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6 best WordPress themes for blogs

Selection of best WordPress themes is Important because having the right theme can make or break your blog. WordPress themes determine everything from how sleek and professional it looks to its navigation- friendliness, so you need a good one if you want any followers at all!
The WordPress theme is the visual representation of your blog and it’s a great way to distinguish yourself from other bloggers. With more than 1,000 themes available on their website alone, you’re sure to find one that complements your content in style!

WordPress is one of the most popular blog publishing platforms in use today. With thousands of free and premium themes available, it’s hard to know which theme will be best for your site!

In this post I present my favorite WordPress blogging themes from seven different companies as well as some tips on how to choose a perfect colors scheme that matches both your content style and personality type. To make sure you find exactly what you are looking for just keep reading below or head over here _ (link) where there’s plenty more information about choosing the right design template for YOU!

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Top 6 Best WordPress Themes for Blogs.

1 – Olsen Review – The Best WordPress Theme for Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

Olsen Review – The Best WordPress Theme for Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs
Olsen Review – The Best WordPress Theme for Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs

I like wordpress themes that are clean, simple, and easy to use. I don’t need wordpress themes with a million wordpress widgets crammed in there – if there’s one wordpress widget that works effectively, then why have 9 others that you’ll rarely use.

This is the case with Olsen.  It includes almost everything you’d ever need for any wordpress blog or website including wordpress widgets for: Social Bookmarking (both of the top wordpress plug-ins), Adsense/Adwords (so you can make money off your blogs), Archives (flickr, wordpress link directory etc), Word Counts (make sure your word count is high enough), Meta Information, wordpress Statistics (Google rankings and wordpress analytics), wordpress Search Engine Optimization (SEO) wordpress Widgetize Google Analytics. There’s of course a wordpress comment section as well. You can view the word press widget list here .

Above is one of my favorite wordpress themes for blogs – it features 9 word press widgets that are exceptionally important/useful to any blog or website. It also appears to be optimized very well for SEO such as including Google’s pageRank symbol right in the background image… nice touch!

There are no reviews on ewthem however because this word press theme isn’t an official plugin from word press, but instead created by someone who felt like creating their own word press theme.  Still, word press doesn’t make it easy to create wordpress themes – which is the whole point of and word press in general – so I give the creator credit for making this wordpress theme!

2- Extra Review — The Best wordpress theme for Most Standard Blogs

xtra Review — The Best theme for Most Standard Blogs
extra Review — The Best wordpress theme for Most Standard Blogs

When you are looking for a WordPress theme that lets you do it all, and have an easier time doing it, then Extra is my top recommendation. With some themes, you can get pigeon-holed into a certain style or format with boundaries limiting your creativity; however this never has to be the case when using Extra since there really is no limit on where aesthetics may take its course. From blogs of any type such as digital magazines and online stores to portfolios?you’re in luck if what
you need most from your website is versatility!

Extra is the WordPress theme that does it all. Build anything you can imagine with Extra’s diverse themes and plugins to customize your website, blog or online store without any limits.

Extra is from Elegant Themes, the same people who make Divi. Extra has been optimized for bloggers and includes modules within the Divi Builder like post feed, carousel posts, slider articles; all of which are aimed at giving your content greater visibility to readers on search engines.

Divi has always been a great theme for bloggers, but the introduction of Extra makes it even better. Divi now includes modules within its builder that are designed specifically to help you curate your content and posts – post feed (so readers can see what’s new), carousel slider (showcase recent posts or products in an easy-to-read gallery format) tabbed posts (great if you have multiple topics/channels on one blog)!

Extra is the perfect WordPress theme for bloggers as it’s been optimized with modules to help you easily curate your content. These include post feed, carousel posts, sliders and tabbed posts which are all available within Divi Builder.

3- Newspaper Review — The Best wordpress theme for News blogs

3- Newspaper Review — The Best for news blogs
3- Newspaper Review — The Best wordpress theme for News blogs

There are two types of blogs: those that just showcase your work and others who want to always be creating new content. If you’re in the latter, then Newspaper is perfect for you as it delivers a clean reading experience with fresh articles every morning.
You might be thinking, “I’m not the type of person who needs a blog.”

But if you want to get in touch with your readers on a regular basis and keep them coming back for more, then Newspaper is the WordPress theme for your blog. It delivers new content every day so that visitors show up eager to see what’s next.

