change number of posts per page/homepage wordpress blog.

How to Limit or change number of posts per page/homepage wordpress.

Many of my WordPress user friends asked me below question.

  • How to show all blog posts on homepage ofmy wordpress?
  • How to show only one post on homepage of my wordpress Blog?
  • How to Limit number of posts on my WordPress homepage?
  • Where is a option for changing no of posts on my page?

So i am making a blog post tutorial on how to do it easily.

This option you not included in your theme settings, It is available as standard for all kind of wordpress themes, so below are step by step instruction to show limited posts on main page of wordpress blog. It is same for free, premium, business as well as eCommerce.

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Step 1 to change number of posts per page on wordpress.

Login to > Go to your sites Dashboard > On left hand menus click on Mange option > The select Settings tab. As shown in below image.

wordpress change how posts are displayed
wordpress change how posts are displayed

Step 2 for Limiting Post Numbers in wordpress settings.

Under settings option click on Writing as shown in below image.

where is wordpress no of posts settings located?
where is wordpress no of posts settings located?

Step 3 for changing no of posts.(It is last step).

Scroll down to Content types setting > In blog posts field Type Number of posts you wanna show per page and click save settings.

Display number of posts settings in wordpress blog
Display number of posts settings in wordpress blog

All done here we successfully completed setting.

How to limit number of posts in my wordpress

Follow same instructions shown in previous images. > Below content types option Feed settings option is available > type number that you wanna display on site feeds > click on save. as shown in below picture.

change no of posts to display in blog feed of wordpress
change no of posts to display in blog feed of wordpress

Please like and share post (These settings are applicable for all blogs on wordpress and for all themes).

What are the benefits of reducing number of posts on wordpress website?

When you Limit or reduce total number of posts that can be displayed on your main page means homepage of your website or blog, you can get added benefits as listed in below unordered list.

  • Increased page-speed of your blog – As you know lesser the number of displayed posts on main page better the loading speed of website page.
  • SEO- As increased pagespeed will give your website visitors a better user experience and better user experience means google will rank you higher in google pagerank also google crawler for mobile has website loading speed as a ranking factor.
  • Good user experience – as users love faster loading of webpages, if your websites load slower they will close the tab and your bounce rate will increase and you know bounce rate is very bad for SEO.

So above are some benefits of limiting number of posts on your webpage listed we recommend to use 5-6 Posts per page for better pagespeed.

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