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7 best songs for food reels/videos

7 Best songs for food reels/videos, compiled here. Food is essential in our daily lives and it’s important to acknowledge the fact that we can’t live and enjoy our lives without food. We have different types of foods, from cooked food, fruits, canned food, beverage, and more others. From all those types of foods, we all have our favourite. Apparently, other types of meal may end up winning the hearts of many.

In fact, a well prepared meal is likely leave many people salivating for it. If you are an expert in preparing food or you’d like to share reels/ videos on food to social platforms. Just like adding spices on foods, you should consider adding some lovely songs to your short videos/reels. In this article, I have compiled some of the best songs that you can use in your food reels. Without further ado, here is a list of 7 Best songs for food reels.

7 best songs for food reels
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La vie en Rose – Emily Watts

This wonderful song has been trending on this era of Tiktok. Many content creators have discovered the beauty of this wonderful song. The song was released in the year 2019 but in Tiktok and other social platforms, we don’t care. The song can do what some of the latest songs can’t. If you look at the lyrics, tune, and the song is generally stunning. If you don’t understand “La vie En Rose” song, it is a love song by Emily watts.

This love song is about a romantic love who’s a protagonist. He wants to make the love feel special, beautiful and perfect for him by the phrase “La vie En Rose.” When the two are together, their lives blooms like Rose. The protagonist feels like they should both give their soul and life to her in order to have a feeling of magical and beautiful world surrounding them. It is a wonderful song you can consider incorporating it in your reels. We made it to open this list of 7 Best songs for food reels with a reason.

Desperado (feat Tesher) – Raghav

This song deserves to be among the 7 best songs for food reels. So far, I have come across this song on Tiktok reels severally. I think their is something unique that has made many tiktokers to pick this masterpiece on their short videos. In Tiktok, we don’t mind hearing the Same reel song severally, what we are looking for is how you’ll use a particular song. Desperado was just recently in the year 2023. This English song was sung by Tesher and Raghav.

This song is great and can do wonders in your food reels. What you’ll require is a nice video and by adding this song to that video, it will catch the hearts of many. While sharing your food reels, you can try this one for sure. It will get to the hearts of many. Since the Tesher and Raghav managed to take things to the whole new level with this masterpiece. You can also do the same by incorporating it in those food reels.

Alone by Alan Walker

Alan walker is not just a regular artist in this world of music. We have a number of songs that have achieved global success, including this song. Personally, I can stop hearing this song since it’s never boring and I think I am not the only one who has fallen for the song.

If you think I am wrong, this song has more than 1 billion views on YouTube. Alone was released in the year 2016, but that won’t prevent tiktokers from using it to thrive. The song is still outstanding, here are the starting lyrics “ Lost in your mind, I wanna know, I am losing my mind? Never let me go…” no doubt it’s one of the 7 best songs for food reels.

Hard in da paint – Hi be

This song was released on 25th February 2022, it’s a wonderful song with more than a year in the market. This song can give the best output in food reels. You can try it yourself and it won’t disappoint you, it’s up to you to create stunning videos.

heat wave by glass animals

This is another superb song in our list of 7 best songs for food reels. Three years down the line since glass animals released Heat waves to the public. It was released in 2020, and in 12th march 2022 it managed as hit no 1 in billboard hot 100. Since it was realised, the song has helped many content creators to make their short videos more catchy. It has been used in a number of reels.

You can still use it your food reels to make the best output. The best part of the lyrics you can consider is “Last night, all I think about is you. Don’t stop baby, you can walk through…” indeed, many of your friends should “think about” that delicious food in your reel.

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Love this club part II ( feat Beyonce) – Usher

Beyonce is a popular R&B artist across the globe, in fact when you talk about R&B, the first name that will come in the minds of many bis Beyonce. Though this song was released on the year 2008 but content creators have discovered something incredible on it during this Tiktok era.

The song can make those short videos about food to be more enjoyable. You can consider it in your Tiktok or Instagram reels, it will absolutely give a great output. What you will need is being creative since the world of content creation needs one to be creative. You can try this one of the 7 best songs for food reels.

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Do it to it ( feat Cherish) – Acraze

This is also a fantastic song you can incorporate in your food reels. This song was released in the year 2006. I think this song by Acraze featuring Cherish has been a great success. On it’s 16th week of the chart, It managed to be at number 12 on billboard hot 100. This song had more other achievements since it’s release. Moreover, it has been played in many events, meaning it was a great hit. Although many songs have come up, but “do it to it” will always stand. The song has lovely tune for food reels, it deserves to be among the 7 best songs for food reels.

Final word

The above are the 7 best songs for food reels. You can consider using them for the best output and don’t forget to always look for more other creative ways to make your reels stand out. Though our list may still be updated but for now, you can get the best from the above songs. All the best!!

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