7 Best ad networks compatible with AdSense

Google AdSense is the most popular ad network among many bloggers. So lets see Best ad networks compatible with AdSense. Adsense ad network is from Google, a top company globally. Almost everybody knows Google, hence no doubt it’s a top company. Every blogger is aware of AdSense as a good number is using this company in their websites. If you are one of the bloggers and looking forward to run another ad network alongside AdSense.

I made the following list after conducting a research from top websites as also tried some of the ad networks in my blog. To include two ad networks in a blog, one should ensure to pick/ apply ad formats that won’t interfere with the user experience. The ad networks below will do well in your blog together with AdSense. This article will help you through the best ad networks compatible with Google AdSense.

It also depend on the theme you are using to include a second ad networks. Some of the ad networks below will also maximize your revenue. Below are the best ad networks to use alongside AdSense with everything you need to know about them. Some of them are google certified ad networks.

Can I use other ad networks with AdSense?

Yes, You can use other ad networks with AdSense but they should not create problems to Adsense ad scripts. Also adding to many ad networks can slow down your website and can affect your SEO. I recommend not to use popunder ads with adsense and also use only one alternative ad network along with adsense.

Best ad networks compatible with AdSense
Best ad networks compatible with AdSense

Best ad networks compatible with AdSense

1- Ezoic – Ad network to use with google adsense.

Adsense publisher alternatives
Adsense publisher alternatives

This is a great ad network that is surely compatible with AdSense. This ad network really deserved to open up our list of best ad networks compatible with AdSense. Ezoic is also becoming a popular ad network to increase publishers revenue. Initially, one had to be AdSense approved first in order to use ezoic. Moreover, publishers had to attain at least 10,000 views in a month so as to be accepted.

They later changed their requirements, in other words it’s not necessarily to be AdSense approved and it also accept small publishers. With only 500 views per month, you can use ezoic in your blog. The platform is surely becoming a great option for publishers.

What makes it different is that, it uses machine learning to maximize revenue in websites. It tests different ad placements hence finding the highest configuration. The ad network will not also make your site too slow unlike some. You can try it in your blog and you won’t regret. It will also help you to find out if you will be able to switch from ezoic to AdSense or use both, it will be up to you. So ezoic is one of the Best ad networks compatible with AdSense.

Join Ezoic ad network

2- Mediavine – Ad network to use along with adsense.

Just like ezoic, mediavine is another popular ad network that you can incorporate together with AdSense. In fact, to use mediavine, you must first be AdSense approved first. The sites that will thrive highly in mediavine are mostly those that deal with lifestyle.

For example, food, travel, parenting, health, and more. However, it can still work in other niches provided you’ve attained their requirements. Apart from AdSense approved, you must also have monthly traffic of at least 50,000visitors. Mediavine is now working with popular publishers like food fanatic, Hollywood gossip, and more. So mediavine is also Adsense compatible advertising network.

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3- Taboola – Contextual ad network to use with Adsense.

Have you ever come across a blog which has content suggestion below it? For example “look how this lady made 5000$ on Facebook” or “see how to get flat tummy naturally.” Those are some examples of content suggestion as publishers have begun using them. Content suggestion is mostly used in magazines or blogs with stories, and Gossips. Though you can try it if you’ll find it good for your visitors.

Taboola is compatible with AdSense and won’t interrupt AdSense ads. The content suggestion will be displayed below the blog in form of writing and an image. It won’t interfere with AdSense ads, though you need a lot of traffic to use it. You will require at least 500,000 visitors per month in order to get content recommendation from Taboola. The largest share of traffic for this platform is within Europe. Taboola is also one of the ad networks compatible with AdSense.


4- Mgid – Native advertising network.

This is also an ad network that has specialised in native or content recommendation. The ad network has developed over the years with good experience in native ads. The platform recommends content to over 35,000 publishers. Moreover, it gets up to 860+ million visitors every month.

MGID platform is great in connecting advertisers with publishers across the globe. The largest share of traffic for this platform is within Europe. This platform founded in 2008 has offices in Ukraine, USA, Italy, Indonesia, India, and Vietnam. There native ads including, in-content, sidebar widgets, and smart.

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5- Outbrain – Contextual ad network.

This is another ad network similar to taboola. You can use methods of monetization like “stories from web” or “sponsored links” and more. This method is mostly used by news organizations and big publishers. You can incorporate outbrain alongside Google AdSense in your site. However, the platform accepts big publishers only. Therefore, it is not a good option for growing websites. This ad network won’t interupt user experience when incorporated with Google AdSense.

It is a great ad network for content recommendation/native in websites. This top native ad network established in 2006 has partnered with best publishers and advertisers. One of their top publishers is sky sports which gets more than 12 million monthly visitors. If you have a lot of traffic, you can consider this native ad platform alongside your AdSense.

6- Adsterra -Can I use Adsterra with AdSense?

Adsterra - AdSense alternative ad network.
Adsterra – AdSense alternative ad network.

Adstera is another great ad network that is AdSense compatible. The ad network is wonderful with no traffic requirements. It doesn’t matter if you are a growing or a new website, you can apply adstera. What makes adstera great is it’s experience with great offers for publishers.

You’ll enjoy services from their qualified team and the platform is safe with anti-fraud protection. The platform has a number of ad formats you can apply in your blog. If you have AdSense in your blog, you can select a different ad format that won’t interfere with AdSense ads. The platform has ad formats ranging from in-page push, native, social bar, banners, and more. This is best adsense alternatives instant approval.

Join adsterra.

7- Propeller ads – Popular AdSense alternatives.

Propeller ads - Popular AdSense alternatives.
Propeller ads – Popular AdSense alternatives.

PropellerAds is also a wonderful ad network that is compatible with Google AdSense. The platform offers a variety of ad formats including, display ads, push notifications, on-click, in-banner, and more. It will also offer you with banner ads of different sizes like 160×600, 120×600, 300×250, and 728×90. This AdSense compatible platform does not have minimum traffic requirements. Publishers will also get 100% monetization inventory. So this is another network which is ad networks compatible with AdSense.

Join propellerads ad network.

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