November 28, 2023

Best document scanning apps for Android or Iphone smartphones.

Best document scanning apps for Mobiles having IOS or Android operating system. You might be looking for a way to scan documents without necessarily using a scanner. Today, things have changed and you can scan documents by just using your smartphone. However, there are a lot of scanning apps available, and I have made it easier for you by taking the best document scanning apps. Some of the apps come from top companies like Google, Microsoft, and more. You will be surprised to find some of the apps already installed in your device. You can check the following document scanning apps, features, and how to use them.

1- Adobe scan – Best scan to pdf saver app.

This document scanning app has been outstanding since it was released. The app enable you to scan documents, forms, image, and notes. The app is effective and easy to use. App allows it’s users to store files on cloud or share on email. Its number 1 best document scanning apps.

image Best document scanning apps for Android or Iphone smartphones.


– It is free to use without ads.
– Can scan multiple pages into a single document.
– Offers clean up or colour correction in any creases or stains in your scanned documents.
– It converts documents into PDF format.

How to use

Just point your phone to the document you wish to scan and it’ll automatically detect it, then scan. Thereafter, you can decide to rearrange the scanned documents. Download Adobe scan to store documents safely.

2- Google drive – Best document scanning apps.

Many were not expecting this, but it’s also a great scanning app. Many smartphones in the market have Google drive on system apps. Google drive is normally used to backup pictures, documents, and more other files on phones. Alternatively, you can also use Google drive to scan documents. Don’t stress yourself by going to Google play and wasting your data in order to install scanning apps. Use the Google drive available in many phone system storage to scan documents. However, the Google drive is not rich in features like many scanning apps. But it’s easy to access since it’s in phone system apps.

Key features

– Many phones come with it pre-installed.
– Documents are saved directly in Google drive storage.
– It has every basic options you require.

How to use

• You will first look for scanner option located in bottom right of the app.
• Tap the button to reveal new options
• Pick “scan” option from those options.
• You will be required to grant your camera permission so that the scanner feature can work.
• After scanning, the app will allow you to access features like crop, and more others, including colour, image change, and more.

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3- CamScanner – Free document scanning app.

This is also another document scanning app for free. You can scan Using this app easily then get quality scanned documents. Those scanned documents can then be exported in form of JPEG or PDF. Alternatively, you can also print them using fax documents or cloud printing. Moreover, it features Native/cloud support for Dropbox, box, or drive. The app offers a number of basic features for free. To get more of their services, you can choose to subscribe for $4.99. This Will unlock every service to those who want them. This is one of the best document scanning apps.

CamScanner - Free document scanning app.
CamScanner – Free document scanning app.

How to use

• Open the CamScanner app and select “use now” located on bottom right.
• Don’t “register” or “Sign in” but proceed to click on camera scan button located on bottom right.
• You can then allow it to take videos or take photos.
• You can select multiple or single scan but it may automatically take single scan.
• You can then capture the image you want to scan. Strive to capture the whole image in good lighting.
• Capture the image with camera button.
• The CamScanner will scan the document automatically then allow you to make adjustments.
• Rename the document from “new doc.” Click on top left to rename and click ok.
• You can then preview your document in pdf form before Sharing.

4- Clear scanner – Android & Iphone PDF scanner App

Clear scanner also allows you to scan your documents for free. It offers fast scanning services plus cloud storage for one drive, Dropbox, and Google drive. You will also access PDF and JPEG options. To access more of the features you’ll be required to pay but most of the features come for free. Download camscanner for free now.

Office lens by Microsoft Doc scanner for Android & IOS
Office lens by Microsoft Doc scanner for Android & IOS


• Organization features
• Small size app.
• Editing options
• Cloud backup, like Google drive, one drive, and Dropbox.
• Great processing speed
• Simple editing features
• Great scan quality.

Download clear scanner for Android. | Download clear scanner for Apple Iphone (IOS Device)

5- Office lens by Microsoft Doc scanner for Android & IOS

Microsoft office Lens is another document scanning app you’ll use for free. The app was developed by Microsoft. It not only help in scanning documents but also help to scan whiteboard images. The app allows you to capture a number of images then convert to word, PowerPoint, and PDF formats. You can use the app in school as well as business purposes. Moreover, the app supports a variety of languages ranging from simplified Chinese, Germany, and Spanish.

image 3 Best document scanning apps for Android or Iphone smartphones.
Office lens by Microsoft for android & IOS


• It’s easy to use.
• Can be used in school and business purposes
• Supports a variety of languages
• Convert scanned documents into PDF, PowerPoint, an and word.

Download Office Lens for Android | Download Office Lens for Iphone.

How to use office lens

• Just open the app and select capture mode
• To select, swipe left/right of your screen. You can Choose either document, business card, photo, whiteboard and more.
• After picking a capture mode, you can either take an existing photo or a new one.
• You can take a picture by pointing your camera to the document. The orange frame will outline the document you want to capture.
• You can then review the document before saving it to your phone storage or Google drive.

6- Fast scanner – Best doc scanner for Smartphones.

Fast scanner is also one of the best scanning app for free. You can scan documents fast using this app. The app has a number of features like PDF and JPEG. It also allows you to use fax sending in case you require fax documents. You can access a number of features for free but you’ll have to subscribe for more of their services. Alternatively, you can still access it for free in case you have Google play pass.

Fast scanner - Best doc scanner for Smartphones.
Fast scanner – Best document scanning apps for Smartphones.


• Supports cloud printing
• Supports both PDF and JPEG
• Offer Fax sending service

Download Fast scanner Android | Download Fast scanner for Apple Iphone.

7- Document scanner – Free best document scanner for Mobile devices.

You can also use document scanner to scan for free. The app slang is ‘all in one scan solution.” You will be able to access basic solutions like scanning, PDF conversion, and more. Moreover, it includes image support, and QR code scanner. Therefore, you will be able to scan anything using this app. In case of low light environment, it allows you to use flashlight feature.

Document scanner - Free best document scanner for Mobile devices.
Document scanner – Free best document scanner for Mobile devices.


• Convert documents to PDF form.
• QR code scanner
• OCR support
• Flashlight feature

Download Document scanner for Android | Download document scanner for IOS.

So friends hope you liked our list of best document scanning apps.

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