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Best reels songs for careers motivation – Instagram/Tiktok.

Careers day is one of the important event to students as well as those who are in their respective careers. During this day, many are motivated to work hard through their journey. The process of building a career is not easy. It requires hardwork, consistence and determination. Making yourself a great reel can be a great way to express how you feel during this day.

Moreover, you can use some of the best reel songs to inspire you and your viewers. Making the best careers day reel also require a proper selection of the background song. Therefore, we have compiled for you the best reel songs for careers day. Here are the songs you can use in your reels.

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Best reels songs for careers motivation - Instagram/Tiktok.
Best reels songs for careers motivation – Instagram/Tiktok.

11 Best reels songs for careers motivation – Instagram/Tiktok.

1- Shiftwork by Kenny Chesney and George Strait

Some careers are very tiresome and challenging, for instance working as a shift worker isn’t easy at all. You might get tired and wish to get home and relax. However, you may have no alternative but to rise up and continue working the following day. Therefore, this is the best reel song for shiftworkers or those who are having a tough time at work. You need a motivation to keep on going even during the careers day. You can try shiftwork in your reels.

Use shiftwork song for Instagram reels

reels song for career day on Instagram and Tiktok short video platforms

2- Morning Train ( nine to five) by Sheena Easton

This is one of the greatest career day song you can use in your reels. This song was released back in the year 1981. However, it’s lyrics are still outstanding till now. The song has a positive message to all, it informs individuals on the importance of having a career. The lyrics can be easily related by those who have ever had a job. You can try this one in your tiktok or Instagram video reels.

Use Morning train song for Instagram reels

best career day reels song

3- Takin’ care of business by Bachman Turner overdrive

This is another great song that will bring the best vibe in your videos. Takin’ care of business will motivate you to work despite the challenges that you’ll encounter. Therefore, during that video shoot at work, you can use this song at your background. You won’t go wrong by using this reel song, provided you are creative enough.

Use Takin care of business song for Instagram reels

businessmen motivational reels bgm song

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4- Heigh Ho by The Seven Dwarfs

Working is very important in our lives. Therefore, you need a song that can pass that critical message in your reels. Heigh Ho by The seven Dwarfs is the Song to go for. This song informs every one in a particular career to work hard in order to succeed in life. With such a message in your reels, you will not only motivate yourself but also your viewers.

Use Heigh ho song for Instagram reels

Working is important reels songs

5- Workin’ for a livin’ by Huey Lewis and the news

One of the most discouraging thing is working hard but getting nowhere. This song will motivate you to keep on working since it requires hardwork, commitment, and discipline to get where you want to be. Indeed, that’s a great message to include in your reels.

Use Workin for livin song for Instagram reels

Employee reels songs

6- She works hard for the money by Donna Summer

This is another great song about career and working hard. Life may give you scars but through hard work, anything is achievable. This song has a critical message to those who feel like giving up. It will remind everyone that the power of getting successful is in our own hands. You can use it as the background music in your videos when feeling low.

Use she works hard for the money song for Instagram reels

best motivational reels songs for working women

7- Manic Monday by the Bangles

Manic Monday is another great song to use on careers day reels. The song has outstanding lyrics and tune. Life may feel like a struggle sometimes. You may feel like you need to take a break but have no alternative but to keep going. Apparently, some Mondays may have such a feeling and this song is the best motivation. Manic Monday will give you the vibes the will get you rejuvenated and start your week inspired and energized.

Use Manic Monday song for Instagram reels

best career reels songs for Instagram and tiktok

8- Money for nothing by dire straits.

In your career, sometimes the wages may not be enough for you. However, you may still need that job despite the wages you are getting. Then this is the song to go for since it has the vibes that you require. This song won’t disappoint you in your tiktok, or Instagram reels.

Use Money for nothing song for Instagram reels

career songs for Tiktok videos

9- A hard day nights by the Beatles

The Beatles is one of the most creative musicians in the globe. This song is undoubtedly one of the best reel song to use in your careers day reels. You may be exhausted after a long day in your work. Sometimes passing our hard times in tiktok reel is great to show your viewers your hardwork before success. You will also be able to show them how working to be successful is tough. The hard day nights is one of the greatest song to those reels illustrating your tough times. The song has the best lyrics and beats to energize you and your viewers. You can incorporate in your reels, it just require creativity.

Use a hard day nights song for Instagram reels – Not available.

career background songs for Instagram reels

10- “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton

This is another fantastic career song you can use in your tiktok reels. This song talks about how one should always stay positive despite the challenges in our lives. Additionally, it encourages everyone to continue working hard in order to take care of themselves and those around them. You will absolutely get very important messages in this song. Therefore, it is a great choice for playing in your careers day reels.

Use 9 to 5 song for Instagram reels

motivational songs for tiktok

11- Working girl by cher

If you feel like you are working hard enough and looking forward to create some catchy reels. You can use this song if you feel you are also a “working girl.” This song talks about working for a better life. The message inside the song is superb, it will encourage you to keep on working. This song has the best motivation, you’ll be able to know that “Giving up is not the solution.” Therefore, you can make it as a background song for your Instagram, or tiktok reels. It will give you the vibe that you need in your career day reels.

Use working girl song for Instagram reels – Not available on Instagram

Motivational songs for Instagram reels

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