-It is the number one bestselling news theme of all time, and for good reason. You can use any kind of content or social media integration–it’s all going to look sharp

-Beginners and professionals will love how easy Newspaper is to use. Whether you want to get set up in minutes or craft a trendsetting design, you’ll find that it’s very accommodating; no matter what your level of skill may be! Furthermore, with this software there won’t ever have to be compromise on speed because changes are made without slowing down site load times.

4- Akea Review — The Best blog theme for Minimalist Style

Akea Review — The Best blog theme for Minimalist Style
Akea Review — The Best blog wordpress theme for Minimalist Style

GoodLayers is known for their minimal blog themes that have been designed to help bloggers who want a clean, laid back feel. They are perfect for those seeking simplicity and focus without all the extra distractions of other graphic design styles. Akea is one such minimalist WordPress theme from GoodLayers which has proven popular among folks looking to get some work done on their blogs or websites with little hassle and distraction as possible!

Akea is a revolutionary new blogging platform that provides you with total control over how your content will be presented. You can play with the spacing between items on your page, tweak the size of thumbnails used for blog posts, and even use one single image to fit any screen size in their 100% fluid layout feature! Customize Akea until it fits just right by choosing from only three different styles: minimalist (with no sidebar), classic (sidebar included) or full-width scrolling pages.

Upload your own font, bring in any video or gallery and make a bold impression with only the content elements you like.

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of content your blog can offer, this is not for you.

This doesn’t mean that Akea isn’t good at including sidebars, menus or giving readers a lot of options altogether; it’s just excessively focused on the minimal style and all these elements are unobtrusive and clean so as not to overload them in any way. So its popular and best wordpress theme

5 – Pearl Review — The Best WordPress Theme for Corporates.

Pearl Review — The Best Corporate WordPress Theme
Pearl Review — The Best WordPress Theme

Pearl does it all! Pearl is a modern WordPress theme that will accommodate any need you have for your blog. I recommend this to people who are looking for more than just the basics of blogging, but if you’re into simplicity and minimalism then Pearl may not be right up your alley. If you’re ready to take your blog a step further, then Pearl is the perfect theme for you. This highly customizable template has everything from headers and footers to sidebars that are all fully editable so it can suit any business needs. You’ll never feel limited with this option!

With Pearl, you don’t have to settle for a generic template that may or many not include the features and design your industry needs. With our easy-to-use customization tool any theme can be personalized with an array of options tailored specifically to meet business demands in virtually every vertical ranging from beauty services all the way up through software development companies – there is literally something for everyone! The Viral demo showcases how popular posts are ranked based on their relevance which will help readers find what they want much quicker than scrolling endlessly without knowing where it’s coming from.

Pearl is a blogging platform that has been designed to help you create the perfect blog tailored for your needs. To do this, they offer demos in many different verticals like beauty and law which can be customized with features specific to those industries. For example, if you need tools geared towards lawyers or doctors then Pearl offers an ecommerce demo specifically loaded up with these types of templates so it’ll take less time when building out your site from scratch!

6 – TinySalt Review — The Best WordPress theme for food blogs.

TinySalt Review — The Best WordPress theme for food blogs.
TinySalt Review — The Best WordPress themes for food blogs.

Hmm, so you want to create a food blog? Well, I wouldn’t suggest using any old theme. It’s going to take more time and work than it would if you just started with one specifically tailored for your needs in the first place! You can do it, but you’re going to need a lot more work. And the end result may not be as good if you had started from scratch with WordPress-specific food blog themes instead of using something generic like Blogger or Tumblr.

TinySalt is the smallest, most powerful blogging platform out there. It’s got every feature and formatting capability you need to blog in this space- no matter how big your dreams are!

There are many ways to create a recipe for your blog, but if you’re looking into making it easier with an ordinary WordPress theme or one that doesn’t provide formatted options like TinySalt’s option does because of its straightforward nature then this is the perfect article.

In recent years there have been so many new trends in content creation and formatting which has made some aspects difficult when bloggers would use regular wordpress themes without any special features. But where recipes may be particularly tricky due to their particular requirements, TinySalts gives users turnkey solutions right off the bat – whether they want simple text-based instructions on how long something should cook for or more sophisticated ones using pictures along side easy steps laid out by numbers. hope you loved our article on The best wordpress themes 2021.

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