December 3, 2023

Top 7 Best songs for travel reels Bollywood – TikTok & Instagram.

Best songs for travel reels – Let’s portray a picture of holding a brand new Nikon DSLR  in your hands firmly, with its strap hung around your neck, making you look like a perfect photographer who is ready to capture the running river right in front of your eyes. Every step you make towards the canopied tress makes your heart beat a little faster.

every bird swiftly passing across the gusty wind creating a piece of music in the arms of nature, maybe this is what you might call heaven, but how would you make your friends, family, fans listen to the music of the mother nature, how can you teleport them to this magical world blended with beautiful creatures, maybe there is something we can do, something which can connect our hearts.

best songs for travel reels videos on Tiktok and instagram reels
best songs for travel reels videos on Tiktok and instagram reels

Adding music to the videos you capture amidst the marvelous mother nature gives your Instagram viewers great joy; adding music offers a chance for your Instagram reel viewers to virtually enter into your traveling world, so on a keynote to recreate the virtual world of traveling zone, adding music like the Bollywood ones can give a closer connection to your Instagram reel viewers so let’s explore and enlist what music we can add to our Instagram reels to increase the reach and value of your Instagram reels.

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Top 7 Best songs for travel reels Bollywood for short video platforms.

Top 7 Best songs for travel reels Bollywood - TikTok & Instagram.
Top 7 Best songs for travel reels Bollywood – TikTok & Instagram.

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 1.Ilahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Ilahi is a song that can connect every guy steering the wheel through the windy roads; it somehow calms your head and craves your mind to create more fun while traveling to different places; the song is all about a traveling photojournalist who travels back and forth through his life, but still finds a path to explore what he is and what he can look for in his future.

 This song is an evergreen song that still hits different whenever you tune in while you are driving, so yes, this is one of the best songs you can use while creating your traveling Instagram reels to engage your viewers more efficiently.

Use Ilahi from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani on Instagram for travel reels.

Bollywood travel reels songs


2.Khaabon Ke Parindey from Zindagi na Milegi Dobara

What is traveling is all about? Is it only about reaching your destination or exploring your travel path while reaching your goal? This song is all about cherishing every moment you live while traveling through the abode of nature; this song instills a different way of seeing the leaves roll around the road or the tiny birds chirping while the sun rays are busy creating an abstract art out of the mother nature.

 This song can change the way your Instagram reels might look; it adds a flavor to the seconds added to your traveling reel on Instagram, so yes, it is worth adding to your list of songs you can use for your Instagram traveling reels

Use Khaabon Ke Parindey on Instagram for travel reels.

Best Bollywood songs for travel reels

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 3. Banjarey from Fugly

 Fugly has its own reputation of a list of songs closer to traveling, which hits different while you tune in your headphones or your car stereo or recreate your Instagram traveling reels. The songs enlisted in this movie, especially Banjarey, create a sense of escaping all the worldly chores and jumping in the ocean of madness while stirring all our happy memories. This song can engage different audiences while you enlist it on your Instagram traveling reels.

Use Banjarey on Instagram for travel reels.

best Bollywood travel songs for reels on Instagram & TikTok

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 4.Subah Subah from Sonu ki Titu ki Sweety

 A tale of 2 best friends entangled with the bond of friendship gets in trouble when a new character craves the attention of Titu in the name of love, with mixed emotions of love, hatred, and upbeat travel. This song hits different if you are compiling an Instagram traveling reel based on a drive to the seashore or a campfire you planned for a weekend. There are already a variety of remixes of this song, which explains how crazy the people are while tuning into this one.

Use Subah Subah on Instagram for travel reels.

morning travel reels songs for short videos platforms.

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 5.Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi from Swades

 A song that dictates the life of a busy NRI who rekindles with the place closer to his heart touches all the elements of emotions and sets you free of all the negativity, and turns you into a twisted traveler. This song suits well with the traveling Instagram reels, it kind of sets the tone for engaging your viewers and cherishing your journey through the virtual lens of the smartphone.

Use Yuhi Chala Chal Rahi on Instagram for travel reels.

travel songs for instagram reels bollywood

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 6.Kabira from Yeh Jawani hai Deewani

 The protagonist of this film sets free from all his beautiful bondages while leaving a part of his soul with the people he loves the most; this song entangles all our emotions together tightly like a gusty rope. Tuning the Instagram traveling reels with this music running at the rear end can make everyone connect the dots of delight. On the other hand, this will definitely increase your Instagram traveling reels reach in no time, which is a benefactor for your market value.

Use Kabira on Instagram for travel reels.

best travel reels songs hindi

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 7. Kyon from Barfi

Love is a sacred emotion that can be discovered anywhere; what if you fall in love at the seashore or under the wavy waterfalls? This song will teach you to expect unexpected things and cherish every beautiful moment you experience while steering your wheel through the windy roads.

 This song can set you a smooth tone while compiling or editing your Instagram traveling reels; it is one of the best songs to increase market reach and traveling value.

Use Kyon from Barfi on Instagram for travel reels.

best road trip songs hindi

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Some more Best Travel reels songs for travel videos BGM.

Here are some popular Hindi travel songs that can be used for travel reels:

  1. “Illahi” from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
  2. “Phir Se Ud Chala” This song is from movie Rockstar
  3. “Dil Chahata Hai” title song from the movie Dil Chahta Hai
  4. “Aao Milo Chaale” You can find this song from movie Jab We Met
  5. “Dil Dhadakane Do” Popular title song of movie Dil Dhadakne Do
  6. “Gulabi Akhein” – Movie The Train
  7. “Safar nama” this song is from the movie Tamasha
  8. “Roobaru” You can find song from the movie Rang De Basanti
  9. “Chaiyan Chaiyan” This song is from movie Dil Se
  10. “Khabon Ke Parindey” from the travel related movie Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara

These are just a few suggestions, and there are many other great Hindi travel songs that can be used for travel reels depending on your taste in music and the tone of your reel.

Conclusion of Best Bollywood songs for travel reels for TikTok, Instagram, YT shorts.

 Travelling is not something all about reaching a faraway destination or just staying at a place; it’s more than that; it’s about how you cherish the little moments of excitement you imbibe and how you live in the present while forgetting the fading past leaving behind your cold shoulders.

 There are a variety of songs you can use for your Instagram traveling reels, the list never ends when you add music to whatever you do; as an Instagram influencer, you can adopt other algorithms while adding the apt music to increase the reach of your Instagram traveling reels which will increase your value as you post a variety of journeys through the virtual screen.

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