September 27, 2023

5 Best Music making apps for beginners

5 best Music making apps for beginners, compiled here. Music is so therapeutic. It relieves us from a lot, we can never downplay the power of good music. It nurtures the soul, you could be going through an excruciating pain in life, but with good music you’ll be able to conquer it all. Music is universal. It’s listened by everyone, that’s the power of music.

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We have different type of music for different occasions, so you’ll be able to select what you want to listen, when and by who. For music it exist it has to be created. If you’re very enthusiastic in creating music then look no further. The current digital system has made things easier, just through a touch of a button. We have apps that will make it easier for you to create music. Therefore, below is our list of 5 best music making apps for beginners.


This is another great app we had to include in our list of 5 best music making apps for beginners. Figure, is one of those apps that can’t just be left out. It’s a free music making app, thus it can be accessible by everyone. An amazing feature that it possess is that, it is very easy to operate it.

You can access it without prior knowledge, unlike other apps which require some complex type of knowledge before accessing it, Figure will impress you. You can be able to use it efficiently within the same day that you acquired it. Furthermore, it provides various versions, that is whether you want to create your music, or remix the version of others.

Thus with this you will be able to make a choice, that matches the objective that you yearn to achieve. This music making app, is the work of one of the most amazing and adored music tech company. The name of the company is Propellerhead Software, it’s known for its expertise, so with no doubt you can trust Figure to deliver. It absolutely deserves to be one of the 5 best music making apps for beginners.

5 Best music making apps
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Karaoke sing!

Karaoke sing is another wonderful app we have to include in our list of 5 best music making apps for beginners. The title of this app, can tell you all about it. Karaoke Sing! Is a music making company generated by an American developer Smule, that provides the best resources to it’s users, with a fee of about £2.29 you can access everything.

You will be able to try making music on your own, it through duets with others, or even a crowd! The icing of the cake is that you can virtually sing with the top stars in the industry! How incredible is that, you’ll be able to share a moment with your celebrated artists.

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The fact that it’s virtual, makes everything even easier, since you can do everything within the comfort of your home. The app is specifically designed for, home karaoke singers, so you’ll also get to interact with other karaoke singers, this serves as a good breeding ground for networking, moreso you get to interact with people who are interested in the same field as you are. How amazing? No doubt it’s one of the 5 best music making apps for beginners.

Image of Karaoke sing music making app.


This is also one of the 5 best music making apps for beginners. Ninja Jamm, has been in the industry for a while it was generated by a pioneer label called, Ninja Tunes as the name suggests.

It is a free music making app, thus you can access it with great ease, it was launched so that fans could be able to make music from the songs of various artists.

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It operates in a way that, you buy some “packs” of music from specific artists then you’ll be able to remix it and create other tunes, you’ll be able to tailor it exactly to your liking. Then from that you can create your own song whether, for fun, to sharpen your skills, or to spark the creativity in you.

It’s pretty easy to use, though like any other app, the more you use it the more you’ll gain more expertise in it. Day by day you’ll turn to be the best at it with practice. Indeed practice makes perfect. It is absolutely one of the 5 best music making apps for beginners.

5 best music making apps


Garage Band, charges about £3. 99 to access it’s resources. Trust me the amount is worth everything you’ll gain from it. It has an exemplary desktop incarnation, that will make you marvel about it. It works for all level of musicians, whether top skilled or beginner. You will be able to achieve your goal effortlessly. It has along it other resources, like a piano, guitar, bass , drums among others that coordinate beautifully to give the best output.

It will enable you to create the amazing piece that you’re looking for. However, it you want to be extremely good at it, then you can invest much of energy and time into it, where energy goes it grows, with that I have no doubt that you’ll be straight up the best at it. Check them out. With Garage you’ll be able to achieve most of your objectives easily.

5 best music making apps

Magic piano.

This is also one of the 5 best music making apps for beginners. Magic piano is a music making app, that is free thus it’s very accessible by all and sundry. It has a virtual piano, that enables you to play various genres of music. Most especially classics, it really brings out the best out of classics.

In addition, it displays your work to various people in the world, thus people will get to check out your work and appreciate you, give you some advise or even cheer you up. With a duetting feature, you can be able to duet with other people all over the world, at times you can even duet a remix with the actual singer of a song, isn’t that exciting? It will really spice things up in the music making industry.

5 best music making apps

As much as it’s a music making app, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t use it for other purpose. You can use it to spark your creativity, with various virtual piano models, you can be able to learn a thing or two which will be helpful in the music industry. Also, you can use it as a stress reliever, by playing a background piano tuner that will calm your thoughts down.

I have no doubt that it will greatly help you out. Moreso, it eliminates boredom, in those moments where you don’t know what to do or who to talk to then you can engage with Magic Piano, for magic experiences! We had to include it in our list of 5 best music making apps for beginners.

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Final word

The above are the 5 best music making apps for beginners. You can try some of the apps and select the best app for your songs. You can take your time to know how to use the above apps in order to give the best output. Thank you for reading, good luck!!

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