September 23, 2023

Top 10 slums in United States of America

Slums in United States of America – Slums, are residential areas, that have substandard services, few resources yet highly congested. In most occasions, there’s always an issue with lack of water and food. The environment is ever filthy and dirty. The individuals who are poor, or rather those who live for less than a dollar a day, are the victims of this surroundings.

The main cause is usually unemployment, and low paying jobs. The truth is that as much as, we all crave for development. It’s impossible to fail to recognize that, there is always ghettos and slums.

The United States of America, is not an exemption, it has a variety of slums in it. The people, actually are not the cause, this effects are caused by ; selfish political leaders, who instead of improving their states, they actually pocket the money. Furthermore, there are greedy land owners, who grab forcefully most of the land, leaving the less fortunate with no other option, but to stay in slums. In this article I will take you through, the top ten slums in USA.

slums in United States of America
slums in United States of America

Top 10 slums in United States of America

Cleveland in the state of Ohio

Cleaveland, depicts the real ghetto life. It has so many abandoned houses, dilapidated infrastructure, garbage everywhere. The whole place is so filthy. The shocking part is that, it’s not only in one street,but almost all the streets around. From the first glimpse, you can clearly tell, that the individuals in this place, are facing it rough. It is visible that they are poor. Food, water and clean environment are not a necessity in this area, the people here live from hand to mouth. The main question is, where are the leaders? Why haven’t they done something? Clearly, this people need help. It is vital.

Atlanta in the state of Georgia

It’s not the entire Atlanta, it’s parts of it. Some parts of Atlanta are so ruined, starting from the bad infrastructure, abandoned houses, garbage everywhere to the filthy environment. The shocking part about Atlanta is that, not only are the houses abandoned, but also other important facilities. Including a stadium, can you imagine that a whole stadium, has been abandoned! Yet no step has been taken. The gist of it all is that, even commercial shops have been neglected, a place where good money could be earned, it’s all closed up and deserted. Indeed much has to be done, so that this places, can be renovated to something meaningful.

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St Louis in the state of Missouri

When walking in St.Louis, you’ll definitely notice slums. Most houses are abandoned and damaged, to the extent that, others have even collapsed. Everything is in a complete mess, things are thrown around and litter is everywhere. It can be noted, that this areas, are accessible by the public. Most drug dealers, often stay in this places among other individuals. It breaks my heart to realize that, children could also try to enter so that they can play in this areas. Why does the government allow such things to happen? Why can’t they take measures to ensure, this arenas are converted to something more meaningful. We need to do better.

Baltimore in the state of Maryland

Baltimore, has streets in it that are totally slums. Some houses are desserted, others are in a bad state, since you can be able to notice that it’s been a while, since maintenance was done to them, dirt is not an exception, you can locate garbage everywhere. Furthermore, it’s evident that there are, individuals who are living in this houses, children growing up in this filthy heartbreaking environment. It is due to things like this, that our children end up having childhood traumas. I’m positive that if we work on it, we will raise more jovial, visionary and an open- minded generation.

Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia, is among the biggest cities in America. Things here, can even be seen in a vast manner, many houses are in bad shape, due to lack of care and proper maintenance. There’s garbage almost everywhere, the people around can be seen to be living in a poor state. The political leaders, in this area should definitely pull up their socks and bring change.

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Buffalo in New York

Buffalo, seemed quite promising. It’s quite clean unlike the rest. Seems like there was an ongoing project, which stopped, since social houses have been constructed, yet no one lives in them. There was also no car parked around. So, this could easily help you to come into a conclusion that it’s abandoned. Such areas could be taken, by the government and something could be done to them, rather than neglecting them.

Flint in the state of Michigan

Flint, has similar problems, like the rest of the slums. However, it’s clear to establish the fact that, not the whole flint, looks like this, but some few areas of it does. It has abandoned houses, broken windows, garbage across the street and even untrimmed grass and trees. You can tell that this is a slum right away.

Camden in the state of New Jersey

Camden, is the worst of them all. Basing from the environment you can tell something is wrong. Even when you Google it, you can be able to note that, there’s garbage, almost everywhere. Houses are dilapidated, the whole area just speaks it out loud, that it’s a slum.

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Cincinnati in the state of Ohio

Cincinnati, is a slum. Though the roads, are quite clean, there are many houses that seem to be in bad shape, some windows are broken but not fixed. It’s shocking that people live here, how do they survive in this environments? Changes ought to be done as fast as possible.

Detroit in the state of Michigan

Detroit, ends our list. It is the worst of them all. It is the biggest slum. It has very poor infrastructure, the houses are abandoned, and even plants have started growing in them. The whole area is a slum, most areas that were schools, hospitals and even commercial areas have been closed down and neglected. However, a handful of people seem to be living here, it is so sad to live in such an area. Since it is deserted. Leaders need to embrace their roles, so that they can eradicated this things. We need a better lifestyle for all and sundry.

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