September 27, 2023

Best AI Tools in 2023 To Boost Your Online Earnings

AI Tools in 2023: making money with ai
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Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way we work by offering creative solutions that minimize effort and save time. With the growing accessibility of AI in the business sector, freelancers and entrepreneurs now have new opportunities to generate income. 

The market is filled with various AI tools that can assist you in making money online. Several AI options exist, from AI writers that generate high-quality content to AI art generators that produce stunning visuals and AI video creators that simplify production. 

We have carefully selected a collection of the finest AI tools in 2023 that can assist you in earning money online. These AI tools have significantly progressed in their capabilities and reliability over time.

What are Artificial Intelligence Tools?

AI tools have become essential in our technology-driven world, with many applications spanning diverse industries. These software applications harness the power of artificial intelligence algorithms to tackle specific tasks and solve complex problems. 

These tools help analyze data and enhance decision-making, improving efficiency in different sectors. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, these AI tools in 2023 can extract insights, recognize patterns, and make predictions, improving task efficiency and accuracy. 

Whether automating routine operations, performing data analysis, or enabling predictive capabilities, AI tools have become invaluable assets, revolutionizing how we work and driving innovation in countless fields.

AI Tools in 2023 That Will Make You Money Online

AI tools in 2023:

Synthesia stands as an early adopter of AI video generation technology. With its user-friendly interface, creating videos becomes effortless for everyone. The remarkable aspect is that the AI avatars narrate the videos with voices that closely resemble those of humans. 

Offering a diverse selection of over 65+ AI actors and support for more than 60 languages, Synthesia ensures that you can find the perfect voice to align with your brand. These AI avatars are incredibly lifelike, and among them, Anna is a highly popular choice utilized by companies like Copymatic AI and Writecream for their explainer videos.


AI tools in 2023: Scribe AI
Courtesy: There’s An AI For That

Scribe, a convenient Chrome extension, empowers you to craft tutorials, masterclasses, and courses easily. By leveraging Scribe, you can provide innovative tutorial services, develop and sell online courses, offer content creation solutions, collaborate with diverse brands, and monetize your YouTube channel or blog. 

In today’s technology-driven era, selling digital courses presents an excellent opportunity to generate additional income. With Scribe, you can tap into this potential and thrive in this tech-savvy world. Some key features of Scribe include:

  • Allow text extraction from screen capture.
  • Drag and drop interface to help build guides.
  • Rich text editor to create guides.
  • Provide pre-built templates.
  • Offer multi-language support.

Jasper AI

AI tools in 2023: Jasper AI
Courtesy: Digital Scholar

Jasper is a highly powerful, budget-friendly AI writing tool offering great monetization opportunities. Whether you need to create concise or extensive articles, Jasper delivers exceptional results. With its integrated wizards, you can effortlessly generate various types of content. 

Additionally, Jasper Chat provides an alternative to ChatGPT, complete with a toggle switch for Google Search. This ensures that the AI leverages up-to-date Google data to develop content. 

Moreover, Jasper boasts a remarkable feature, a built-in platform that enables the generation of top-notch AI photos, adding even more value to your content creation endeavours.



Semrush is an incredibly powerful keyword research tool worth the investment. While it may come with a higher price tag, its extensive suite of over 55 tools is designed to assist you with content marketing, including keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, SEO optimization, PPC campaigns, and social media marketing. With Semrush, you can gain valuable insights and data-driven strategies to enhance your online presence and drive targeted traffic to your website. What you can do:

  • Technical SEO audits
  • Daily SERP positions tracking
  • Ability to audit and improve existing content based on real-time metrics
  • Uncover low-competition keywords to target
  • Unwrap keyword and topical gaps


Boomy AI
Courtesy: Music Ally

Boomy is a fantastic tool for generating AI-powered art, specifically in music creation. With Boomy, even individuals without a music background can create original music using one of the best AI art generators available. 

An impressive 70 percent of Boomy users have never created a song using any tool or service before. Boomy harnesses the power of artificial intelligence technology to generate unique and original songs. 

Users select their desired music genre, and Boomy works its magic, creating captivating music compositions. The resulting original music can be submitted to streaming platforms, allowing users to monetize their creations with the help of AI.

With Boomy, you can; 

  • Sell your Music
  • Offer Music Production
  • Offer Music Composition
  • Monetize Your Music


AI tools in 2023: Photosonic AI
Courtesy: YouTube

Photosonic, developed by Writesonic, is a great AI content generator similar to Jasper Art. Built upon OpenAI’s language models, Photosonic focuses on producing stunning visuals and unique digital art for various purposes, requiring minimal effort on the user’s part. 

By simply providing basic information about the desired creation, Photosonic takes care of the rest. This powerful tool empowers users to generate digital art pieces, from abstract designs to intricate landscapes. 

With Photosonic, unleashing your creativity and bringing your artistic visions to life becomes more accessible and enjoyable.

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Wallet.AI is a powerful tool designed to assist users in making sound financial decisions. With its intelligence engines powered by AI and machine learning, this tool efficiently analyzes vast amounts of data to provide informed recommendations. Whether it’s saving, debt payments, investments, or retirement planning, Wallet.AI offers personalized financial guidance tailored to your specific needs. This helpful app allows you to take charge of your finances and access valuable resources like financial calculators, budgeting tools, and plans for reducing debt. 

The accompanying mobile app includes a spending tracker, enabling you to monitor your expenses closely. Wallet.AI helps you manage your finances effectively and offers financial management services, empowering you to build your personal brand within the finance sector.

Outranking AI
Courtesy: Outranking

Outranking is the perfect companion if you want to create SEO-friendly articles. With its impressive capabilities, Outranking offers even more power than Surfer SEO. 

You’ll receive valuable insights and actionable recommendations for SEO, content optimization, and strategy that can make a difference. Additionally, Outranking features a robust AI writer that can generate high-quality blog posts and various other types of content. With pricing plans starting at $69 per month, provides a comprehensive solution for enhancing your SEO efforts and producing engaging content.

  • Outranking capabilities
  • SEO content optimization tools
  • Detailed SEO content briefs
  • Comprehensive SEO-optimized content outlines 
  • Content planning with keyword strategy and topical clustering
  • Ability to create factual content from ranking pages 


Tribescaler is among the AI tools in 2023 that can significantly enhance your online presence on Twitter. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this tool enables you to expand your networking opportunities and boost the reach of your tweets. 

With its AI algorithms, Tribescaler generates compelling thread hooks that capture attention and increase the likelihood of your tweets going viral. 

Moreover, Tribescaler empowers you to offer Twitter management services, allowing you to build your brand and provide advertising and marketing solutions to clients. 

With Tribescaler, you can unlock the full potential of Twitter and take your online influence to new heights. Prominent features of Tribescaler are:

  • Offering a library of hooks within 20+ categories.
  • Creating an intuitive interface to generate hooks quickly.
  • Refining hooks to ensure the virality of your tweets.


In conclusion, 2023 brings a wealth of opportunities for individuals seeking to generate income online, thanks to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The emergence of cutting-edge AI tools in 2023 has revolutionized our work and opened up new avenues for financial success. 

From AI writers and video creators to AI art generators, these powerful tools empower freelancers and entrepreneurs to monetize their skills and creativity. With enhanced capabilities and reliability, the best AI tools in 2023 offer a seamless and efficient way to make money online. 

So, dive into the world of AI and explore these incredible tools to unlock your earning potential in the digital landscape.


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