September 23, 2023

Future Technology that will change the human living.

Future Technology – The development of technology is happening very fast. If we see, in today’s era we are surrounded by technology, the things which we once used to see in movies, we see today. Nowadays the technology has developed in such a ways that like technology has decide “to make human being lazy”.

Today we will talk about some future technology which will change the way of thinking & living of human beings. Perhaps you must have seen these technologies in some Hollywood movie or the other. Let us talk about future technology.

Future Technology that will change the human living.
Future Technology that will change the human living.

Future Technology that will change the human living.

1 – Avatars, Surrogates, Robotics

It may happen that you feel uncomfortable on the prediction of Future Technology, but it is true. Just for your information and to recall the old Hollywood movie namely as a film in 2009 called “Surrogates“. If you have seen movies like Avtar, Surrogates etc. then must have noticed the similarity of the information about this blog of future technology and information shown in the movies.

Avatars, Surrogates, Robotics - Future technology
Avatars, Surrogates, Robotics – Future technology

This is a technology in which you will be able to do all your work through Avatars, Surrogates, Robotics made like yourself. Only your brain will be connected to this machine & you will be able to control this machine completely & you will be able to do the work you want. At present, this technology is not fully developed yet. It is being prepared for the US Army. Research on this technology is going on for the last several decades.

To understand the Avatars, Surrogates, Robotics, you can also understand & by playing Virtual Games once. This will be a very small example of this technology. After advancement this technology can be used in wars in coming future.

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2- Universal Translators

This is a very good technology. Let us understand this through an example. Suppose you know Hindi & I know English but both of us do not know each other’s language. In such a situation, both of us will be able to talk to each other easily with the help of this technology & will also be able to understand& each other’s language. It will act as a translator. You all have must see this technology with pictorial view in many Hollywood movies. This future technology will come in reality in coming years for sure.

3- Neurohacking ( Mind Reading )

Whenever we watch any tech movie it may be Hollywood / Bollywood etc movies, we used to get to see some of the new technology. We think they have used it just like this, but it is not so. There, work is going on on most of that kind of technology. You all have must see this technology with pictorial view in many Hollywood movies or Indian religious pictures / serials that a baba or gyaani person is having good knowledge of mind reading he use that to read the someone else’s mind.

Already many project and research is going on kind of tech, and it will tremendous achievement if we or human could able to know what someone is thinking. It is not believed that such technology can ever be made, because having such technology has many benefits & its side effects are also many.

4. Bioplastics

We all know that plastic is used all over the world, but do you know that less than 15% of plastic is recycled in the whole world. Apart from that 15 % of recycle plastic remaining leaves all as it is. Due to which environmental pollution increases, which is harmful not only for humans but also for animals & the whole nature. That is why scientists have come up with the solution of biodegradable plastic. It is made using cellulose or lignin from the damaged parts of trees & plants. Future technologies are also involved.

5. Meta lenses

Making lenses used in any mobile phone, smartphone, laptop, computer & other electronic devices use much more capabilities than any normal glass cutting. These small and little, thin & fine, lenses can be replaced with any existing lenses, even though the capabilities / possibility with these lenses are high and good and these lenses are called “meta lenses” In the coming times, technology will become so advanced that it will be very easy to make a choice of any lens & resize it too small or big.

6. Disordered proteins

Disordered proteins cause other diseases such as cancer. Unlike conventional proteins, they lack a rigid structure because of this, its shape starts changing & the disease becomes very difficult to treat. Now scientists have found a way to treat it. And this technology can help in curing of any such identical disease which can causes from Disordered proteins. Considering the trend and research on this technology it is going to mind blowing and make discoveries such that the treatment of such dangerous diseases even more and more easier. So its useful future technology for humankind.

7. DNA data storage

Any data storage system uses a lot of energy in KVa. But by consuming large amount energy they cannot store a large or bulk amount of data. In such a problematic situation, the DNA based data storage system is now created, which is a less / low-energy and an alternative to old method like computer hard drives or other drives.

Their capacity of newly developed system is high. Even with this system, for an example all the data of the one year of the whole world can be stored in a new system of DNA cube of only one 1 square meter (Shocking but true). It can be a very innovative data storage system of future.

8-Safer nuclear reactors

We all know that nuclear power does not produce carbon dioxide but still the reactors that come with it come with a safety risk & overheat the fuel rod. If they are mixed with water, they form hydrogen, due to which they can explode. But the new fuel systems that are emerging now or in the future will reduce the risk of overheating. So it can be a good technology of future for defence system of countries.

Technology of the future
Technology of the future

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