September 28, 2023

7 Trending Breakup songs for Instagram Reels, Tiktok etc

Trending Breakup songs for Instagram Reel – The wind was smoothly paving its way through the tinted glass placed on the left corner of a man munching on the leftovers on a sunny afternoon while he was holding a cigarette with his left hand and sipping the leftover whisky with his left hand making anyone think that this a scene which comes after a sad breakup or an emotional trauma.

This time this scene is more than that, and this is about a guy who is watching a short film made by his friend about a man who had a breakup, which made our protagonist of this article find some new songs and styles of making Instagram reels on the topic of heartbreak, let’s try to find out what our protagonist will create and how will he present you the best songs which can be used for heartbreak based Instagram reels. Top songs you can tune in to turn your Instagram reels based on the topic of a breakup into good ones.

7 Trending Breakup songs for Instagram Reels, Tiktok etc
7 Trending Breakup songs for Instagram Reels, Tiktok etc

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7 Trending Breakup songs for Instagram Reels, Tiktok, YouTube shorts etc

1 – Bekhayali from Kabir Singh – Breakup Reels song

This song is a story portraying a guy who falls in love with a girl on the verge of his suspension while pursuing his internship at a medical college located along the seashore. But things turn out upside down when the protagonist of this story realizes that his girlfriend is being forced to marry another guy who made our protagonist get addicted to alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes to escape the suffering he is sliding through.
This song penetrated the hearts of many. On the other hand, this song was extensively used on various social platforms as a piece of background music. It is relatable to the context being posted by multiple Instagram influencers worldwide.

Breakup Reels song

Use Bekhayali song on Instagram reels

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2- Milne Hae Mujse Aayi from Aashique 2 – Heartbreak reels song for Instagram

A singer who loves finding new ways of creating songs to connect to his fans falls in love with a girl while tuning in to her soft tunes at a roadside bar; he helps her achieve her passion for singing while losing his own in a sequence of events. This song dictates his pain, love, and fear of losing the girl he fell in love which is painful through the lyrics he sings.
This movie has a massive fanbase for its remarkable songs sung by Arjit Singh and still hits hard for anyone who tunes in his headphones while leaning against the window in his bedroom.

Heartbreak reels song for Instagram

Use Milne Hai Mujhse Aayi song on Instagram reels

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3 – Tujhe Kitna chahne Lage Hum from Kabir Singh – Broken heart song for Insta reels

This song is like a smooth story splitting the emotions of our protagonist, who gets immersed in the memories he was living with the one he loved the most while riding his bike through the never-ending road.
This song is sad. While it mixes well with your alcohol and Instagram reel, this song statistically has a great reach when a survey was conducted the year it was released and can be used extensively for various categories of Instagram reels daily.

Broken heart song for Insta reels

Use Tuze Kitna Chahne Lage Hum song on Instagram reels

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4.Channa Mereya from Yae Dil Hae Mushkil – Heartbreak songs for Reels on TikTok, Instagram.

A guy who gets invited to a marriage of his friend, or girlfriend, or in more explicit terms, maybe someone he loved the most but failed to withhold his tears while he sings out his song of love, pain, and happiness to the one he loved his most.
Arjith Singh, who always sings his way out of the language of love, holds every emotion and places a beautiful song for his fans and also sets good music that can be used by Instagram influencers like us extensively for our Instagram reels.

Heartbreak songs for Reels on TikTo

Use Channa Mereya song on Instagram reels

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5- Bulleya from Yae Dil hai Mushkil – Trending breakup background songs.

A roadside singer who rises to fame while singing out his song of love, pain, happiness, sadness, and madness in a country he never belonged but to a place where he is closer to the hearts of many, luring for his song through various social platforms. This song sets freely as a background drop in both single and mixed categories Instagram reels.
This song can create, get great reach and boost your Instagram reels like never before; Bulleya sits straight into our hearts with an array of emotions running through our heads while listening to this beautiful upbeat music through the headphones while traveling in a bus on a rainy day.

Trending breakup background songs.

Use Bulleya song on Instagram reels

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6- Humdard from Ek Villain – Heartbreak songs for Reels videos.

A gangster who paved the way for an average life of killing people as a part of the deal, he goes tied up with his master he serves and falls in love with a girl searching for her way of living a life while fighting her obstacles. The protagonist realizes the painful part of how the girl he loved the most will become part away through the ticking time.
Ek Villain has an album full of songs filled with emotions and entertaining songs, which still is a hit album even after so many years of its release. This song can create an excellent reach for your Instagram reels while using this song as a background drop.

Heartbreak songs for Reels videos.

Use HumDard song on Instagram reels

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7- Tera Ghata – Popular breakup reels song.

A smooth song that paves a narration by our protagonist, who expresses his pain, suffering, and relief while tuning in his broken story, is a soft tune you can always tune in and use as a background score for your Instagram reels.
This private album gained immense attention while it was released and is also being used extensively on various social platforms, increasing your Instagram reach and boosting your page filled with Instagram reels filled with your creative content.

Popular breakup reels song.

Use Tera Ghata song on Instagram reels

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Breakup songs are more like alcohol for someone who is in that phase or an imaginary story who views it, but in the end, it is relatable to everyone at some point in their life; there are various songs on this topic and have no lot to its list, but yes you can always tune into different playlists available on multiple social platforms and can use these beautiful songs for your Instagram reels and can boost your Instagram reels by using popular hashtags and great music which will lure your followers to view your Instagram reels more and more and make them share to their loved ones out of a way of expressing their painful love to them.

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