yahweh kumama papa by Prinx Emmanuel

This is another one on our list of 5 trending songs on Instagram reels. How about we incorporate a religious song in this reel! To break the monotomy , this gem will do us good. In the song, when it’s translated into English it states, “ you have never failed me God,you will never disappoint me Yahweh, when I call you answer”, we talk about how marvelous God is, how he is a promise keeper and will always deliver.

A trend challenge was introduced in Instagram for this song inorder to make it more lively. People loved this song and they showed how God has led them from nothing to something, from zero to heroes. Individuals posted their pictures and videos up to the most recent one’s and how they’ve greatly leveled up and they’re thankful. You can always go to Instagram and check how the lifestyle of most people has changed by God grace.

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The beauty of this song is that it’s not only religious but also, it has the beats and above all it’s latest since it was released two months ago. Despite the fact that , it’s sung in vernacular, it’s still loved by most. You can always consider adding this song in your recent Instagram videos. No doubt it’s one of the 5 trending songs on Instagram reels 2022/23.

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